37 Of The Best Things From Amazon's New and Interesting Finds Section

Remember window shopping? You and a girlfriend (or a guy friend) would wander around the mall, taking in the latest finds, the newest and most interesting things, and maybe — just maybe — you'd splurge on an item or two. Window shopping isn't quite the same online, although the product selection — especially on sites like Amazon — is limited only by your imagination (and bank account).

One of the coolest categories to browse on Amazon is its "Interesting Finds" section, where you'll find everything from a pasta serving spoon, aptly dubbed a "pastasaurus," to a giant beanbag chair for two — or one, if you're just stingy. I pulled together 37 new and interesting things from Amazon's curated category that I think you'll love: From hedgehog timers to Harry Potter bowls for your kitchen and agate coasters. So, break out the credit card and cue up the Prime shipping, beause these deals are just a few clicks away from your mailbox.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Mini Humidifier Goes Anywhere


The winter months are especially challenging: Dry skin, indoor germs, the list goes on. This portable mini-humidifier helps combats some of those cold weather issues by putting moisture back into the air — wherever you are. Simply plug this little guy in using its included USB cable and watch your air quality immediately improve. You can even use it in the car. Just add water and go.

This Sweatshirt Blanket Is Beyond Cozy


I adore cozy things, and this sweatshirt blanket is no exception - it looks amazingly snuggly and so much more stylish than a Snuggy, no? It'd be perfect for camping, winter nights, or just wearing around the house. Totally acceptable as everyday wear in my book - is this the new athleisure?

Keep Your Tissues Inside Of This Cat Butt


If you're gonna have a box of tissues out, you may as well keep it inside of this cat butt. Why not? It'll start conversations with anyone who needs to blow their nose, and the cat even looks happy — in fact, I think he likes it when you pull a tissue out.

This Supoon Is the World's Best Cooking Spoon


​The makers of the Supoon claim it's the world's best cooking spoon, a claim so bold that I decided I had to try it. This silicone tool is sturdy at the tip but flexible on the sides. It includes measuring marks, so you can use it to add ingredients directly to the pan without dirtying another spoon. It also has a bent handle, so it sits up off the counter, making one less spot I have to clean. So, yeah, I agree it's the world's best cooking spoon, or at least the best one I've tried!

This Kitchen Timer Will Be Your Cute BFF


I've never wanted to set a timer for something so badly in my entire life. Look at this little cutie! This hedgehog kitchen timer works for alarms up to 60 minutes in length while adding a bit of cuteness and personality along the way. Hedgehogs aren't your thing? No problem. You'll find a ladybug, mouse, and penguin using the same link. It's a perfect stocking stuffing or housewarming present.

Make A Mural On Your Walls


I'm really into these wall stickers, especially for less than $9. If you've got a room that just needs that extra something or a wall that could use a bit of dressing up, these blackbirds flying away are a perfect choice. Made of vinyl, they are easy to apply, reposition and remove, and won't damage your walls. One reviewer said she paired these birds with a vinyl tree to achieve "the perfect look."​

This Angry Mama Really Cleans Your Microwave


Why do I feel like this Angry Mama microwave cleaner resembles me on cleaning day? She may be grumpy, but she sure does deep clean your microwave! If someone zapped the chili or spaghetti sauce for too long and it spattered all over the place, she's your gal. Fill her with a mix of vinegar and water, then microwave her for seven minutes - the steam will loosen up all the gunk, so all you have to do is wipe it down with a paper towel!

Outfit Your Kitchen With A Classy Carafe


There's something so refined and simple about this glass carafe with a solid oak stopper. It holds almost 34 ounces of water (or wine) and offers an elegant presentation for any table setting. Featuring mouthblown glass, the carafe's design makes it easy to hold and simple to pour from. One promising review: "Looks better on the counter than the cardboard box the wine came in." I feel you, Jeff P.

A Facial Cleansing Brush For Clearer Skin


This facial cleansing brush will give your skin the deepest clean ever. It comes with seven different heads, from a coarse brush for unclogging pores to a sponge for removing make-up. Reviewers say it works wonders for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Measuring Cups That Stack To Look Like Dolls


I've been obsessed with matryoshka dolls for a long time. This is a modern (and functional) take on matryoshka dolls, with six measuring cup sizes from 1/4 to 1 cup in a simple white design that'll match any kitchen. Just picture how cute these would look on your countertop!

Put The Claw Grip On Any Pan


If you don't have a good sense of humor, then just skip right on over this one. But, I mean, c'mon, how funny are these lobster claw potholders? (Sure beats my boring cloth ones.) Made of heat-resistant silicone, you'll get a pair with this purchase to protect you from hot pots, lids, and handles. They'll come in handy in a pinch. Get it? In a "pinch?"

