The New Kia Seats 11 People so You Can Take Your Entire Family for a Ride

Kia's newest model has just dropped in the U.S, and honestly, it's incredible. The car features eleven seats, touchscreen technology, and even voice control which is something straight out of the Black Mirror universe.

Do you have a big family? Or a small one who can't stand one another? Well, don't worry, because Kia has brought out a car that seats eleven people!

Kia Corporation, Hyundai

You heard right, Kia's new model is basically a compact bus, which means that you, your family, gram, gramps, and even your weird uncle can ride together.

In reality, i's actually considered a minivan, however where they would only feature 3 rows, The Kia Carnival has eleven seats stretching over four rows.

The Kia Carnival is a minivan with an SUV-inspired design.

Kia Corporation, Hyundai

The doors slide open like you'd see with a van. The seats move forwards and sideways to allow passengers to enter the third and fourth rows.

The fourth row seems to be quite small which is good for children or small adults, however you can also lay it flat inside of the car for additional cargo.

There is a catch, however…

Kia Corporation, Hyundai

Obviously, with the 4th row, you literally have no cargo space but hey, at least all the soccer moms out there can haul around the entire team, right?

Aside from being able to hoard around an entire circus (see what I did there?), there are other features that make it pretty hard to pass up.

At $32,100, the car isn't for those with a hole in their pocket…

Kia Corporation, Hyundai

And that is only the 2022 base model, which is only an 8 seat model. The price actually climbs the more features or seats you add.

Features include voice recognition, a touchscreen infotainment system, a rearview camera, steering-mounted audio control, and many more. The car itself comes in eight colors, with an array of interior options.

With all the luxury items added, you can rack up your final cost to be over $40,000!

The latest generation of Kia's minivan will replace the Sedona and will be the first new Kia on our shores to wear the company's new emblem.

Those with a big family arguably can't afford this, but I wonder if we'll be seeing the Kardashian Clan be whipping around in these soon?