45 Products Our Readers' Give Five Stars for Performance And Durability

We have written so many articles about life changing products. We find that our readers' are time poor and don't want to have to browse the endless pages of Amazon.com to find the best products. So we have spent a lot of time talking to our writers to see what they use in their own daily lives which we have found has been the most effective way to figure out what really works from what doesn't. Our writers have helped to filter out the products that are junk so our articles contain the best of the best so readers' can get immediately to the good stuff. We recently took a look at all the comments we have received over the years' and decided that we would compile our own in-house list packed with what we believe are the best products that our readers' tell us perform because they basically work. We have also tried to get a cross-section of products so there is something here for everyone from nifty gadgets that make your life easier to beauty products that have amassed a cult following. We believe this list to contain the 22 Words of holy grail products that you need to know about and that won't disappoint. So we hope you find something in here that transforms your daily routine or maybe enhances what was previously a dreary chore in your day. Enjoy! And don't forget to let us know what you think.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Solar Lantern Dresses Up Outdoor Spaces And Has A Pretty Decorative Motif


I don't know what I love more about this find: The design itself or the pattern created when it's all lit up. Regardless, these lantern lights are a great addition to any outdoor space and an even better gift. These lights operate on solar power, too, which is not only convenient but saves on energy costs as well.

This Automatic Toilet Cleaner Is A God-Send And Keeps Your Bowl Sanitized


This is the best toilet cleaning system that works with every flush. This system works overtime to sanitize your bowl and keep it clean with every use. This product is the amazing refill which accompanies the cleaner which freshens your commode with every flush. The eco-friendly bleach cleaning system installs easily into your toilet tank and keeps things sparkling fresh for up to three months, no scrubbing required.

These Mulit-use Scrapers That Open Cans And Clean Gunk In Hard To Reach Places

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Who knew something so darn simple would be so handy? So this little guy is great for opening those hard to open cans but also double's up as a cleaner. It doesn't matter if you have hard set gum which has come in via a shoe on your floor to those nooks in your bathroom where gunge gathers. This is one hard-working little tool your kitchen will never be without again.

This Flattering Lipstick Guaranteed to Suit Over 50 Skin Tones


Maybelline's "Made for All" line of lipstick was painstakingly tested on 50 diverse skin tones to develop universally flattering shades. At this price--less than $6 each--it's worth trying! In fact, why not try a few different shades? It's tough to choose just one! My favorites are pink and fuchsia.

A Cooling Blanket For Surviving Those Hot Summer Nights

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If you're a hot sleeper like I am, this cooling blanket will absolutely change your life. No longer am I waking up in the middle of the night with my nightclothes sticking to me, nor am I constantly stuck having to wash my bedsheets. This blanket is made from a blend of breathable cotton and PE cooling fabric, plus it's safe to toss into the washing machine.

This Japanese Long and Curl Mascara Is A Make Up Bag Must Have


If you're jealous of Anime characters' perfect lashes, this Japanese Long and Curl Mascara is worth a try! It contains 5-millimeter long fibers for the longest, lushes lashes you can get without wearing falsies. Check out this enthusiastic review: "What is this sorcery? Who made this? Who invented this mascara that curls, lifts, separates, volumizes, lengthens, *and* stays on, even in muggy Miami weather?". This mascara is my go to for curl.

Neck Wrinkles Disappeared With This Tightening Cream


Why is it that the older we get, the more tightening products we need? The neck area is one of the most problematic areas in terms of signs of aging, which is why this tightening cream is a must-buy for anyone wanting to stay youthful. Apply every day, and you can avoid the loose skin that we all dread.

These Wind Chimes Are Solar-Powered and Color-Changing


These wind chimes are solar-powered, soaking up energy from the sun all day long, then at night, they turn on automatically with a color-changing glow that lasts 6-8 hours. Check the user reviews to see how much people LOVE this product!

Create Luscious Beach Wave Curls With This Bed Head Diffuser Hair Dryer


Like every obsession lately... it all starts with a TikTok video. One minute we were all blowdrying our hair straight; the next, we are deep-diving into Curly Girl territory, complete with co-washing and plopping. I also discovered that my old hairdryer was way too harsh on my waves, so I added this Bed Head Diffuser Hair Dryer to my curly arsenal. Thanks to the large drying surface and removable diffuser attachment, I can control the drying process, resulting in less frizz and a lot more natural shine.

