37 Ingenious Things on Amazon That Actually Make Grown Up Life Easier

Grown adult life is a breeze, said no one ever! We get how stressful it can be, from working, taking care of the house and managing to look your best while juggling all the balls. No worries - we found a slew of ingenious products on Amazon that'll actually make grown-up life easier!

From on-point eyebrows to a way of remembering all those damn logins and passwords, we've got adulthood covered from A to Z!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Wunderbrow Ups Your Brow Game

Nothing says "I've got my shiz together" like perfect eyebrows. Now you can be perfectly groomed in a snap with Wunderbrow - it comes in a bunch of colors so you can find your perfect match. I have and love this stuff - it stays on for literally days until you take it off and looks flawless the whole time.

This Blackhead Remover Kit Lets You Play Dr. Pimple Popper

Don't pick at your face with dirty fingernails like you did back in your teenage years. Grown-ups know the importance of safe DIY pimple popping, so use this stainless steel kit to clear up your zits. It comes with a bunch of different tools, all with a specific purpose, to keep your face looking on point.

This Japanese Sunscreen Melts Into Your Skin

Gone are the feckless teenage years where you can worship the sun with no consequences - now's the time when discoloration and wrinkles are coming back to haunt you for your past sun sins. This Japanese sunscreen makes it a pleasure to practice safe sun - it literally melts into your face and feels weightless - no chalky white residue or sticky feeling.

These Daily Energy Vitamins Keep You Going, Naturally

Adulting is no joke, which is why you need these Daily Energy gummies to keep you going because coffee can only do so much. They're packed with Vitamin B12 to energize you naturally, and taste so good you won't "forget" to take them every day!

This Wine Wand Curbs Hangovers

Grownups don't have time for hangovers, so try this wine wand the next time you pop open a bottle of vino. It works by removing the nasty sulfites and histamines that cause headaches, congestion, skin flushing, hangovers and upset stomach. And it does all that without changing the flavor of your wine. Cheers!

This Vitamin C Serum Has A Cult Following

Who among us doesn't want clearer, moisturized, brighter, younger looking skin? There's a reason this Vitamin C serum has a cult following - just peep the before and after pics from ecstatic reviewers! Along with Vitamin C, it contains retinol for anti-aging, hyaluronic acid for moisture, salicylic acid for zit-zapping among other skin-nourishing compounds.

This Meat Thermometer Helps Prevent Food Poisoning

One major adult skill is learning how to cook meat without giving yourself and others food poisoning. This super accurate meat thermometer is just the thing you need to ensure your food's cooked perfectly every time. It's also incredibly affordable and stands up to even the most expensive thermometers on the market, according to happy reviewers.

This Makeup Brush Dryer Makes A Boring Chore Go Faster

Adults have to do a litany of boring chores, from folding laundry to scrubbing floors. Make washing your makeup brushes less painful with this makeup brush drying rack that conveniently folds down when it's not in use.

This Key Finder is A Godsend

We have a million things on our minds - like a web browser window with a billion tabs open. Where I left my keys isn't ever at the top of mind, so this key finder helps during "senior moments" or just everyday brain farts. Simply attach it to your keychain, then keep track of up to four sets of keys with the push of a button.

These Wine Wipes Prevent Embarrassing Teeth

Grownups drink red wine (or so I'm told, my tastes run towards spiked seltzer), and nothing's more embarrassing than those unfortunate reddish brown stained teeth you get after quaffing a glass. These wine wipes are the answer - they're easy to stow in any bag, purse or pocket and can be used discreetly and quickly - just swipe across your teeth and flash those pearly whites.

These Eye Makeup Correctors Are Genius

The morning routine isn't a time when we apply makeup leisurely while sipping homemade lattes with little designs on top - no, it's more like a mad dash to slap on some makeup while mainlining cold coffee. Make the morning rush a little easier with these eye makeup correctors. The cotton swabs are filled with makeup remover for easy touch-ups in case your liner's crooked or you've got eyeshadow fallout on your cheeks.

This Self Tanner Gives You A Sun-Safe Glow

Baking in the sun is for younger people with no care for the harmful consequences. Play it safe and still get a great tan with this Fake Bake self tanner that's got quite a fan following. It gives you a natural look even on the palest skin and is buildable, so you'll never be orange.

This Food Scale Improves Your Baking

If you're counting calories or want to improve your baking with super accurate ingredient measurement, this food scale is what you need. It features a high-contrast LED screen, instant calibration and large weighing surface, plus measures in grams, pounds and ounces, fluid ounces, and milliliters.

This Electronics Organizer Will Save Your Sanity

Adults have got organization in the bag, and so can you with this handy electronics organizer. It has a place for everything, so it's perfect for travel or just keeping your electronics in order at home. And it zips up into a convenient case for easy storage or popping into a carry on bag.

This French Cream Is A Must For Those In The Know

Beauty bloggers and those in the know count this iconic French Embryolisse cream as a makeup bag must-have for its moisturizing abilities. You can also use it as a makeup primer and face mask. It used to be really hard to find, but now you can easily get it on Amazon! *adds to cart*

This Box Cutter Simplifies Everything

Let's stop using kitchen knives or our fingernails to open all those Amazon packages, yes? This ergonomic, safer box cutter simplifies even the most complicated packaging with an easy to use grip and sharp blade. If you online shop a lot, you're gonna want this!

These KIND Bars Are Grown-Up Granola Bars

Need a snack but kids' granola bars are too sweet? Problem solved - KIND bars are kind of like grown up granola bars packed with good-for-you ingredients like nuts with no fillers and artificial stuff. They'll keep you going until the next meal and feel like you're indulging in a treat, but it's actually healthy!

