37 Items People Love to Purchase on Amazon

Amazon can be a wild and overwhelming place. There's just so many options: how do you choose? One of the best ways to make decisions when you're shopping online is to check out the reviews: what items are other people loving? Which ones do people come back to over and over?

If that sounds like a lot of reading, never fear: we've taken the time to track down some of the absolute top reviewed products on Amazon and share them here, so you know what people love. Let's see what the world is buying shall we?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Kabuki Brush That Looks Like A Cat Paw

via AmazonWhen I saw this kabuki brush, I immediately let out an audible "aww" because of its shape. The bristles are sculpted to look like a cute, little kitty's paw. Not only does that make this brush one of the most fun I've ever seen, but the thick bristles also make it a high-quality product to have in your beauty arsenal. As a cat lover, I can't think of many things that are more fun and satisfying than doing my face makeup with a soft kitten paw.

Five-In-One Leave-In Spray For Blondes

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Where are my blondes at? This set is for you. Hask's Blue Chamomile 5-in-1 leave-in spray is designed to moisturize and condition, provide thermal protection, control frizz and detangle, add shine, prevent breakage, and repair dry hair. (Phew, that's a lot!) Blue chamomile has nourishing benefits that help reduce brassiness, lightening, and boosting blonde tones for the better.

These Adorable Dog Cards Are the Perfect Way to Brighten Someone’s Day

via AmazonI like to send friends notes and cards in the mail, just because. So whenever I find cute cards, stationery, stickers or whatnot, I stash them away. This adorable little box with magnetic closure holds 20 cards with four different designs — each one a lovable dog created out of a collage of newsprint. They’re blank inside so you can write your own message.

This Cleansing Balm Is The Bomb

via AmazonCatherine Zeta-Jones doesn't do things like most of the rest of us, and that includes washing her face. She utilizes the pro-collagen cleansing balm from Elemis, which promises to cleanse, nourish and renew skin for a glowing complexion. It's like triple duty in one: Cleansing while also softening and hydrating. I'm thinking I could throw out a few products for the combined effects of this one.

Apple AirPods Pro for under $200.

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AirPods are popular for a reason: Apple makes a quality product that will last forever and give you stellar sound throughout its life. Of course it also comes with a hefty price tag, which is why I did a little dance of joy when I saw these AirPods for under $200. Definitely a steal.

These Faux Pampas Grass Stems Are All The Rage Right Now

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Plants, flowers, and other greenery are such fun ways to make a house feel more like home. Pampas grass is all the rage right now, but it's not the most practical. It sheds like absolute crazy. Yes, you could constantly spray it with hairspray. Or you could just buy these faux pampas grass stems. They'll never die, and they won't make a mess of your room. I'd say that's a win all around.

This Witch Hazel Facial Mist Is Wonderful

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Can you think of anything more lovely than this witch hazel facial mist with lavender? How refreshing and soothing for irritated skin! It also comes in rose petal, cucumber, and coconut water, as well as unscented for those with sensitive skin. Not only does it smell delightful, it also cleanses, tones, and moisturizes.

Miss Thompson's Pearl Necklace on 'Bridgerton'

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Miss Marina Thompson's elegance is undeniable on the hit show, played by actress Ruby Barker.

Emulating her look doesn't have to cost a small fortune, though. This simulated pearl necklace is a steal and will give you the same 19th Century elegance. I'm definitely leaning into my Bridgerton style lately.

This Layered Necklace That's Perfect For Any Occasion

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Layering your jewelry is so on-trend right now, and this necklace does all the styling for you. It's plated with real 14-karat gold, and there's zero nickel so that it won't turn your skin green. It's so affordable you might as well grab it in two different styles — there's more than 15 to pick from.

Stay Charged Everywhere You Go With This Portable Charger

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When you are traveling, you're on your phone a lot, which means that it dies real fast. That's why having this portable charger is a must-have for me. With a full charge, it fully charges my phone 2-3 times. I've got multiple upcoming trips, and this is going to be the first thing that I pack. Even when you're at home, it's a great failsafe to keep in your bag.

Deck Out Your Home Office Space With Chalkboard Wallpaper for Planning, Doodling and More

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At one point, I covered an entire wall of my home office in this chalkboard contact paper. It's great fun to write on the walls! You get eight feet of this Amazon bestselling chalkboard wallpaper -- plus five pieces of chalk and an eraser cloth. Use the chalkboard to brainstorm, plan, or draw pictures. The sky (or the ceiling) is the limit!

