37 Things That'll Make Your Car SO Much Better

From your daily commute to your rideshare side hustle to visiting relatives, you probably spend a good chunk of your life in your car. Why not make your car as spectacular as your home? There are so many little upgrades you can make to improve your driving experience and make all those hours more enjoyable. Whip your whip into shape with these awesome products!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Trash Can Has Pockets!

There are a few car-friendly trash cans out there, but they generally don’t look that great or have lids. This bin fits behind your center console within reach of those in the front and back, and it has a small opening for easy access that also keeps the trash covered. You can also lift the lid when tossing larger items. Three pockets on the front and sides can hold anything from tissues to extra garbage bags.

These Seatback Hooks

Keep your bag in arm’s reach with these sturdy hooks. They fit onto any metal headrest pole and can hold up to 18 pounds. Have them facing backwards or forwards to keep non-zippered bags from spilling all over, or rotate them so they’re flush with the seat when not in use. The hooks are also great for hanging dry cleaning without creating a blind spot!

This Magnetic Dashboard Mount

As states update their laws to make any handheld phone action illegal, the quest for a great phone mount has become increasingly complex. This mount suctions to any smooth dashboard and its curved hook brings your phone down out of your driving field of vision. The magnetic base means no more of the awkward stretching and locking you get with mounts that encase your phone. Four strong magnets keep your phone in place instead of on the floor, so you can always take the right exit.

This Seat Gap Filler

Stop dropping your change, phone, and food between the front seats and the center console. The filler fits any car and covers the entire gap. It fits over the seat belt catch so you can get seamless coverage between seats. The dark color is reminiscent of the shadowy depths you’re used to, so you won’t even realize it’s there until it catches some of your fries!

A Dog Bed for the Backseat

Protect your backseat from your dog’s dander, dirty paws, and accidents with this cozy hammock. It’s easy to set up in any backseat and can be quickly converted to a standard seat cover for human passengers. The waterproof, machine-washable hammock keeps your backseat nice and clean while also creating a bit of a barrier for dogs who like to pop into the front seat.

This Little Organizer

This sticky organizer can go just about anywhere in your car. The slim pockets can hold onto phones, serve as a sunglasses hook, or hold pens and emergency maps. Attach it to the door, the back of your seat, the front of your console, or even as a seat gap filler if you weren’t feeling the previous recommendation.

This Car Diffuser

Look, it’s 2019 and if we can’t have our essential oils with us all the time, we’re not living our best, futuristic, holistic lives. The diffuser draws power from a USB port and unlike other models, it doesn’t need any sponge filters. It works just like the one at your home and/or office to deliver soothing scents and moisturizing air.

This Backseat Mirror for Babies

Welcome to parenting! The books and blogs prepared you to strap in your car seat facing the back of the car, but they probably didn’t cover how you would panic while you can’t see their cute little face. This convex mirror securely attaches to the backseat headrest so when you glance back in your rearview mirror, you get a nice check-in on your little one.

This Next Level Backseat Organizer

Whether you’ve got young kids or a long carpool, keep everyone in the backseat entertained and comfortable with this organizer. The top row has a tablet pocket and two smaller pockets for phones or glasses. If you have a case for your iPad or tablet, you can hook it into the slot so it’s usable. The center row can hold two bottles and has a tissue or baby wipe dispenser. At the bottom lies a magazine rack and a little holster for umbrellas. If this seems like a lot for your seat to handle, you can buckle the bottom straps to the springs underneath the front seat for security.

These Atmospheric Lights

Add a little ambiance with these easy-to-install LED light panels. Line your doors, below the dashboard, and/or under the seats for a little light show. You can cycle through colors or settle on your favorite color. Control the lights via an included remote control (usable up to 65 feet away for car camping fun), an app on your phone, or sound activation that matches your music. You can also turn the lights on and off with a manual switch.

This Air Filter

This air filter lasts up to a whopping 15,000 miles thanks to its honeycombed design. These charcoal filters grab the tiniest of particles so unwanted odors and gases don’t fill your car. There’s even a dropdown form to make sure they’re compatible for your car. Zero risks, zero chance of getting the full blast of skunk mating season.