This Mascara Will Have Your Lashes Looking Longer Than Ever


I came across this mascara on Tik-Tok and he has flown off the shelves everywhere. If you need a high performing mascara that will give you long wear but also give you length in your lashes then this one is for you. It's rare to find a mascara that can give you lashes that are longer than extensions for under $10, but they knocked it out of the park with this one. Don't believe me? Just look at the before and after photos.

This Biotin Hair Serum Improves Hair From Day One


My hair isn't as thick and shiny as it used to be. Aging, pregnancy, too many at-home hair dye jobs and they take a toll on the tresses! Enter the miracle product that is rejuvenating my hair: Boldify Biotin Hair-Growth Serum. This 3-in-1 leave-in product makes hair look and feel better from day one by sealing the follicle, providing thermal protection, and delivering nourishing nutrients that encourage new growth.

A Solar Powered Garden Light To Spruce Up Your Backyard


This solar-powered beauty is a great way for your loved ones to spruce up their yard or patio. It's weather-resistant so it can withstand whatever elements mother nature throws your way. Operation is simple, there's just a small button on the side that activates the light and makes sure it turns on once the sun goes down.

This Holographic Nail Powder Is Dazzling And Easy to Use

I've been experimenting with a bunch of at-home nail products, and this easy-apply nail art has me wanting to do my nails all the time. The holographic nail powder has simple steps to follow and lasts longer than normal nail polish. It's earning stellar reviews, with one happy customer writing, "I'm completely obsessed with this holo powder. I have managed to use it without gel, just regular nail polish, and the results are BEAUTIFUL."

A Stacking Game Thats Fun For The Whole Family

via AmazonThis simple stacking game is so much more fun than it should be. Stacking the tiny plates, bowls, and cups is a basic yet entertaining challenge that everyone will enjoy.

This Bestselling Eyeliner is Available in 13 Colors


The creamy formula of this mechanical eye pencil glides on like a liquid. It's also highly pigmented and waterproof. Choose from basic colors like black and brown, and fun pops like aqua green, gypsy blue, and gold. The white liner works great as a highlighter, too!

This Micellar Cleansing Water That's Effective And Safe For All Types Of Skin

There's a reason this cleansing micellar water sells out all the time; people just can't get enough of it. Heck, I love it too! The gentle formula is safe on all types of skin, and it removes any makeup or dirt on my face without leaving my complexion feeling dry.

High Protection EltaMD Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Is Rated By Professionals


I learned about EltaMD Tinted Mineral Sunscreen at my dermatologist's office. It's an extremely gentle mineral SPF formulation, which makes it suitable for use on extra-sensitive skin. As a bonus, it's lightly tinted to provide additional coverage and take the place of the foundation.

This Cactus Humidifier Takes Up No Room

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My skin gets so dry in the cooler months, but I hate how much space our large humidifier takes up. Problem solved as this little tabletop humidifier does a great job of adding moisture to the air without taking over your whole desk or bedside table. It's ultra-quiet so it won't disturb your work or sleep, and it has an automatic four-hour shutoff for safety. And it's totally cute.

This Wood Polish With 22K Reviews Works Miracles on Wooden Surfaces

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I will let the 22K plus reviews speak for the wonders this product will do for your furniture. Don't throw away that dresser or table with good bones just because the wood's beat-up. During Covid we were desperately trying to set up home offices and I found a desk I hadn't used in a while which was not in great condition. Anyway, I brought try this wood polish to give it new life. As you can see in the before and after pic above, it's pretty powerful stuff. Use it to take out water spots, scuffs, scratches, and more while adding much-needed moisture to the wood, so it looks great for a lot longer.

These 24K Gold Anti-Aging Collagen Eye Masks Are Worth Their Weight in Gold


These shiny 24K gold collagen eye masks only look expensive. Simply pop them on for 15-30 minutes, and they'll give you firmer, lifted under-eye skin while banishing dark circles and puffiness. Less than $20 gets you this set of 16 pairs!

The World's Best Cooking Spoon That Prevents Spills And Messy Surfaces

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This silicone spoon is sturdy at the tip but flexible on the sides. It includes measuring marks, so you can use it to add ingredients directly to the pan without dirtying another spoon. It also has a bent handle, so it sits up off the counter, making one less spot you have to clean.

