37 Affordable Ways To Get Fit In 2021

It doesn't matter whether or not the gym is open — some days I'm just too lazy to go. That doesn't mean I don't want to exercise; it just means I don't want to drive all the way to the gym. That's why I keep a ton of exercise equipment kicking around my apartment. Not only does it give me an excuse to stay at home, but the stuff I have still gives me a good sweat sesh.

But we all know that exercise equipment can be expensive. Truth be told? I'm really not trying to spend more than $20 on most purchases — so check out this list of affordable exercise gear you can find on Amazon. Everything in here is less than $50, and nothing is so large that you can't hide it away in a closet once you're done. Besides — do you really want to go to the gym today, or would you rather use the ab cruncher I've included to train your abdominals while you watch television?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

I think we both know the answer to that.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Dumbbells That Come In A Ton Of Different Weights


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You don't need a ton of complicated gym equipment to get toned — believe it or not, these dumbbells will do just the trick. They're covered in soft, grippy neoprene that won't scratch your floors if you drop them. And if three pounds is too light? Grab them in weights ranging from one to eight pounds.

A Yoga Block Made From High-Density Foam


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Consider yourself something of a professional yogi? Then you'll definitely want these yoga blocks for your home. They're made from high-density foam that won't collapse underneath your weight, and there's a bunch of fun colors to choose from: pink, blue, cork, and more.

An Ab Cruncher You Can Use While You Watch TV


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This ab cruncher is so simple you can use it while you're watching television — just throw on a movie, then pump away for the next 90 minutes. The cushioned pad keeps your head and neck comfortable, while the ergonomic design helps you activate all the muscles in your abdominals.

You Can't Go Wrong With A Good Set Of Resistance Bands


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The best part about a set of resistance bands like this one is that they're incredibly versatile. Use them for squats, bicep curls, bent-over rows — seriously, just think of a move, and you can probably modify it to work with the bands. Unlike other sets, this one comes with five bands ranging from extra-light to extra-heavy.

A Thigh Master That Gets Your Glutes Burning


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For just $9, you can lay on your bed and still get a good butt workout with this thigh master. But you're not limited to just your glutes — squeeze it between your arms to tone your chest, or even squeeze it behind your knee to train your hamstrings. And even though you probably think it looks a little silly, more than 1,000 reviewers gave it either four or five stars.

This Foam Roller To Soothe Any Sore Muscles


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Nothing feels quite as good as this foam roller after a hard workout — except for maybe a margarita. But when tequila isn't available, this roller can still help soothe sore muscles simply by rolling back-and-forth on it. And since it's made from high-density foam, there's no need to worry about it collapsing underneath your weight.

The Fun Dice That Add Variety To Your Workout


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Let's face it: going to the gym can get boring pretty quickly. These workout dice not only help change up your routine with more than 30 different moves, but each one is made from high-quality foam. So go ahead and chuck them as hard as you can — they won't ding your walls or floors.

The Ab Roller That Comes With A Jump Rope


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I won't lie: this ab roller legitimately kicked my butt the other day. The wheel is coated in grippy rubber so that it doesn't slip out from underneath me on hardwood floors, while the jump rope is an easy way to help get my heart rate up. And since it's made from tough stainless steel, it even has a weight limit of up to 600 pounds!

The Curved Mat That Supports Your Lumbar During Crunches


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I'll let you in on a secret: I avoid doing crunches unless I'm using this mat. Does it make the crunches any easier? Not really — but that's not what you want anyway. Instead, this mat gives you some extra lumbar support to help keep your lower back supported. And since it's made from lightweight foam, you can even take it with you to the gym if you want.

A Box That's Way More Useful Than It Looks


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This box might just look like an ordinary box — because that's exactly what it is. But it's also incredibly useful, as you can use it for step-ups, raised jumps, split squats, and more.

The frame is made from durable steel that won't bend or warp, and many reviewers raved about how "sturdy" it feels.

These Resistance Bands That Stack Up To 150 Pounds


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These aren't your mother's resistance bands — layer them up on top of each other, and they'll add all the way up to 150 pounds! They also feature carabiner clips on either end so that you can attach them to fences, bed posts, towel racks — basically anywhere you can think of. Each order also comes with a pair of handles, ankle straps, as well as one door strap.