This Seat Warmer

This non-slip seat cushion hooks safely onto your car’s seats. It takes about three minutes to warm up and gives you three heat settings to choose from. Though seat warmers are generally a winter luxury, they can also ease muscle tension in the summer months (as long as you don’t mind cranking the A/C).

This Steering Wheel Cover

Whether it’s pure lava in the summer or a block of ice in the winter, your steering wheel’s burned you. Save your hands with this luxurious wheel cover. In addition to maintaining a more neutral temperature, your steering wheel will also be easier to grip. With nine colors to choose from in this soft, leather cover, you’ll find one to match your personality.

This All-Purpose Cleaner

Need to wipe down your doors? Clean up a soda stain on the floor? Get gunk off your tires? Remove dry bird feces from the exterior? Clean and polish all of these messes with this powerful yet gentle cleaning spray. Instead of having a battalion in your trunk for cleaning, rely on this one product. It even comes with a towel!

This Bluetooth Aux Upgrade

You’ve probably seen those cassette tape adapters for auxiliary cords, but what happens if your car only has a CD player? Or you just don’t want to deal with a long cord? This cool device plugs into your cigarette lighter and tunes into your car’s FM radio. Then, you just connect your phone via Bluetooth and you get handsfree music and calls coming out of your stereo. The lighter connection has a USB charging port so you can still charge your phone and their an auxiliary port for those phones without (or dated) Bluetooth.

This Escape Tool

Another great option for your cigarette holder, this charger can also save your life. In addition to having two Quick Charge USB charging ports, this spring-loaded tool can help you if you get into an accident. A protected blade can slice through a stuck seat belt and the internal spring can break glass when pressed against it. Every unit is tested before it’s shipped out, so you can rest assured that this little gadget has your back.

A Way to Always Find Your Car

This sleek charger also has two Quick Charge ports and a secret utility. Pair the charger to your an app on your phone and it automatically saves your parking spot. The app also tracks your miles for business mileage reporting and has a parking meter alert. In addition to popular parking meter limits, you can also set the alarm to avoid street sweeping tickets in the morning.

This Garage Parking Aid

It’s okay, some of us just don’t have great depth perception. Park perfectly with this simple system every time. Mount the display light visibly on the wall and the sensor can go with it or on an item in front of the wall. The light panel follows stop light rules to tell you when you’re too close to the sensor. You can run the system off of AA batteries or use the included AC cord.

This Dashboard Mat

If you want to place items on your dash without having them slide around, get this little pad. Without any adhesive, the mat sticks to pretty much any surface and other items cling to it. The mat is flexible so it conforms to the curve of the dash. Go ahead, toss your sunglasses or change up there.

This Change Sorter

If you have more change than a mat can handle, try this simple organizer. It fits into a cup holder and can hold up to $15 worth of change. When you need to feed a meter, just push on the coin you want to release it. Once it’s full, the top can be popped off to access all your change.

This Bag Hammock

For those who usually have a full car, you might not want those headrest hooks putting your bag in passengers’ way. Keep your belongings close without having them jostle around! This mesh hammock hooks onto the passenger and driver’s seat headrests and is secured on the center console. If you don’t have a bag with you, the hammock has a few compartments so you can stow a few items like an umbrella or reusable grocery bags.

This Cup Holder Organizer

You might be picking up on the auto accessory industry’s obsession with organization. If none of the options so far have piqued your interest, maybe this cup holder might suit your needs. The central opening still gives you access to your cup holder while external compartments hold onto small items like your phone or gum.

This Really, Really, Really Fast Charger

This is a pretty smart charger. Two USB ports can charge up to 2.4 amps for quick, on-the-go charging. Anker’s PowerIQ technology recognizes how much power to send so you don’t fry your oil diffuser with the same power as your flagship smartphone or tablet. The charger comes in white and black to blend with most car interiors.

