37 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon Under $25

Sometimes it's the little things. These little gadgets are all about making life a little easier, and none of them will break the bank!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Always Have a Place to Hang Your Purse With Clipa2 - The Instant Bag Hanger

This ingenious ring innocently hangs on your bag's strap all day as if it's only decorative. But the Clipa2 does more than meets the eye. For about $16 you can hang your bag from any chair, table, railing, ledge, bar... Brilliant!

No List of Handy Objects is Complete Without Mentioning the Anker PowerCore 5000

It's compact and easily fits into a purse or bag. You'll never deal with a dead phone again if you keep the Anker PowerCore 5000 on hand.

This Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer Turns Your Mess of Keys Into a Fraction of the Size

Streamline that tangle of keys you carry everywhere. You'll be amazed at how small all those keys can get with this keychain organizer.

Turn Any Phone Case Into a Wallet Case With This Stick on Cell Phone Wallet

Wallet cases can be bulky and expensive. But these handy stick on cell phone wallets are compact, cost under $6, and hold a couple of cards and some cash.

There's Not Much This $4 11-Function Survival Pocket Tool Can't Do

Keep this credit card sized 11-function survival tool in your wallet, bag, car, or junk drawer. Always have a screwdriver, saw, knife, bottle opener, wrench and so much more on hand.

Keep All the Bits and Pieces Close at Hand With the RAK Magnetic Wrist Band

The RAK Magnetic Wrist Band takes some of the frustration out of any home improvement project. Easily keep track of the 2043 washers and screws that come with that Ikea dresser.

You'll be Grateful For the Bastex Magnetic Telescoping Pick Up Tool Next Time You Drop Your Keys Between the Seats

It seems to be a law of car nature that any important object dropped slides into the tiny space between the seats and the center console. Likewise, dropped objects outside find storm drains, and dropped objects inside always somehow land between the washing machine and dryer. Those tiny spaces are no match for this clever magnetic telescoping pick up tool.

The Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer and Corresponding Smart Phone App Do More Than Take Your Temperature

For about $20, you can have an accurate digital thermometer that works with your smart phone to keep track of fevers, medications, and even gives your kiddos something to do while waiting for the temperature to read! The app also offers advice and guidance depending on the fever readout.

Make Short Work of Opening Jars With the EZ Off Jar Opener

It doesn't matter how strong you are, jars win. Simply affix the EZ Off jar opener under your cupboards, and never wrestle with a pickle jar again.

The FlipBelt Virtually Disappears Under Clothes

It's actually pretty amazing how much a FlipBelt can hold. With stretchy, flexible pockets all around, you can stow your phone, keys, cash, and cards and it won't feel like anything around your waist. Long loved by runners, this handy belt can be used for travel, a day at a theme park, or any other time you want to be unencumbered by a bulky bag.

At Under $8 This Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Holder is a No Brainer

At this point its basically necessary to have your phone handy while driving. This air vent magnetic cell phone holder works with any phone, and any car. It's especially handy if you have more than one car, or when you're traveling and driving a rental.

An Electric Kettle Boils Water in No Time

Are you using an old fashioned tea kettle? Or microwaving a cup of water when you want a hot drink? It's time for an electric kettle. These are a mainstay in households all over the world.

I Want This 3 Phone Lens Set Just Because of This Dog

You too can get amazing fisheye pics of your dog and more with this super affordable ($14) 3 Phone Lens Set. The lenses clip right onto your phone and the set includes a wide angle, a 10x zoom, and, of course, the dog capturing fish eye lens.

Have a Great Cup of Coffee in Four Minutes With a French Press Coffee Maker

A good French press should be a staple of every kitchen. Whether you need coffee for a crowd or just one cup, these brew a quick and tasty cup of coffee!

Keep Your Water Nice and Cold Even on the Hottest Summer Days With a Great Insulated Water Bottle

With a variety of sizes, and prices starting at $11.99, you might want more than one of these insulated water bottles. Keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for HOURS.

Imagine How Clean Your Car Can Be, How Organized You Can Appear, Simply By Using One of These Car Trunk Organizers

Do you spend a lot of time in your car? Does stuff roll around every time you turn a corner? Do you ever use your car for things like bringing home groceries? Do you you have kids? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you're going to want at least one of these car organizers.

Because Cables are Now a Fact of Life, We All Need Cable Clips

These handy little Cable Clips stick onto any surface to keep your cords right where you want them. At $8 for a pack of 6, these are a cheap and easy way to be a bit more organized.

Plug In Just About Anywhere on Earth With This Universal Travel Adapter

A universal travel adapter is a must for anyone who travels internationally. This handy one can be used in over 150 countries, has USB ports, and costs about $15.

Replace Disposable Dryer Sheets With Wool Dryer Balls and Never Look Back

Between the disposable waste and all the chemicals and perfumes in dryer sheets, you'll be happy to make the switch to wool dryer balls. And we promise you won't be sacrificing even an ounce of fluffy laundered softness.

These Silicone Baking Mats Are the Non-Stick Baking Solution You've Been Looking For

Better than both parchment paper and aluminum foil, these silicone baking mats are perfect for everything from cookies to veggies to candy making.