Broadcast Your Beer Journey With This Map


Is drinking your way across America on your bucket list? Maybe you just like trying new brews and IPAs. Hey, perhaps you don't drink at all and love collecting bottle caps! Whatever floats your boat. This map of the United States has cutouts for 70 different bottle caps, allowing you to create your own unique form of artwork for your wall. Your man cave called ... he said: "buy it!"

These Geodes Are Beautiful Coasters

Amazon / cutler

Geodes are so cool to look at. Naturally-occurring geodes are rocks that have cavities inside them, often lined with crystals. These coasters are natural polished geodes that have been dyed blue — no doubt a conversation starter, as well as a stylish addition to your living room. Also available in natural, pink, purple, or teal, you'll receive a set of four that will protect your wood and add a touch of beauty.

Spice Things Up With The Day Of The Dead


When Day of the Dead rolls around again in November, you'll be set with the most unique home decor item out there: This mariachi skeleton salt and pepper shaker set. But, hey, don't wait for Dia de Los Muertes to use them. Individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin, this guy is spooky, but functional any time of the year.

Break For A Beach Day Anywhere

Amazon / Diana

I don't know about you, but I could use a beach day ... and the Gulf of Mexico is literally three-tenths of a mile from my front door. But, let's be honest: Spring hasn't yet sprung and it's a bit too cold for a bikini and sunscreen. You can enjoy the calming vibes of the beach from wherever you are with this mini-sandbox for your desk, complete with an umbrella, beach chair, and shells.

Pop Your Own Popcorn For Movie Night


I miss popcorn. Not the theater itself, not the movie at all, but the popcorn you can only get your hands on when you buy an overpriced movie ticket and walk across sticky floors to get to your theater, until now. This microwave popcorn popper will help you simulate the movie theater popcorn experience in the comfort of your own home. Available in 1.5-qt. snack size or 3-qt. family size, but if you eat a 3-qt. bowl yourself; I'm not telling.

Seal Your Letters With This Elegant Wax Kit

Amazon / Diane Molina

Sending and receiving mail — not email, not a DM, actual mail — is a lost art. In the past year, I've committed to sending more snail mail, whether it's a birthday card, a "thinking of you" note, or something else. This wax seal stamp is an interesting find I might have to add to my letter-writing drawer. Grab it in your first name initial — or last, purchase wax sticks (like these) and reminisce on simpler times.

Accessorize With A Retro Kitchen Sign


Struggling with a theme for your kitchen? I get it. There are not that many things I fall in love with that I'd want to plaster all over the busiest room in my house. I do dig this old-school-style "eat here" metal wall decor that harkens back to retro Americana. Designed with a distressed finish, the painted yellow bulbs give off the feel of an electric sign, with no electricity required.

Take Your Stress Out On This Stress Ball


I've seen a lot of stress balls in my days: Balls, sharks, smiley faces, but none like "Paul," which comes in a shape of a human body. Paul is curled up in an "I've had a horrible day" pose that I think most of us can relate to. Lightweight and compact, stress balls have multiples uses, including as a physical therapy tool and to help relieve, well, stress, anxiety, or anger.

Grab A Dose of These Highlighters


I'm so smitten with these highlighters, which are shaped like vitamins and stored in a quirky pill jar. Included in this set are 10 colorful highlighters in blue, orange, pink, purple, green, and yellow. Each highlighter is just about an inch long, making them the ideal size for a pencil case, purse, bag, or even a pocket. Best yet, it's just what the doctor ordered for your desk — at work or at home.

Prop Your Phone Up With This Banana Holder


There are so many options out there to prop up your smartphone, but are any of them as funny as this banana stand? Resembling a partially peeled banana, this stand is the perfect place to prop up your phone so you can watch movies or videos without holding it or craning your neck. Reviewers say it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but big enough to do its job.

Tame That Sexy Beard On The Go


You won't believe how versatile this product is so let me just tell you: It features both a fine-toothed comb for hair, beards, and mustaches as well as a bottle opener, packaged in a super-thin credit card-sized design that will fit right in your wallet. I know, mind blown, right? The Go-Comb, as it's aptly called, is made from stainless steel. One reviewer put it succinctly: "If you don't have this in your wallet, fix your life right now."

This Man Will Prop Your Door Open


The door to my bedroom will not stay open, no matter what I do. Rather than hang out in there with the door closed all the time, I invested in a doorstop, not unlike this cast iron "strong man" stopper. This guy has all the muscle and puts it to good use, keeping your doors open with ease. It also comes in various other designs, including a cat, mouse, dog, and frog but, hey, I like seeing a man at work.

Make Dinner A Journey With This Tray


Are mealtimes a battle? Transform them from battle to adventure with these fun board game trays. Available in themes from pirates to enchanted forests, this tray will trick your picky eater into gobbling up every last morsel to uncover the path to the hidden treasure, which you can fill with a treat of your choosing. This award-winning product is, best of all, dishwasher-safe.