This Reverse Camera

If your car has a receiving display, whether onboard or bought separately, this little camera will send video to it. The camera angle gives a realistic view of depth and even provides guidelines to help you park. It will also provide a warning when you’re getting close to hitting something. The camera installs by your license plate and is waterproof for extra eyes when you really need it.

This Mini Fridge Also Keeps Food Warm

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this tiny fridge cools and warms. It can hold a few cans or keep food warm at work or for a picnic. Many people use the fridge at home or in the office, but it works just as well from your car without drawing too much power. You can also use it to keep medicine or breast milk cool on long road trips. The fan runs below a quiet conversation and most users say they don’t even notice it.

This Winshield Shade

Sunshades are hardly new, but we’ve all underestimated the value of one that works well. In addition to blocking UV rays, this visor quickly pops back down to be stored. No more burned legs or regretting wearing shorts in the summer. With four sizes to choose from, there’s a high-quality shade for your car.

This Beloved Polish

If it ain’t broke, don’t stop buying Nu Finish. Polish your car without tons of elbow grease and buffing. This polish is the only wax-free version and it gives you a nice sheen all year from your hood to your rims. People have even found other uses for this polish including countertops and guitars!

This Headlight Cleaner

Instead of getting brand new headlights maybe you just need to give them a good scrub. This kit includes sanding and polishing pads to help you bring new life to your headlights. All you need is a power drill and you’re on your way to brighter driving!

These Microfiber Towels

ShamWho? These microfiber towels don’t leave lint or streaks and have silk bands to prevent any scratches while in use. To keep them that way, make sure to wash them by themselves and keep them away from fabric softener! One side has long fibers for cleaning and the other side has shorter fibers for buffing.

This Detailing Spray

Once your car is nice and clean, see to the details. This spray works against static to keep your dashboard dust-free, neutralizes odors with a eucalyptus mint scent, and even adds a layer of UV protection. Keep your interior from fading with this spray that is especially leather-friendly.

This Simple Bike Rack

Love biking around a certain part of town? In the mountains? And maybe on vacation? Take your bike with you without seriously altering your car with this rack. It hooks onto the trunk and different versions support between two and four bikes. Individual tie-downs secure each bike and the lower frame prevent the bikes and your car from dinging each other.

This Back Cushion

Relieve back pain while you drive with this plush memory foam cushion. The cushion supplies great lumbar support and helps alleviate some of the fatigue of a long car ride. The black cover is removable and washable, but between washes, you can enjoy its antibacterial properties.

This Steering Wheel Tray

This light tray hooks onto your steering wheel so you can get an ergonomic desk no matter where you are. Whether you need to add some dignity and cleanliness to your way-too-short lunch break or you need to make some adjustments to a PowerPoint before you head straight into a meeting, you’ll quickly wonder how you lived without this desk.

This Handheld Duster Mop

If you like a little distance between yourself and mess, this little mop could be for you. The cloth tendrils scoop up any dust or liquid with ease and the duster can be removed and washed. Get in between those vents and into crevices towels just can’t reach. It’s also small enough to fit into your glove compartment and possibly your center console.

This Sunglass Holder

Keep your sunglasses safe with this secure holder. A metal clip grips your visor while the front clasps secure two pairs of glasses. The back can also a little clip to attach to an air vent to keep your glasses even closer. If you’ve avoided keeping nicer sunglasses or reading glasses in your car because they might fall at the slightest bump, fear no more!

This Dent Puller

As we’ve learned from a few of our recommendations, not everyone has the best depth perception. Save some money at the body shop by getting a dent puller. This puller securely suctions to your car so that, no matter your strength, you can pop out the dent. Smaller dents will still need a professional, but you can save money or avoid going to the shop at all depending on what kind of dent you’re dealing with.

These Emergency Triangles

Getting stuck at the side of the road can be terrifying for several reasons, especially at night. Keep these warning triangles in your trunk to warn oncoming traffic of your situation so they can help or at the very least avoid hitting you. The three triangles are approved by the Department of Transportation, so you can be sure that these non-skid warning signs will be effective and reflective.