Get Kylie Jenner's Matt Lip Look for Less with this Matt Liquid Lipstick

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This liquid lipstick from Maybelline now has a cult following due to its wide variety of colors and its 16 hour wear time. That's right, sixteen hours — so go ahead. Chug that coffee and eat that burger because your lips are staying put all day long. So if you want Kylie Jenner's matt lip look for less. Cart away.

The L'Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara Is My Go-To For Volume

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Okay so by now you know that I am a mascara addict. I have lighter lashes so I find that using a great mascara lifts my face and prevents my eyes disappearing when I don't feel like putting much make up on. I heard talk about L'Oreal's Lash Paradise mascara and decided to pull the trigger a few years ago after running out. I was immediately hooked, and it has been my go-to mascara for years now. It makes your lashes look insanely look and full, doesn't flake, and stays on through anything. Plus, at under $9, you can't beat the price.

This Compact Ice Cream Maker Is Super Fun and Easy To Use


Sometimes you just want a pint of ice cream, and you want it NOW. Good news - you don't need to fire up a huge appliance and make a gallon, you can use this pint-sized ice cream maker to satisfy your sweet tooth. Over 4,500 reviewers love this for being a perfect size, making ice cream FAST, and being easy to use.

This Grass Cutter That's Super Precise

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Lightweight, portable, and seriously fun to use, this battery-powered grass cutter is hugely popular on Amazon, and it's not hard to see why. The cordless design means you can use it anywhere in your yard without having to be tied to an outlet, and the quick-change blades mean you can easily switch between projects.

Rapid Growth With This Castor Oil Serum System That Celebs Swear By

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You may have heard about the beneficial effects of castor oil on hair growth; the natural fatty acids moisturize and nourish hairs and follicles. This Castor Oil Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum is made with 100% pure, cold-pressed, hexane-free USDA Organic Castor Oil, specially packaged to easily and safely apply to lashes and brows. It's earning hundreds of positive customer reviews, with one satisfied user saying, "I'm already seeing results after a week."

This Soap-Making Kit Combines Science and Crafts for Good, Clean Fun

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With over 4.9K positive reviews on Amazon, this soap-making kit is also the winner of the National Parenting Center award because is fun and educational. The instructions include scientific explanations so kids learn about the chemical reactions taking place while they melt and mold up to 10 custom soaps.

This Pore-Erasing Makeup Primer Is Photoshop In A Tube


One reviewer called this Baby Skin face primer "Photoshop in a bottle," and they're not wrong! It's a lightweight silicone formula that dramatically reduces the appearance of pores, makes your face look baby smooth, and gives makeup incredible staying power on even the oiliest skin. People are enthusiastically dumping their expensive primers for this unbelievably affordable face-saver.

This Over-The-Door Shoe Rack Is A Total Shoo-In

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Clutter driving you crazy? Tidy up your bedrooms and closets with this over-the-door shoe rack. For less than $25, it holds an impressive 36 pairs and fits easily onto any standard door.

This Confetti Nail Polish Is So Fun And Easy To Apply

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Hey, you made it another day in this challenging world - good for you! It's time to celebrate the little victories, and this confetti nail polish is a perfectly festive way to do so. The rainbow sprinkles on a creamy white base go with everything, and reviewers love how easy it glides on. Sometimes polish with glitter or other adornments can be a pain to take off, but not this one!

This Anti-Aging Cream Has Customers Raving

Support cell renewal, boosting elasticity, and improve skin radiance with this collagen anti-aging cream. It has a non-greasy formula and pure ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, citric acid, and vitamin C. Together with collagen, they have a powerful anti-wrinkle effect. Customers can't get enough!

These Scrubbers That Clean Deep Into Your Tile Grouting For Real Results

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Grout, shower tracks, window sills — you name a tight space, these brushes can reach deep into it to get rid of grime. The opposite end on one brush features a scrubber blade for extra-stubborn dirt, while the non-slip handles help you hold on as you scrub back and forth.

This Anti-Aging Eye Cream Photoshops Your Wrinkles And Lightens Dark Circles


If you're a tired mom with kids that keep you up all the time, read on. Add a non-sleeping puppy to the mix, and your eyebags and circles might look a little something like mine do at the moment. I'm trying this anti-aging eye cream ASAP. It claims to "visibly and instantly reduce wrinkles, under-eye bags, and dark circles" in about two minutes after application. Over 2,800 ecstatic reviewers agree with those claims, judging by the great before and afters!

