The 10 Best Indoor Electronic Herb Gardens for Growing Smarter

Are you tired of purchasing expensive herbs and garnish from your local supermarket? Are you looking for a way to obtain herbs in a natural and smart way? Then why not consider investing in an indoor electronic herb garden?

Herbs are an important element in a myriad of delicious recipes. They help add flavor and texture to dishes that would be bland and boring without them. Helping to make even the dreariest of dishes taste like something crafted by Julia Child. But unfortunately, there is a downside to constantly using herbs to flavor your food. Herbs can also be extremely expensive and can often burn a hole in your wallet if you use them regularly and always need replacements. That’s why these days, many people have started growing their own herb gardens from the comfort of their own homes. Providing themselves with an almost unlimited supply of fresh and enticing produce. Transforming their kitchens into gourmet spaces where everything they will ever need is at their fingertips.

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Are you interested in growing your own herbs? Then you’re in luck because right now there are hundreds of indoor electronic herb gardens for sale on platforms such as There are indoor herb gardens that use cutting-edge LED light technology. And herb gardens that change the game with their hydroponic systems. But if you can’t decide which countertop herb garden is the best for you and your kitchen, then don’t worry. We have compiled together this handy and informative list of the best indoor electronic herb gardens currently available on the market. So why not take a peek and see which herbs are the best ones for you.

We hope you find these herb gardens as amazing as we do.

Just an FYI: we do participate in affiliate programs and may receive a portion of the revenue from your purchase.

AeroGarden Indoor Hydroponic Garden

First up we have an indoor herb garden kit that boasts a gourmet seed kit, allowing you to grow specimens such as basil, parsley, and thyme. This electronic garden also comes with LED lights and a control panel that alerts you to your garden’s needs, be that plant food or more water. The garden can grow up to 6 plants, which can all reach up to 12 inches in height. Perfect for year-round herbs for all your cooking needs.

Click and Grow Indoor Smart Garden

Grow delicious herbs and veggies from the comfort of your own home with this countertop herb garden. Using energy-efficient LED lights, this garden will continue to thrive and grow even during the cold winter months. This garden can host up to three species of plant, so pick your favorite herbs and get growing.

Ivation Herb Indoor Garden Kit

Maybe the best indoor herb garden for beginners, this indoor herb garden kit includes all-grow equipment and everything you will ever need to grow your own delicious herbs. The spacious planet box provides plenty of room for your miniature garden, allowing up to 11 species of plant to grow at once. The LED light system assures that your plants thrive year-round and can be placed on an automatic on/off system.

VegTrug Planter 8 Pocket Herb Garden

Need something more industrial and rustic? This 8 pocket herb garden is perfect for both indoor and outdoor herb planting. Each pocket can home a single plant, allowing you to grow eight different species at a time. Easy to build and operate, this indoor herb garden kit does not require you to stoop or bend down, making it the perfect gardening tool for the elderly and wheelchair users.

VegeBox Smart LED Garden Kit

Simple and easy to use, this countertop herb garden makes gardening look like a walk in the park. Fill up the water tank, sit the sponge, and add the nutrients and your miniature herb garden is ready to go. This garden not only looks amazing but is also eco-friendly and does not use any dangerous pesticides or chemicals. The LED light system assures that your garden continues to thrive all year round, delivering delicious and savory herbs that the whole family can enjoy.

Kozzyfresh Indoor Garden Kit

Efficient and perfect for new herb growers, this indoor garden kit comes with all the necessary accessories needed to cultivate and grow your plants. This kit includes tweezers, a seeding tray, and a planting sponge; everything you need to start planting your own delicious herbs. 100% safe to use in the presence of children and pregnant women, this garden kit does not use dangerous chemicals or pesticides. No matter the weather, this indoor herb garden kit will keep your plants and herbs thriving all year round.

Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System

Why not get an indoor herb garden kit that makes the growing process easier to maintain and care for. This indoor growing system simplifies the hydroponic process allowing you to grow a range of leafy greens and herbs. The system has also been designed to appear as an accent table, allowing it to seamlessly blend in with your household decor and aesthetic. How thoughtful!

Future Harvest Developer Grow Light Garden

The light garden of the future, this particular product uses 6400K T5HO lamps to simulate natural sunlight. Ideal for thriving plants and growth. Perfect for the kitchen counter or tabletop, this miniature indoor herb garden kit will soon become your favourite kitchen accessory. Allowing you to have fresh and inexpensive herbs all year round. So don’t finish your shopping list until you’ve purchased this wonderful countertop herb garden.

VegeBox Hydroponics Growing System

Simple and smart gardening. This countertop herb garden allows you to grow herbs and plants in a simple and stress-free way. Just fill the tank with water and your garden is ready to grow and thrive. Vegebox prides itself on using eco-friendly and recycled hydroponics, making this garden earth-kind and green. The kit also includes 5 planting basket, 10 sponge, 3 caps, 60ml nutrition A and B, non-woven bag, user manual, measuring cup and tweezers. And the fish? Honestly, we have no idea, but they look cool.

Mindful Design Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden

This indoor herb garden kit is a passive system that refrains from using pumps and other complicated contraptions. All you have to do is fill the water tank, watch the water levels, and let your plants grow. A built-in alert system will notify you of your plants’ needs, so you’ll never have to worry about doing a poor job. With this indoor garden, you’ll be able to grow fresh and stress-free herbs that will soon have you cooking delicious gourmet meals. Easily one of the best indoor herb gardens available.