55 Amazon Products That Have Wowed Our Readers

I love online shopping. So much so that I may consider myself an Amazon expert. Not only have I purchased hundreds of items on Amazon over the years, but I've also written about many of their intriguing products.

So I've come to know a few things about what makes them special, and which products are worth buying over others. I've compiled a list of the best Amazon products that is just the good stuff! From genius gadgets to hair, beauty or clothing. These are the top picks.

This list contains 55 popular products that we have featured, and trust me on this, they do not disappoint.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Sheet Set That's So Luxurious

No one should be without at least one set of good sheets. Frankly, you should have several. This set is made of soft microfiber that gets softer every time you wash it, so there's no worry of getting scratchy, worn-out sheets after a few months. It also comes in solids or a pattern, like this one, so they work with practically any decor motif. Not to mention, the price makes them a total steal. No wonder customers swear by these sheets.

This Phone Bag That Keeps Your Daily Carry Compact

I have a tendency to pack more than I need when I leave the house and I end up feeling like I'm lugging around a 50-pound boulder after a while. But after I decided to streamline my daily carry to this simple, easy to carry bag, I'm hooked on this minimal lifestyle. This bag is perfectly sized and shaped for my phone and my wallet. Plus it has way more space inside than you would imagine from looking at it from the outside.

The Toilet Paper Holder That Is The Black Sheep Of The Bathroom

No one — I repeat, no one — likes to go on the hunt for toilet paper when the urge strikes. This black sheep toilet paper holder keeps up to seven rolls within arm's reach, transforming a naked sheep into a wooly sheep along the way. You can mount it on the wall or leave it standing on the floor. Just, please, fill it up.

This Retinol Moisturizer With Tons Of Vitamin A

Apply a thin layer of this retinol moisturizer to your face day and night — vitamin A can help reduce the frequency of breakouts, as well as speed up healing. It's safe for all types of skin, and there's even some hyaluronic acid in there to help lock moisture into your skin.

A Pair Of Retro Sunglasses That Come In Tons Of Shades

Here's a hot tip if you're always losing your designer sunglasses — stop buying them. Start buying designer knockoffs, like these oversized retro-style ones, for a fraction of the price instead. The lenses feature UV400 protection against the sun's rays. But if you're worried about how they'll fit on your face? Reviewers raved about how they look great on everybody.

This Curvy Eyelash Curler & Tweezer Set

This pretty rose gold eyelash curler comes with five replacement pads and a pair of matching tweezers -- plus a satin pouch to store them in. Reviewer Rin Tin Tin says, "OMG, it's beautiful, sexy & works awesome." And buyer Shelley Mock says, "They are well made and curl my lashes perfectly every time."

This Festive Floral Dress Makes Us Want to Dance

I can only describe this dress as romantic. The gorgeous red-and-black floral print is to-die-for. Choose from more than 30 other colors and prints, too!

A Cooling Blanket For Hot Summer Nights

If you're a hot sleeper like I am, this cooling blanket will absolutely change your life. No longer am I waking up in the middle of the night with my nightclothes sticking to me, nor am I constantly stuck having to wash my bedsheets. It's made from a blend of breathable cotton and PE cooling fabric, plus it's safe to toss into the washing machine.

This Senliart Flower Vase Is Brimming With Personality

Petite and whimsical, this Senliart Flower Vase looks like something you picked up at a craft fair. At 5.9 inches tall, it's the ideal size to hold a few flowers and cheer up your bedside table, bathroom counter, or another spot in your home. It comes in four designs, so it would be especially cute to get all four and line them up on a windowsill or shelf. The ratings are really good on this little vase, with 91% of reviewers giving it five stars. One of them writes, "I purchased the vase to place in my bathroom as an accent piece on a shelf and love it. I always seem to get compliments from guests when they see it, and I love the fact that it was handmade!"

Nourish Nails With This Non-Greasy Onsen Cuticle Conditioner Serum

My hands are always dry, dry, dry, which means I'm always shopping for new hand creams and cuticle oils. Although I appreciate the effects of standard cuticle oils, I don't particularly appreciate leaving greasy fingerprints everywhere. That's why I was thrilled to find this Onsen Cuticle Conditioner Serum, a non-greasy formula that moisturizes with rice bran oil, vitamin A, aloe vera, and shea butter. The tube is designed with a non-drip precision tip, making it easy to apply the serum exactly where I need it without any mess or waste.