Treat Your Feet With This Cake Walk Triplemint Foot Cream

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I researched a bunch of foot creams for sale on Amazon before picking this one to recommend. Cake Walk Triplemint Foot Cream is earning top customer ratings for being "lovely and softening," to borrow the words of one happy user. As thick and rich as butter, the cream is formulated with sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and cocoa butter to moisturize deeply. It also includes three varieties of mint to give it a clean, refreshing scent.

Keep Your Refrigerator Shelves Colorful And Tidy With These Liners

There have been a few too many refrigerator accidents where sticky, or slimy food falls directly onto the shelf. It is a real hassle to clean it up because most of the time, I need to clear out part of the fridge to pull out the entire shelf. Having these mats make it easier to clean any spills or messes that happen in the fridge.

Nourished Nails With Cuticle Conditioner Serum From Japanese Cult Brand Onsen

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My hands are always dry, dry, dry, which means I'm always shopping for new hand creams and cuticle oils. Although I appreciate the effects of standard cuticle oils, I don't particularly appreciate leaving greasy fingerprints everywhere. That's why I was thrilled to find this Onsen Cuticle Conditioner Serum, a non-greasy formula that moisturizes with rice bran oil, vitamin A, aloe vera, and shea butter. The tube is designed with a non-drip precision tip, making it easy to apply the serum exactly where I need it without any mess or waste.

Darken and Thicken Brows With This Henna Eyebrow Darkener


Is it just me, or do eyebrows keep getting darker and thicker? Since this beauty trend shows no signs of slowing, it's time to kick it up to the next level with this henna eyebrow darkener. Mix the formula with water, paint on brows, then wipe away after 20 minutes. The result is a beautifully darkened brow (choose from five shades!) that makes the most of even baby-fine hairs.

These Dot Markers for Toddlers and Preschoolers


When my kids were little, I loved dot markers for art projects and everyday coloring. The chubby shape is easy for small kids to hold, and the paint seems to last forever. Seriously, I had a set of these that lasted for years.

This Coconut Oil Cream is the Perfect Body Lotion and it Smells Amazing


I love this little tub of Coconut Oil Cream has 9.9K positive reviews on Amazon. I use it daily to keep dry, itchy skin at bay and the product is also paraben-free and contains organic ingredients. It doesn't have a strong, lingering, perfume-y smell and it will leave your skin baby soft. Bonus: it comes in a pack of two, so you get more bang for your buck!

This Wikki Stix Playset for Creative Quiet Time


This Wikki Stix set has everything I love in a toy for kids. It inspires open-ended creativity and comes with its own storage box! And it has over 2,500 positive reviews on Amazon from other parents delighted at the hands-on fun this game provides for children.

An Emergency Tent That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand


This handy emergency tent literally fits in the palm of your hand. This two person Mylar tent reflects heat which would make it an absolute lifesaver in a dire situation. This is an awesome gift for any of the outdoorsy folks on your list.

A Pair Of Retro Sunglasses That Come In Tons Of Shades


Here's a hot tip if you're always losing your designer sunglasses — stop buying them. Start buying designer knockoffs, like these oversized retro-style ones, for a fraction of the price instead. The lenses feature UV400 protection against the sun's rays. But if you're worried about how they'll fit on your face? Reviewers raved about how they look great on everybody.

Keep All Your Devices Charged With This Dock

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Nothing is handier than a fully charged phone or tablet. This charging station dock holds and charges up to four devices at once, so everyone can enjoy a fully charged phone. Each order also comes with shortened charging cables to keep it looking tidy: two lightning, two micro-USB, as well as one type-C.

This Grill Press Makes You A Grill Master


Grill food quickly and with sweet grill marks using this cast iron press. My favorite thing is to season chicken and butterfly it then and press it with this, yum. Obviously, it's a total gem with home made hamburger patties too!

This Bluetooth Beanie Is Perfect For Chilly Days

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Whether you're working out on a brisk spring day or even an early morning in the summer, this Smart Beanie can be an absolute game-changer. It connects to your phone to play your favorite tunes while keeping your head and ears toasty warm. How clever is that?!