This Salad Dressing Shaker for Healthier, Tastier Dressings

via AmazonFor the same price as a couple bottles of store-bought dressing, you can purchase this handy salad dressing shaker! Once you realize how easy it is to make dressings from scratch, you'll never want bottled dressing again. This shaker by OXO holds 1 1/2 cups and has a leak-proof lid for easy shaking, storing, and serving.

This Exfoliating Face Mask Has Turmeric & Vitamin C

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Given that it's chock full of turmeric and vitamin C, I guess it's no surprise that this face scrub is bright orange. It's also got pumpkin, ginger, glycolic acid, and aloe vera in it. I love that it's made with natural ingredients, and I love how fresh and clean it makes my face feel! Treat yo self.

Make Detangling Your Hair Easily With This Electric Detangling Brush

So I may sound like a child, but I don't care. I have an extremely sensitive scalp. I have my entire life. When my mom would do my hair when I was younger, I would be in tears because of the knots. As an adult, my hair still gets knotty, especially after a sweaty workout. This electric detangling brush loosens even the most tangled hair gently, so you won't have to dread brushing your hair anymore.

This Tiny Spatula That Helps You Use Every Last Drop Of Product

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You've paid top dollar for that moisturizer or foundation, so why not use all of it? So much of our makeup and beauty products go to waste because we can't get it all out of their containers, but no more. These teeny-tiny spatulas will save the day (or at least your morning routine) by letting you reach deep into the tube or bottle to get every last drop of the product you need. They're really a great way to extend the life of your favorite beauty products and saving you money.

These Travel Bottles Are So Handy

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I'm in love with these handy travel bottles. I've been refilling them with hand sanitizer and clipping them onto my kids' backpacks and my bag, so we always have some available. They'd be great for actual travel, too, whether you fill them with shampoo, lotion, or a little bit of your favorite foundation.

This Texturizing Taffy That Adds Texture To Thin Hair

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Just put a small amount of this texturizing taffy in your palms, rub them together, then run them through your hair — it'll help create separation and texture without weighing your strands down. You can use it on wet or dry hair (though I prefer using it wet), and many reviewers with fine hair wrote about how it "works great."

This Mood Ring From California

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Honeycat, a California jewelry business started by two women, features classic designs with durable materials, at very affordable prices. Their popular Mood Ring is a grown-up version of a girlhood favorite, in 18k gold plating over brass. And yes, it includes a little color chart so you can interpret your mood based on the changing color of the stone! The ring has earned over 1,000 ratings on Amazon so far, with an impressive 4.5 out of 5 average rating. This is not the mood ring of your childhood.

This Mini Waffle Maker Is A Crowd Pleaser

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Unless you're cooking brunch for a crowd, it's unlikely you need one of those oversized waffle makers taking up space in your kitchen. That's why I love this mini waffle maker that makes individual servings. It's adorable and easy enough for the kids to use! Plus, who doesn't love waffles?

This Eyeshadow Palette Comes With 60 Colors and Has a 4.7-Star Rating on Amazon

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Thanks to TikToker @scurtoworld for introducing me to this gorgeous eyeshadow palette with 60 different colors. There are metallics, mattes, glitters, shimmers, satins, and more. They're highly pigmented and blendable. And you get SO many colors in a single set, so no matter what your style you'll find the perfect shadows for any look.

This Adidas Sneaker That's Perfect For Light Runs

via AmazonWalking and running are a great way to stay healthy, and there are lots of people who swear by this ultra-light pair from Adidas. The breathable material makes it so your feet never get too hot, and their sleek style makes them appropriate for doing your daily errands or going to the gym. Plus, their "cloudfoam" sole supports your feet so you feel like you're walking on a cloud.

This candy-colored camera takes great instant pics

via AmazonThis adorable little camera in flamingo pink prints out instant photos about the size of a credit card. Though it looks like a toy, it's a full-service camera with lots of features. There's a selfie mirror near the lens to help you pose just right for your pic. It's got automatic light detection and will tell you (via a flashing light) which setting will work best in any given condition. It's got a close-up lens adapter for zoomed-in accuracy, and a high-key mode that gives you brighter, softer portraits.

This Toothpaste Dispenser Is Such A Good Idea

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Toothpaste tubes aren't the most inspiring of decor items in the bathroom, but a necessary evil I guess. What can make them look better? This automatic toothpaste dispenser you can color-coordinate with your bathroom (pink, white or black) that smoothly delivers the perfect amount of paste onto your brush. This is life-changing if you have kids, who tend to use way too much and therefore get toothpaste on every bathroom surface.