A Spice Rack For The Science Lover In Your Life


If you've seen one spice rack, you've seen them all, am I right? But, not so fast! This "spice rack" has the look of a chemist's kit, complete with nine test tubes for spices; three flasks for sugar, salt, and pepper; an Erlenmeyer flask for oil; and, a carrying tray. Each flask features a rubber stopper stop and the entire thing comes with pre-printed labels in popular spice names you can add yourself.

Keep Your Head (And Keys) In The Clouds

Amazon / Barbara Fleury

You'll never wonder where your keys are again with this adorable cloud-shaped magnetic key holder. Mount it on any wall and add your keys. They'll be held in place thanks to powerful magnets that accommodate key rings hanging on the underside of the cloud. Most key holders and organizers are boring. You're not boring. Now your organizing options don't have to be either.

Show Everyone Who's The Wonder Woman


You're a superhero in the kitchen. I know it, you know it ... and it's time your family knows it, too. Your partner and your kids will get a kick out of your statement apron, this DC Comics' Wonder Woman apron that shows everyone who's boss. Made of 100 percent cotton and backed by black fabric, this apron is fully adjustable. Super-powered meals not included.

These Robot Clocks Are Adorable Timekeepers


You know what your house is missing? A robot in black, red, or white that tells the time. Standing just eight inches tall, these robots are customizable as well, with fully-moveable arms and legs so your robot can stand, sit or lay to your heart's desire. The robots also feature an alarm option, with an easy-to-reach on/off button on their backs. Beep-boop your way over to Amazon and grab one of these guys.

Slice And Spread With Style


These melamine knives just scream "summer," don't they? Available in a set of four, these brightly-colored spreaders are ideal for smearing cream cheese, jam, jelly, mayo, frosting and more, and look great while doing it. I highly recommend these for summer gatherings and BBQs since they can't be broken and their festive-ness (is that a word?) can't be denied.

This Tiny Shelf Stores Your Phone


I love the look of succulents, but I'm often stumped about how to display them. This mini-bamboo stand was the perfect find and even comes with three ceramic pots. Don't have three succulents or other tiny greeneries? No problem! As you can see from the photo, this bamboo ladder-like stand can also be used to stash your phone or even a small notepad.

The Future's So Bright You'll Want These Bargain Shades

Amazon / Aaron

Bye-bye, Ray-Bans! There's no need to spend upward of $100 on sunglasses when you can snag these bamboo shades for just $35. Complete with high-grade UV protection, these blue-tinged sunglasses are polarized and are made of sustainable bamboo wood. The reviewer pictured above called his purchase "legit summer shade swag." Who am I to disagree?

Is That A Cocktail In Your Pocket?


What if you could have a bloody Mary, margarita, or Moscow mule in your pocket? (Hey, it's five o'clock somewhere.) These clever craft cocktail kits are super portable and require only your spirit of choice to mix it up and pour. These kits are TSA-approved, so you can take them on the go, and the ingredients are of premium quality — from spicy rimming salt for the bloody Mary to craft tonic syrup for the G&T.

A Stylish Bento Box For The Best Lunches


Bento boxes are the 21st-century version of having the coolest lunchbox at school. This one is the ideal companion for the office, gym, or anywhere else. Built with a two-tiered system, it is perfect for big appetites or long days, with compartmentalized sections to keep your salad from fraternizing with your sandwich and vice versa.

A Work Of Art At Your Fingertips


Not all art hangs in a museum; sometimes, it's right at your fingertips like this Starry Night-inspired keyboard skin for various MacBooks. (I'm sure Vincent van Gogh never envisioned his work taking this form!) There are plenty of other designs, including a clever piano layout, sea waves, florals, Christmas, and more. Hey, if you have to work all the time, it might as well be cute!

Slay Breakfast With The Cereal Killer


I'm so amused by word puns. I guess that's part of being a writer. This "cereal killer" spoon needs a place in your silverware drawer. Engraved with the punny saying and a skull and crossbones, the cereal lover in your house will be delighted to inhale their Corn Pops and Frosted Flakes with this unique utensil. You may want to grab more than one, so there aren't any breakfast battles.

A Whole New Take on Bunny Ears


If you're old enough to remember another use for "bunny ears," you're old enough. (Like me!) These bunny ears are slightly smaller and functional in a different way, as a ring holder on a copper-colored rabbit. Other options at the link include a cat, elephant, reindeer, or unicorn, all in a classy copper finish and a sweet and small package.

These Colorful Nesting Bowls And Cups Add Sass To Your Kitchen


If you're short on space and your kitchen cabinets are busting at the seams, this nesting bowl set is a must-have. Included in one compact set are nine pieces: A large mixing bowl, colander, strainer, small mixing bowl, measuring cups from 1/4 to 1 cup, and a 1 tablespoon, well, spoon. When you put them away, they all stack together, making your next baking project a breeze.