This Microneedle Acne Patch Zaps Pimples

Adult acne is a giant pain in the patootie and can pop up out of nowhere. (Thanks, stress!) Get rid of it fast with these microneedle acne patches that deliver zit-zapping stuff right into your pimple to clear it up in no time.

These Wool Dryer Balls Are Eco-Friendly

Laundry is a major feature of adult life, especially if you've got kids. Skip the chemical-filled fabric softener and dryer sheets and go with these eco-friendly wool dryer balls instead. They'll help dry the clothes more evenly so you won't get stinky clothes if you accidentally leave it in the dryer for a few days.

This Collapsible Coffee Mug Is Ultra Convenient

Caffeine is the elixir of (adult) life, so you need a convenient way to make sure you can always have it at hand. This easily-stowable collapsible coffee cup is made from silicone, so it's supple and durable but insulates your hands from heat. Comes in a million colors and a few sizes to customize your caffeine intake.

This Makeup Eraser Cloth Takes It All Off

It's not really an adult thing to do to go to sleep with your day's makeup still on, but the last thing we want to do at the end of the day is a complicated face routine with a litany of cleansers, toners and something called micellar water. Do it all in one step with these magic makeup remover cloths that use only water to take off even the most stubborn makeup!

These Gold Eye Masks Depuff Like A Champ

Thanks to stress, late nights and general aging, adults' undereye area starts to look a little rough - i.e. puffy, discolored, dark circles. These fancy gold eye masks solve those problems fast with their cooling gel and ability to depuff fast. Just take a look at the before and afters - amazing!

This Cold Brew Maker Lets You Be Your Own Barista

Want cold brew basically on tap? Of course you do, it's what keeps you going all day long! Instead of paying out the nose at expensive coffee shops, make your own with this economical cold brew maker. It's got almost 3,000 rave reviews so you know it's good!

This Pet Hair Remover Has A Truckload Of Great Reviews

It's not super professional to show up to work (or anywhere, really) covered in pet hair. Give your clothes, couch and whatever else a once-over with this stellar pet hair remover to clean up fast. It's reusable and easy to clean, and has well over 12,000 glowing reviews on Amazon right now.

This Instant Pot Cover Makes Storing Leftovers A Breeze

Clean up after cooking is a tedious chore and the last thing we wanna do at the end of a long day. Wouldn't it be easier to store a big batch of Instant Pot cooking right in the insert instead of transferring it to another container and having even more to wash up? Now you can with this Instant Pot cover made of silicone that comes in 6 qt and 8 qt sizes!

This Keyboard Cleaner Keeps Your Desk In Check

While the rest of your desk may be an unholy mess, every now and again it's prudent to clean out your nasty keyboard. Easily remove crumbs and dirt with this keyboard cleaning set. The set includes a rechargeable mini vacuum and cleaning gel to get every last speck of dust. Bonus is you can use the vacuum to detail your car, too!

This Cat Eye Stencil Gets Your Eyeliner On Point

A major adulting skill is learning how to use liquid eyeliner. Make it easy with this eyeliner stencil that comes with the perfect black liquid liner for the easiest cat eyes ever. It also comes in brown for a subtler look.

This Facial Scrub Is Geared Towards Men

Gone are the days of Noxzema and Stridex, grown men need grown up facial products. Enter this no-frills facial scrub with pumice, avocado and jojoba oil to cleanse and soothe skin. Want more proof? It's got over 1,200 positive ratings that prove it's the real deal.

This Internet Password Book Is A Lifesaver

Chalk it up to senior moments or just too many damn passwords to remember, but this internet password book is going to save your life. I'll use it to write down important and complicated login info for my financial and banking sites, which I can never keep track of!

This Knife Set And Block Are So Sleek

It's time to update that hodge podge group of random knives you've got, so how about this sleek knife set and block that'll look amazing on your counter? It comes with every knife you need, plus a sharpener, peeler and kitchen shears in one package, no need to buy them individually. For quality and convenience, this one can't be beat.

This Personalized Starbucks Mug Is The Cutest

Nothing says "I'm on top of things" than your own reusable personalized Starbucks mug. You can get a bunch for an event, such as for your bridal party, or to comemmorate a family reunion, or just for yourself. They come in a bunch of colors and get great reviews.

This Fleece Bathrobe Keeps You Cozy

No more making the mad dash from shower to bedroom clad in only a skimpy towel. Choose the grownup option and get a real bathrobe like this cozy version with pockets. It comes in a bunch of patterns so just pick your fave and strut your stuff in style.

This Adult Bento Box Is Perfect For Work

Do grownups need lunchboxes? They sure do, when it's as cool as this adult bento box. Its portion sizes are big enough to keep you satisfied and it comes with its own carrying case to easily slip into your bag.

These Measuring Cups Prettify Your Kitchen

Give your kitchen a little boost with these gorgeous measuring cups. Yes, only adults would get excited over kitchen tools, but trust, these are worth the hype. The pretty gold set comes with measuring cups AND spoons, so you can upgrade both sets at once!

This Boot Cleaner Saves Your Shoes

Adults know the importance of good shoe care, especially if you've finally found that holy grail pair made of the softest leather or suede that you want to wear for a long time to come. Keep boots in shape with Boot Rescue, which are soft cleaning wipes to clean away dirt and damaging salt stains.

This AirPod Case Keeps Everything Together

It's easy to lose little things in that big adult bag of yours. Keep your AirPods and sanity in check with this AirPod holder that easily clips onto your bag's handles so you'll always be able to find it. It has space for your AirPod case and any charging accessories you need.

This Makeup Organizer Transforms Your Bathroom

Adults have a lot of beauty products for hair, body and face. Keep 'em all organized and make a world of difference in your bathroom clutter with this makeup organizer that'll hold a ton of stuff. And it rotates, making anything you need easy to find!