A Jump Rope Made From Tough Steel


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You might think that jumping rope is just for kids, but trust me — in less than one minute, it'll have your heart pumping like you're sprinting laps. This rope, in particular, is made with a tough steel rope that slices through the air, while the foam handles are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and grip.

This Yoga Mat That's Extra-Thick


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The best part about yoga is that you have an excuse to roll around on the ground for an hour a day — what can I say? I'm lazy, and I like the floor. That's why whenever I'm in yoga class, I'm using this mat. Not only is it extra-thick so that the floor feels relaxing — not hard — but it also comes with a shoulder strap, so it's easy to take with you.

A Yoga Ball That's Almost Too Versatile


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The options are basically infinite when it comes to this yoga ball. Lie flat on it for some crunches at the end of a workout, or even roll it back-and-forth underneath your feet to work your hamstrings. And with a weight limit of up to 2,000 pounds, you can bounce to your heart's desire without having to worry about it popping.

These Ankle Weights That Get Your Booty Pumped


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You'd be surprised how much of an effect these ankle weights can have on your butt. Strap 'em on, step up onto that block I mentioned, then give your butt a few squeezes to kick your leg backward. Or you can even pull out that yoga mat and do some donkey kicks:

They're made with soft neoprene that won't leave your skin chaffed, and they'll even absorb moisture, so you're not left feeling sweaty.

A Pilates Bar You Can Use Instead Of A Squat Rack


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I bought this pilates bar at the start of quarantine to try and replace the squat rack at my local gym — and if I'm being honest? It actually works a lot better than I was expecting. You can stack the six resistance bands up to 180 pounds, and many reviewers raved about how it's great for lower-body moves, like squats and lunges.

This Kettlebell Made From Heavy-Duty Iron


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Not sure what to do with a kettlebell? Let this dude in really bright shoes show you how to do that swing. You know, the one you see people doing in the gym:

The best part about this move? It hits a ton of different muscle groups — everything from your thighs to your upper back.

A Balance Board That Targets Your Stabilizer Muscles


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Here's a tip that I wished I had learned sooner: doing planks on this wobble board will activate nearly every muscle in your abdominals. It forces you to balance yourself so that your secondary stabilizer muscles activate in addition to your primary ones — and if you're not into planks? You can also do squats on it for some extra booty burn.

These Resistance Bands That Are Heavier And Tougher


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If you need your resistance bands to be a little harder than average, make sure to check out this trio. Why? For starters, they're made from heavy-duty fabric — not latex — that provides a deeper burn than their thinner counterparts. "These bands are incredibly comfortable and don't budge or roll even during cardio moves," raved one reviewer. "The rubber on the back helps them stay in place and is incredibly gentle."

A Pack Of Foam Squares To Keep Your Floors Scuff-Free


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You caught me — you can't really use these foam puzzle mats to exercise, but they will protect your floors from any equipment you accidentally drop. Each order comes with enough to cover up to 20 square feet, and they can even help reduce noise so that no one hears you grunting away in the basement (or wherever you're exercising.)

The Bosu Ball With Handles To Keep You Steady

Can't balance on a bosu ball on your own? Don't worry — this one's got handles to help you keep your balance. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, you won't have to worry about it bursting while you squat, lunge, plank, or even just sit your butt on the ground because you're tired (it's ok — we've all been there).

These Gliding Discs That Everybody Should Own


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I'm a huge fan of these gliding discs, and not just because they're less than $10. Not only are they great for adding some burn to your planks —

— but you can also use them to make slow, controlled lunges that set your thighs on fire. Choose from fun colors like yellow, green, pink, red, and more.

The Pedal Exerciser That Costs Less Than $50


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Lean close, and I'll tell you a secret — if you hate exercising, the trick is to find ways to work it into your daily routine. Need some ideas? Stick this pedal exerciser underneath your desk for 30 minutes while you're working, or even put it on a table in front of you while watching television. And since it only weighs four pounds, it's easy to move all over your home.

This Agility Ladder Kit For When You Don't Feel Like Jogging


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If you're looking to get your heart rate up without having to — go running (gag) — this agility kit is a great alternative. Use it to hop, skip, and jump your way to physical fitness as you maneuver around the ladder and cones. Plus, it all comes packaged in a convenient travel bag.