This Keratin Hair Mask to Repair Color Treated Hair

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I color my hair every few weeks to cover gray regrowth… and unfortunately, that also means I need to repair my colored hair regularly too.

My go-to product is this Keratin hair mask deep conditioner, which contains oils for damaged color-treated hair. My locks are always silky and shiny instantly after using this product.

This six-piece titanium-plated knife set looks sophisticated and cuts like a charm

via AmazonTalk about making grown life easier! You'll be able to slice and dice all the ingredients for your home-cooked meals with this six-piece knife set. And the knives will look great in your kitchen, too. They've got sleek ergonomic handles and stainless steel blades with a black matte titanium coating that doesn't chip or scratch off. They're rust resistant and dishwasher safe. And each knife comes with its own protective sheath.

These Wireless Earbuds Have Around 18k Rave Reviews

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If you're ready to unplug while still getting amazing sound quality, look no further than these Amazon fan-favorite wireless earbuds. They get stellar reviews, nearly 18k of them, for long battery life, noise cancellation qualities, and of course, great sound. These stand up to much more expensive brands and won't break the bank!

An Adorable Glass Planter That's Perfect For Your Office

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Add a little green to your desk or coffee table with this awesome little glass planter. The kit includes a sturdy wooden stand and a vase made of high borosilicate glass. There's something about it that just makes me feel a little bit sciencey while still looking chic as can be.

This Walking Shoe That Is Supportive And Sporty

via AmazonI love a shoe that does both –– a shoe that's strong and supportive enough for a workout while also being cute enough to wear on a normal day. This pair from New Balance comes in all kinds of colors and are sleek and fashionable enough to be a great, regular street shoe. Plus, the midsole support make them very comfortable for wearing and walking all day long.

A Bestselling Tactical Flashlight

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I bought a two-pack of these Bestselling Tactical Flashlights a couple of years ago, and they still work great and come in handy all the time. They run on three AAA batteries and feature an adjustable, super-bright beam. Every household should have at least one solid flashlight on hand in case of emergencies, and this is a great option.

Don't Waste a Single Kernel With The Zulay Collapsible Popcorn Maker

via AmazonMicrowave popcorn bags can contain harmful chemicals, plus a ton of salt and fat. Why not keep your popcorn healthy and pop it yourself? It's quick and easy with this BPA Free Silicone Popcorn Maker. After eating your snack right from the bowl, it can be hand-washed, or thrown in the dishwasher. You have a variety of fun colors to choose from - so match your kitchen or your own personal style. Don't wait until movie night, try out this handy Popcorn Maker today!

These Baggu Reusable Bags Are Easy To Tote

via AmazonI'm in love with these Baggu reusable bags not just for grocery shopping, either, since they're cute enough to tote around on their own daily! They come in so many patterns and are extremely durable so load 'em up - the ripstop fabric means you'll never get a rip or tear. They'll hold up to 50 lbs each, so your grocery shopping's no match for their power!

These Inflatable Lanterns Are Solar Powered

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I bought one of these Inflatable Lanterns for my camping gear, but I've been enjoying it for all sorts of backyard and outdoor adventures. The lantern folds up for compact storage, then inflates to a cube that produces a soft, lovely glow. It can be charged by USB or in direct sunlight. The reviewer in this picture used theirs in a pool, which is SO cool.

These Bath Bombs Look Like Mini Treats

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These bath bombs are so sweet you may not want to use them. The pink and red coloring, along with the heart-shaped details, are perfectly in theme for Valentine's Day, plus they're incredibly adorable and smell phenomenal. Few things are more relaxing than a good bath with a wonderfully smelling bath bomb.

These Gorgeous Floral Solar Lights Are Great For Gardens

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Use these floral solar lights to make your yard a magical place come sundown. "These flowers arrived yesterday, and I was impressed by how pretty they looked and also their good quality...but when night came, they were absolutely beautiful!! The lights brighten the flowers, and the changing colors rotate in each individual flower, making a very colorful scene." - Katrina W.

This Phone Lanyard Keeps Your Phone At Hand

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Sometimes you need your phone at hand, not in your pocket and not in your purse - whether you're awaiting an urgent call or just playing games while you're waiting in line. This phone lanyard does just that - it keeps your mobile available without having to dig through all the stuff in your bag. And it comes in a bunch of pretty colors!

These Cable Organizers Are Magnetic

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My cables are always out of control messy, getting tangled, and causing headaches most of the time. I found these cable organizers that are total game changers! They keep cords and cables tangle-free and organized, and even double as magnets. If you get creative you can use them for all kinds of things.