This Food Warmer That's Perfect For Hot Lunches At Work

Remember how I said it's probably a good idea to stop spending $15 on lunch every day? Now it's easier than ever to do it with this food warmer. It's great for soups, stews, rice bowls, or even just transporting salads, and the lid locks down in order to help prevent accidental spills. You can also use it to keep dips warm during dinner parties, plus one Amazon shopper wrote about how you can't smell the food heating up inside, making it perfect for the office.

This Karaoke Microphone Is Fun For Everyone

My neighbors have this Bluetooth karaoke microphone and I have to say it's maybe the most fun toy ever for kids and adults. You can hook it up to your phone or tablet to play the background music, then belt it out through the noise-canceling mic for your best singing voice ever. Multi-function buttons adjust the music, volume, and echo so you can customize to the song or your voice!

This Book Of Things To Draw That Is Perfect For Doodles

I wouldn't call myself an artist, but I would consider myself a doodler. Simple drawings of everyday things is more my style –– the trick is to come up with the thing you actually want to draw. This book is perfect for that. It gives you over 600 prompts for things to draw, and it gives you lots of space to practice your doodles, too. It's a great way to gain some drawing skills while having fun on a boring afternoon.

A Red Leather Vintage-Style Crossbody Bag

This handcrafted bag has the feel of something truly special. It's got buckle and zipper compartments, and an adjustable strap so you can use it as a purse or crossbody.

You Really Do Need This Collapsible Cooling Rack

If you, like me, find yourself baking cookies at 11 p.m. on a Wednesday because you lack the self-control to not shovel baked goods into your face at all hours, make sure you have a cooling rack like this one ready. Not only does it collapse down for easy storage, but it also saves space — if you're baking a few batches, you won't have to sacrifice your entire kitchen to cooling racks.

This Fluffy Area Rug That Reviewers Call "Outrageously Soft"

A small area rug is brilliant at defining a space, and I'm personally a fan of the softest, fluffiest area rugs possible. This fluffy area rug is one of my favorite Amazon buys ever! Mine is round, gray, and measures three feet in diameter, though the rug comes in other shapes, sizes, and colors as well. It has a luxuriously plush look and feel and is an absolute treat to sit on while reading a book or playing a game. I'm not the only one who loves this rug; it's earned over 3,500 ratings on Amazon, with one customer calling it "silky soft."

This Mini Charger Is Great For Juice On The Go

Can you ever have too many chargers? My take is no. But, no one wants to haul a heavy power bank around with them at all times. This mini power bank delivers enough juice while you're out to get you home to a charger and can easily double as a keychain — at 7 oz. and the size of a credit card — with the included carabiner clip. It comes in a host of colors, from olive to pink.

Be The Nerf Master In Your Neighborhood With The Judge

No one will ever challenge me to a Nerf war again with the Nerf Doomsland The Judge. Just the sight of it is terrifying. The Judge blaster shoots three darts at a time and relies on a 30-dart revolving drum to keep the assault going. It has a visible firing mechanism so you can see the "pain" you're about to inflict. I'm not saying it would be great for Trick-or-Treaters, but, well, use your own imagination.

These Dish Towels Are a Ray of Very Practical Sunshine for Your Kitchen

I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many dish towels! I own at least 20, including cutesy ones bought on vacation and hardworking ones like this 8-pack of dish towels. They're absorbent, quick-drying, and still look good after repeated runs through the washer and dryer.

This Immersion Blender That's Great For Soups, Smoothies, And More

Your options are almost limitless with this immersion blender — use it to make delicious sauces, soups, smoothies, or even homemade condiments. It also works great for frothing milk and egg whites, plus all the included attachments are dishwasher-safe. "Using this immersion blender has made my life easier because I make a lot of blended soups," one reviewer raved. "I no longer have to put hot soup into a blender to blend the soup, I now have this blender and it makes life so much easier — and cleanup is a breeze!"

