22 Brilliantly Simple Multi-Purpose Products

Knives that include their own cutting board. Cutting boards that morph into funnels. Silicone trivets that can basically do anything.

Here's 22 of our favorite multi-use products for your perusal.

We hope you find these products as fascinating as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words does participate in the Amazon affiliate program, and can receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This $10 Cleaning Pen

via: OXO

One end’s a cleaning brush, one end’s a silicone cleaning spudger. The OXO Cleaning Brush is designed for electronics, but this insanely popular little gadget can clean pretty much anything. Just think of how satisfying it’d be to scoop that goop out from the crevices of your car’s interior. Find it on Amazon

This Swiss Army Knife For Booze

via: Quench Products

Unless you're lucky enough to have your own full home bar, odds are you don't need 15 different specialized cocktail tools taking up valuable drawer space. One of these 10-in-1 Bar10der Multi Tools will cover every base imaginable for even the most ardent home mixologist. Find it on Amazon

This Table That Puts Your Cat's Bathroom In Your Human Bathroom

via: eBay

It only seems appropriate to concentrate all bathroom-related activities to the bathroom, whatever the species, and this clever piece of furniture does just that. Just imagine how happy your cat could be, once given the dignity of private pooping. Find it on Amazon

These Clever Cutters Are A Knife And Cutting Board In One

I'm just gonna let the GIF above speak for the Clever Cutter. Find it on Amazon

This Collapsible Bucket Doubles As A Watering Can

via: Colapz

When you really think about it, who needs both a bucket and a watering can? It's water storage overkill. The Colourwave collapsible bucket not only saves major space, but morphs into a watering can at a moment's notice, so you can go from dousing fires to watering flowers with ease. Find it on Amazon in a range of glorious colors. 

The Joseph Joseph Foldable Cutting Board

via: Joseph Joseph

The appeal here is simple: chop, fold, convey to pot with zero chopped veggies lost. Find it on Amazon

This Humble Hair Clip Is Also A Multi Tool

via: Monkey Business

Ever wish that you could pack the utility of seven different tools on the top of your head? Now you can.Find it on Amazon

This Simple Hoodie Hides 15 Different Features

via: Baubax

From a built-in pillow in the neck to a hidden pen/stylus on the zipper, the Baubax Travel Jacket is a case study in multi-purpose utility. Find it on Amazon

The Ever-Popular Instant Pot Can Cook Basically Anything

via: Instant Pot

While it may look like a simple rice cooker (and yes, it cooks some fantastic rice), the Instant Pot is also a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a yogurt maker, and more. Oh, and it'll cook everything in 70% less time than its single-use competition. Find it on Amazon

This Citrus Juicer That Includes Its Own Measuring Cup

via: OXO

Or is it a measuring cup that includes its own juicer? Either way, no more pouring freshly-squeezed lemon juice from receptacle to receptacle. Juice just as much as you need and move on. Find it on Amazon

This Cutting Board Has A Built-In Sharpener

via: eBay

Odds are, if you're using your knife, you're using it with your cutting board. So it makes complete sense to have a sharpener built-in. Find it on Amazon

This LED Strip Lets You Add Light Anywhere

via: Power Practical

Use the built-in magnets to hang it in strip form, or ball it up as a lantern. Either way you'll have plenty of light to camp (or glamp) by. Find it on Amazon

This Versatile Mandoline Will Also Store Your Veggies For You

via: eBay

No more collecting those julienned carrots from a pile on your plate. Find it on Amazon

This Coffee Scoop Has A Built-In Clamp

via: NoPro

Not only will this thing keep your beans fresh for weeks, you'll also never be at a loss to find it. You know, since it lives on your coffee. Find it on Amazon

This Popular Shower Head Includes Its Own Bluetooth Speaker

via: Morpilot

Why try to blast your favorite podcast over the sound of the water, when you can blast it in the water itself? Find it on Amazon

A Grinder For Both Your Salt And Your Pepper

via: eBay

This just makes so much more sense than two separate grinders. Find it on Amazon

This Toaster Oven That's More Toaster Than Oven

via: Hamilton Beach

Because sometimes you just want to toast a bagel, not make a tuna melt sandwich. Find it on Amazon

This Simple Silicone Square Can Do Almost Anything

via: Love This Kitchen

Well, almost anything in the kitchen. It quadruples as a pot holder, jar opener, large coaster, and a trivet. I bet it's also pretty fun to squeeze. Find it on Amazon

The 6-in-1 Utilikey

via: Swiss Tech

Pack some serious utility on your keychain with the Utilikey. It weighs way less than a Leatherman, and covers most of the same bases. Just don't try to bring it through airport security. Find it on Amazon

The Dual-Purpose Twist Whisk Is A Serious Space Saver

via: Joseph Joseph

I cannot tell you how many times a classic metal whisk has jammed my kitchen drawers shut. Actually, I can, and that number is seven. The ingenious Twist Whisk collapses flat for use as a scraper, then blossoms into full whisk form with the twist of its end bits. Find it on Amazon

This USB Car Charger Also Helps You Remember Where You Parked

via: Nonda

Just download the Nonda Zus app, and you’ll never forget where you parked again.Find it on Amazon

This Elegant Purse Will Also Store Your Finest Vintages

via: PortoVino

Gag gift? Genius invention? Fashion-forward alcohol enabler? Yep, it's all of those things. Find it on Amazon