Saying 'Siri, I'm Getting Pulled Over' to Your iPhone Will Record Police Encounters During Traffic Stops

As a part of Apple's iOS 12 update, Siri can now record police encounters during traffic stops if the user says, "Siri, I'm getting pulled over."

Don't worry, we've got a step by step guide on how to set up the feature...

The new feature has certainly divided opinion.


Now, we all know that Apple is considered the best of the best in the technology world...


And their products certainly live up to their high expectations.

The iPhone is arguably their most popular product.


It seems that everyone has an iPhone nowadays and it's easy to see why.

Their simple and easy-to-use software of Apple's iPhone works well with everyone...

And it is an easy-to-navigate yet sophisticated piece of technology... cementing it firmly as the most in-demand smartphone on the global market.

There have been several generations of iPhone since the first release in 2007.

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Who remembers the iPhone 3G? Now that's a walk down memory lane...

But Apple continues to innovate...

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And the latest model is the iPhone 12, which was released last year.

The iPhone 12 is perhaps the most intelligent smartphone there has ever been and has a whole range of impressive features.

So much so, it can even help provide a sense of security for users; which is what brings us back to today's story.

Launched as part of Apple's most recent iOS 12 update, the Shortcuts app allows users to create automated routines for their phone


In other words, with the Shortcuts app, a person can say a phrase or tap a button and their phone will perform multiple tasks at once.

Although it's made to let users create their own shortcuts, people can also download pre-made shortcuts from third-party apps or developers.

Arizona resident Robert Petersen used this update to create his own third-party shortcut, initially known as "Police"...


And is now known as "I'm Getting Pulled Over."

It aims to assist users during traffic stops by automatically recording their interactions with police officers.


First developed in 2018, the shortcut activates the Do Not Disturb feature, turning off all incoming calls, messages, and notifications - this is to reduce the chance that a police officer will be startled by your phone ringing or flashing, and act aggressively.

Next, it'll send a text message with your current location to all the contacts that you've selected beforehand.


At the same time, your phone will start recording a video with the front camera.

These are the default settings, but they can be customized in various ways - for example, it can be set so it records with the rear camera instead.


So, how can you download it?

​Since the shortcut is made by a third party, an iPhone will consider it an "untrusted" shortcut, meaning iPhone settings will need to be adjusted. 


1. Open your Settings app and tap on Shortcuts.

2. Toggle on Allow Untrusted Shortcuts

3. A pop-up window will warn you of potential risks; To continue, tap "Allow," and then enter your passcode.

4. Open this link in your iPhone's Safari browser.

5. The Shortcuts app will open, listing all of the shortcut's features. At the bottom, tap "Add Untrusted Shortcut."

6. Choose which contacts will receive a message with your location. Then hit "Continue."

7. Next, select which contacts will receive a copy of the video.

8. Then select "Done."

9. Back on the My Shortcuts tab, tap "All Shortcuts," and then tap the 3 dots (...) on the "I'm getting pulled over" shortcut.


10. Scroll down to the "Location" section and select "Allow Access," then tap "Allow While Using App."

11. Scroll down to the Messages, Camera, and Photo sections and do the same thing — tap "Allow Access," and then "OK."

12. In the Camera section, select Front or Back depending on what camera you want to start the recording with.

13. Scroll down to the Scripting "Choose from Menu" settings and choose where to store your video when the shortcut ends. You'll have the following options: iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Do Not Upload.

14. When complete, choose "Done" to confirm your settings.

Siri will then need to be set up to link up to the new shortcut.


Once you've set it up, activating the shortcut is easy.

1. Activate Siri by holding down the lock button or Home button, depending on your iPhone model. If you have it enabled, you can also say "Hey, Siri."

2. Once Siri is listening, say "I'm getting pulled over."

The shortcut will activate.

So, there you have it!


For many people here in the United States, this shortcut is totally worth having downloaded on our phones... we'd highly recommend it.