These Kitchen Knives Are Good for Everyday Cooking

I love the look of these black knives with white handles! Made of hard stainless steel, these knives should not bend or break. The natural black titanium metal on the blades will not scrape or chip off like a spray-on coating would. This set comes with six knives -- chef, santoku, carving, bread, utility and paring -- and a protective sleeve for each.

These periwinkle plaid lounge pants are 100% cotton

Nothing is cooler and comfier than 100% cotton, and that's what these cute lounge pants are made of. They come in several colors of plaid, as well as a bunch of tie-dye prints.

These Glycolic Acid Pads Are a Shortcut to Brighter, Tighter, More Youthful Skin

Years ago, I splurged on a facial at a spa and asked the esthetician if she would recommend just one product for me. Without hesitating, she handed me a container of glycolic acid pads and told me to swipe my face and neck once a day. I followed her directions, and soon, my skin was clearer, brighter, and fresher looking than it had been in years. This is as easy as skincare gets; even if you don't use any other exfoliant or serums, you'll still get impressive results.

This Makeup Bag Has Two Compartments And a Mirror

I love a good makeup bag. I always somehow feel more put-together when my products are all organized and neatly displayed. This makeup bag does a great job of that. It's divided into two zippered sections. One has slots for makeup brushes and a couple of pouches, plus a built-in mirror. The other section is a larger open compartment for bottles and compacts. It's small (about 7x4x2 inches) and made of nylon, making it lightweight and easy to carry.

Have Fun With This 15-Color Eyeshadow Palette

Take your pick of colors -- blue, green, purple, orange, nude or naked. There's a 15-color palette for each, for only $9.99. There are six matte shadows, four shimmers and three glitters. The highly pigmented shades are buttery smooth and so much fun to play with. Go to town with glamour and have a selfie-party!

This Colorful Dress That Can Be Styled For Any Occasion

This color combo is brilliant, and I love all the darling details on this dress! I seriously can't get enough of it. You can dress it up for a fancy event or wear it around on errands. There are no limits!

This Waist Trimmer Has A Cult Following

We've already discussed how I hate to sweat, remember? Well, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this Sweet Sweat waist trimmer on Amazon. Do people pay to sweat more? Who are you sickos? Nearly 43,000 people have tried — and loved — this neoprene waist trainer, designed for an "enhanced sweating experience." What? One reviewer even went so far as to call it the "holy grail."

These Compression Gloves Are the Key to Pain-Free Crafting

I started getting arthritis in my hands right about the time I took up a variety of hobbies that require the use of my hands. That's not gonna stop me, though! These compression gloves work miracles at minimizing aches while I knit, draw or make jewelry. They also keep my hands toasty on cold days when I need my fingers free.

This Undies Pack That Will Ruin All Other Undies For You

The minute you try on one of the pairs of underwear from this Wealurre cotton seamless comfort underwear set, you'll walk over to your dresser, pull out all of your other uncomfortable pairs, and throw them into the garbage can. Yes, they're that good.

Darken and Thicken Brows With This Henna Eyebrow Darkener

Is it just me, or do eyebrows keep getting darker and thicker? Since this beauty trend shows no signs of slowing, it's time to kick it up to the next level with this henna eyebrow darkener. Mix the formula with water, paint on brows, then wipe away after 20 minutes. The result is a beautifully darkened brow (choose from five shades!) that makes the most of even baby-fine hairs.

A Striped Tee You Can Wear Anytime, Anywhere

Granted, I wouldn't wear this tee to a wedding, but do I wear it while working from home? Absolutely. I'll also wear it to happy hour, while running errands, or even when I'm headed to bed. It's soft and loose so that you can move around in it freely, while the cotton fabric keeps it feeling light and breezy.

These Wish Clips Make Drinks More Festive

Stock up on these wish clips for birthdays, New Year's Eve, and other special occasions. The 15 clips secure to the rim of any glass and hold a birthday candle in place. Make a wish and take a drink!

This Top Can Wow Any In-Person Or Online Work Meeting

Talk about a statement piece! This top like a fashion magazine come to life. This top is super cute and can be paired with any outfit for a statement effect.