These Stretchy Bands That Help Train Your Grip Strength


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Few things are as annoying in life as being unable to open jars — and if no one is around to help? Please don't call the fire department because they will not be happy when they show up, and you hand them a bottle of Ragu. Instead, train your grip strength with these stretchers. They're designed to fit any hands, no matter how small or large, and each one is made from high-quality silicone that won't tear.

A Wobble Cushion You Can Use While You're Working


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All you have to do is plop this wobble cushion down on your chair, then sit — it'll constantly force you to engage your abs to stay sitting upright. Or, you can even use it as a floor cushion for guests you don't like. Come to think of it, your mother-in-law is supposed to be visiting soon, isn't she? Pick from five colors: black, blue, purple, grey, and red.

A Heavy-Duty Resistance Band That'll Kick Your Butt


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Look at the lady in that photo — she is not messing around. You know how I can tell? Because she's got this heavy-duty resistance band looped around her thighs. Not only will it add extra "oomph" to your lower-body workouts, but it's also made from comfortable fabric that won't leave your skin raw and chaffed.

This Knee Brace That Helps Stabilize Unsteady Legs


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Need a little extra support while you move? This knee brace is a must-have if you have arthritis, a torn ACL, or even meniscus problems. The compressive fabric helps stimulate blood circulation so that your muscles don't grow too sore when you're exercising, and it's also moisture-wicking.

The Handles That Help You Do Pushups


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Doing pushups can put a strain on your wrists, whereas these handles allow your hands to rotate naturally so that your pushups are smoother, easier, and look better. Each order also comes with a jump rope, and they're light enough that you can take them with you to the gym — or even on vacation if you hate missing a workout.

The Pilates Ring That Comes With A Workout Guide


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You might not know what exactly to do with this pilates ring — but that's ok! Not only does it come with a workout guide to help you get started, but it's also made from durable fiberglass that won't shatter if you drop it, bounce it, or even — well, no. You probably shouldn't run over it with your car, but that's beside the point. Choose from three colors: teal, pink, or black.

The Ab Machine That You Can Slide Under Your Couch


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Most people don't have room in their houses for bulky exercise equipment — but this ab machine? I think you can find the space. The handles fold down when you're not using them so that you can easily slide it underneath a couch or bed, and you're not limited to just abs. You can also use it to work your back, chest, biceps, and more.

These Cards To Help You Switch Up Your Routine


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When you've made the same moves, on the same days, for the same amount of time...let's just say it gets boring. And if things get boring, you're less likely to go to the gym — so grab these workout cards. Each card features a different move to help you switch up your routine, and they even give you a breakdown of precisely how to do it on the back.

The Must-Have Book For Any Yoga Beginner


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Don't know any yoga poses besides downward dog? Me either — until I got this book, that is. Now I'm able to do tons of different poses all from my office chair without needing to get down on the floor. And since the chapters are broken into five-, 10-, and 15-minute routines, it's really easy to bust one out during your lunch break.

The Workout Mat That Folds Up


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When you want to feel like you're doing yoga on a bed instead of a floor — but can't actually do it on your bed because that's ridiculous — you'll be happy you grabbed this extra-thick mat. It folds into three for easy transport, and the vinyl exterior is puncture and moisture-resistant. So go ahead and get as sweaty as you want because this mat is made to last.

The Pull-Up Bar That Hangs In Your Doorway


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Pop this pull-up bar into your doorway, then commit to busting out a few every time you walk by — within the month, you'll be looking way more toned than when you started. It can hold up to 300 pounds, and the frame is made from heavy-duty steel — not plastic.

The Strap That Helps You Do Those Two-Person Stretches


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You know those stretches that are so deep they require two people? Well cancel your plans and blow your friends off, because you don't need 'em anymore — this strap is all you need. There are eight-foot loops that let you adjust how intense your stretch is, and it's made from tough nylon that's resistant to tearing.

The Weighted Hula Hoop That Kicks Your Butt


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Will this weighted hula hoopliterally kick your butt? Yes, yes it will — but that's a good thing because we could all use a little swat on the bum whenever we start slacking with our workouts. And at about three pounds, you'll start engaging your muscles from the moment you start hooping. "I felt the burn right as I used it," raved one reviewer. "Great buy — not for the weak!"