Make Your Luggage Stand Out in a Crowd With Initial Luggage Tags

These sturdy, flexible, and bright initial tags will help you quickly ID your bag from the rest. At about $8, you can quickly grab your bag off the carousel and hightail it out of the airport.

An Emergency Survival Kit is a Must For Any Hiker, Camper, or Mountain Biker

With everything you need from an emergency blanket, to a tactical knife, to a compass, this handy kit contains all the necessary tools for outdoor survival. At under $25, keep one in your car, with your camping gear, or give it as a gift to someone outdoorsy.

The Flexible Arc Lighter Makes it Easy to Light Hard to Reach Places

Keep your hand safely away from the potential fireball next time you light your grill with a Flexible Arc Lighter. And with it's bendy neck, you can light candles and tapers easily, even if they're deep within a candle holder.

This Dual Probe Digital Meat Thermometer Takes the Guesswork Out of Perfectly Cooked Foods

Make sure your chicken is done, your steaks are cooked to order, and your burgers are cooked to juicy perfection with this digital meat thermometer. With long flexible metal cords, and a magnetic back, your food can remain in the oven and unmolested while you keep an eye on the temp. At under $25, this makes a great gift.

Take Control of Your Spice Cabinet with a Lazy Susan

There is no better way to store and find your spices than with a lazy Susan that fits into a cupboard. This one is stainless steel so it's sturdy, easy to clean, and made to last.

Prop Up Your Phone or Tablet Just About Anywhere With a MOBI-GO! Phablet & Phone Prop/Stand

Use your MOBI-GO! to keep your phone on your dashboard or to use your tablet as a cookbook. The flexible, beanbag holder can secure your device even on uneven surfaces like the arm of a chair.

Plug In This Wall Mount 3-Outlet/3 USB Port and Turn Any Outlet into a Super Outlet

Keep your outlets open with this handy plug-in 3-Outlet and 3-USB Port adapter. A few of these around your house will completely eliminate the constant search for USB plugs, while still keeping your outlets available for all the other stuff you need to plug in.

If You Live With Other People, You Might Need a Vogek 6-Port Charging Station

Keep everyone's devices fully charged with a Vogek 6-port charging station. At about $17, this little gizmo could save your relationships.

Keep an Aqua Notes Pad in Your Shower Because That's Where You Get All Your Best Ideas

Everyone should have a note pad in the shower. There's something about the shower that gives writers the best ideas, makes us remember the super important phone call we keep forgetting to make, and reminds us that we're out of conditioner. These clever waterproof Aqua Notes Pads will ensure that your brilliant ideas don't disappear the moment you step out of the shower.

Shed Some Light on Even the Darkest Corners of Your Home With URPOWER Motion Sensor LED Stick-On Lights

These handy little stick on lights can go anywhere from the back of your closet, to dim hallways, staircases, basement corners, and kids' bathrooms. The bright LED lights automatically turn on with motion, so you will have some advanced warning if there really is a monster in that closet.

Silicone Stretch Lids Help You Eliminate Plastic Wrap From Your Life

Not only is plastic wrap nearly impossible to use because it sticks everywhere you don't want it to and nowhere that you do, but it's also another disposable plastic that we use way to much of. These silicone stretch lids can fit on just about any container for fuss free, waste free leftovers.

Baking is So Much Easier With a Digital Kitchen Scale

Place your mixing bowl on the Ozeri digital kitchen scale and weigh your ingredients as you add them. It's so much easier to be exactly accurate with weight measurements rather than volume measurements.

An Electronic Writing Tablet is Handy and Fun to Use

With it's own stylus clipped into it's base this electronic writing tablet has about a million different uses. Leave a quick note for your spouse or roommate. Hand it to your kid to keep them occupied while you wait in line or for an appointment. At about $13, this makes a great little gift for kids or teachers.

The Slide Out Storage Tower is Such a Brilliant Idea You'll be Mad You Didn't Invent it

You know all those narrow gaps that are just dead space in your home - between your fridge and the counter, or between your washer and dryer? The slide out storage tower laughs at the concept of dead space. This narrow little shelf slips into impossible places and gives you actual useful storage! At $25, this is a storage solution to love. Check out the reviews (over 1,000). This thing rocks!

This Coffee Scoop and Clamp is a Handy Solution to a Problem You Didn't Realize You Had

Sure, you could use a clip to close your bag of coffee and a coffee scooper to measure out your beans or grinds. But why would you? This coffee scoop and clamp does both jobs, and is always right there with your coffee when you need it.

The Sink Sling Keeps Your Sponge Handy and Allows it to Dry Because a Wet Sponge is Gross

The Sink Sling hangs over any faucet to keep your sponge out of your sink and off your counter. At only $5, why not have a designated spot for your sponge?

Shower Splash Guards Means Never Inadvertently Soaking Your Bathmat Again

You close your shower curtain, and still end up with a puddle on the floor, a wet bathmat, or a wet towel. Why?? Because of that silly little gap between your curtain and the wall. Someone should come up with something for that. Well, someone did. These shower splash guards clip right onto your shower rings and firmly hold your curtain against the wall.