This Spatula Flips Food Like a Champ

I've recently become slightly obsessed with perfecting fried eggs. The secret is medium heat, a little more olive oil than you'd think would be necessary, and this spatula. The thin silicone slides beautifully under the egg and helps me achieve a perfect flip, every time. Also wonderful for pancakes, burgers, and more!

This Buyer-Fave Castor Oil Is Great for Stimulating Growth of Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Did you know castor oil could help stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows? I didn't! This two-ounce bottle of organic castor oil comes with brushes for use on brows and lashes. It's rated 4.5 stars by almost 35,000 reviewers.

A Hand Warmer You Can Use Over And Over Again

Unlike other hand warmers, this one is refillable so that you can use it over and over again. Even though it's summer right now, I still use mine year-round on camping trips when the temperature dips low at night. The sleek design easily fits into my pocket, and it's completely flameless so you don't have to worry about burning yourself.

This Reusable Glass Coffee Mug To Save The Planet

Mom might have a newfound sense of conservation now that there might be potential grandchildren to enjoy the natural world, so she's totally on board with these reusable, lightweight glass travel coffee mugs with silicone accents to keep disposable cups out of landfills. These look as good as they work - the silicone sleeve prevents your hands from getting burned and the lid is easy to clean and leakproof. These things have rave reviews from happy, caffeinated customers!

Collapsible Silicone Containers That Are Freezer-Safe

Instead of buying bags to store leftovers or bananas in the freezer, use these silicone containers instead. I also love that they're collapsible so they don't take up a ton of shelf space when not in use. And who doesn't need some bright colors in their life?

I’m Using This Laptop Tray Right Now and Love It!

Not only does the surface of this tray grip my computer securely and protect my lap from heat, but it has a handy pull-out mouse tray. I'm one of those people who still prefer a mouse over a trackpad for most of my everyday work. But I love that the mouse tray slides inside when I don't need it, and that the whole thing is so thin (0.6 inch) and light (2.2 lbs).

This Frosting Bulb Kit For Easier Decorating

Birthday cakes, celebratory cupcakes, all the cookies--we do a lot of baking and decorating in my house! I'm excited to try these new frosting bulbs, which are silicone containers that let you easily squeeze frosting through the interchangeable tips. This set includes two bulbs and six piping tips.

Cute Earrings That Are Truly Out Of This World

This set of astronaut earrings is super fun, and many others on the Internet seem to agree. They make for a great conversation piece or a statement to any outfit.

These Light Strips You Can Use To Update Your Kitchen

I looked into having lights professionally installed underneath my cabinets, and let's just say that these strip lights are not only cheaper, but they're definitely easier to install too. There are zero tools required since the strips are backed with adhesive, so don't worry about setting them up yourself — it's way easier than it looks.

A Throw For That Stylish Seasonal Update

For an instant seasonal update for your home, pick out a plush forest green throw for the bed. Aside from being seriously sumptuous for reclining, resting, or reading under, this super-soft luxury blanket adds a festive touch to your décor in jewel tones like ruby red, emerald, and gold. The best bit? You can keep it out all year if you really want to.

This Personal Ceramic Portable-Mini Heater is Perfect to Keep on Your Desk to Keep the Chill at Bay

What's six inches tall and will keep you toasty warm? This adorably helpful Personal Ceramic Portable-Mini Heater. If you're one of those people who is always just a little colder than everyone else, make yourself comfortable without sacrificing space. This little guy can stand on your desk, or under it - hello, warm feet! - and it won't make much noise or do anything else annoying. But it will keep you cozy and warm and make everyone else in the office jealous.

These Color-Change Gel Chapsticks Add Some Pretty to My Day

These color-changing chapsticks are just incredible. They're absolutely gorgeous, change color to adjust to moisture and temperature (all super pretty shades of pink), and come in lovely packaging. I struggle to find cute chapstick that's not drying, but this one is made with cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils for an ultra-moisturizing feel.

An Ergonomic Water Bottle That Keeps You On Schedule

I really do love the time increments displayed on the side of this awesome water bottle. They help give me the motivation I need to keep chugging even when I don't want to.

The bottle has a huge mouth so you can add ice, fruit, or anything else that makes drinking impossible amounts of water easier. The ergonomic handle feels great in your hand and makes it easy to transport.

Decorate Your Home And Decompress With This Waterfall Incense Burner

There's nothing better than the smell of incense. It's one of the best ways to get your home smelling good all day without having to burn overly sweet candles. This waterfall incense burner not only burns the incense, but it also does in a waterfall shape. As it burns, the smoke trickles down the waterfall shape, giving the appearance of water. Now that's what I call some home decor!

This Kitchen Gadget Set that's Great for Small Spaces

I have a tiny kitchen with limited drawer space, so finding room for all of my stuff is a constant struggle. This PortoFino Kitchen Gadget Set is a great solution to this tricky problem. It includes five different gadgets that lay flat so they easily fit in my utensil organizer. How smart is that?!

A Set Of Fashionable Tote Bags For Less Than $45

I probably don't have to tell you that these tote bags are a designer-inspired steal at just $40 for three of them. They're also made from faux leather — not our furry friends — and the outsides are textured so that they look even closer to the real thing. Choose from dozens of colors, including chic pink, bronze gold, navy gold, and more.

The DRIVE Bin is a Garbage Can For Your Car so Your Whole Car Doesn't Have to be a Garbage Can

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who keep their cars spotlessly clean at all times, and the rest of us who drive around in embarrassing motorized trash cans. The DRIVE Bin is for the second set, because we all know the first set of people don't allow food in their car anyway, so they don't have the problem of accumulated wrappers, straws, coffee cups, etc.

Look Better on Zoom and in Photos With This Perfect Selfie Finishing Powder

I did an online happy hour with friends recently and made the mistake of sitting near a sunny window to light up my face. The wrinkles. The blemishes. The horror. I immediately did two things: I learned how to turn on the "improve your appearance" filter on the chatting software, and I went to Amazon to order this Perfect Selfie Finishing Powder. It's pure white, which might seem strange, but this magical product creates a blurred, translucent effect that is absolutely mesmerizing to behold.

This Computer Monitor Memo Board Makes All Your Reminders Friendly

To-do lists and reminders are so much more palatable when stuck onto this panda-riffic computer monitor memo board! The acrylic memo board simply attaches to your monitor with included adhesive (don't worry, it's easy to remove without causing damage) and reviewers say sticky notes stay on the surface extremely well without obstructing your view. Teachers and receptionists in doctor's offices get constant compliments on this cute but functional gadget!

The Recording Tool You Could Totally Use, But Shouldn't Share Anywhere

This one may have its uses, sure, but it's making us all kinds of queasy. Believe it or not, the Otoscope-Ear Scope Camera is used to create and transmit a clear image of your ear canal directly to your phone via the USB connection on this clever mini HD camera wand. So, if you've ever wanted to see inside your own ear, now you can.

DHC Velvet Skin Coat Is Like a Photo Filter You Can Use in Real Life

Designed for the face, neck, and hands, DHC Velvet Skin Coat is a makeup primer that transforms skin appearance. Use alone or under makeup to smooth wrinkles, balance uneven skin tone, and blur imperfections. It's especially useful on the neck or the backs of hands, where regular make-up would look weird. Hundreds of Amazon customers have given it top ratings; one happy user writes, "Not heavy or greasy-feeling--I can't even tell I have it on, except that my skin looks much smoother and stays matte in the Southern humidity. I wear only a light pressed powder over it, no foundation."

Win The Holiday Season With Immortal Flowers

This is my favorite time of year and not just because the temperatures are cooling off a bit. We've got Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day is a virtual back-to-back run of holiday happiness. But, there's always that one person out there I cannot think of a gift for. This is definitely a unique find: A handmade forever rose tucked under a glass dome. These immortal flowers are said to last three to five years.

Let These Lid Lifters Do The Dirty Work

Have you ever wanted six (silent) men to help you out in the kitchen? If so, you're going to love these silicone lid lifters, which have one purpose: To hold a lid off a boiling pot and keep it from bubbling over, thus creating a colossal mess on your stovetop. You'll get a pack of six in assorted colors and plenty of laughs from your family and friends.