37 Things I Bought on Amazon and Would Buy 1000 Times Again

Hi, I'm Carrie, and I spend way too much time on Amazon. It's gotten to the point where I rarely go to actual stores anymore, and just make good use of my Prime membership to have my essentials delivered to my front door instead. I've compiled a list of my 37 favorite purchases of all time, and they're not only brilliant, life-changing, and amazingly clever, but they're also surprisingly affordable.

You might want to get out your credit card now, just in case. Just don't blame me if you end up ordering every single one. (Okay, fine, you can blame me. But you'll be thanking me once they arrive.)

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Wireless Home Camera That Protects Your Home

via: Amazon / Asirmans

I tend to be a bit of a worrier, and now that I have a baby, I've been extra vigilant when it comes to safety. Our house is nearly 100 years old, and the windows and doors are so ancient that an intruder could probably just waltz on in if they really wanted to. This wireless camera gives me total peace of mind and is easy to connect to my phone.

This Wine Tasting Game That Livens Up Any Party

via: Amazon

I won't lie: I know pretty much nothing about wine. I do, however, love it, and often look forward to my evening glass of wine all day long. So when a friend told me about this wine tasting game, I initially wrote it off as something I'd fail miserably at. But it actually ended up being a ton of fun. Why? Because it involves drinking a lot of wine, pretending you know anything about wine, and laughing hysterically the entire time.

These Wine Sleeves That Chill Wine In A Flash

via: Amazon

Speaking of wine, I do know at least one thing: Putting ice cubes in wine is frowned upon. Sure, it makes a glass of lukewarm Chardonnay cold in mere seconds, but it also waters it down, thus ruining it. I bought these sleeves last summer and have probably used them about 50 times since. They chill bottles in roughly 5 minutes and keep them cold for hours.

This Triple Insulated Travel Mug That Keeps Drinks Hot For Hours

via: Amazon

One thing I hate more than anything else (well, almost anything) is taking a sip of delicious coffee that was once piping hot but has since turned cold. There's just something so unsatisfying about it, and I try to avoid it at all costs if possible. That's why I bought this insulated travel mug, which keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold for a ridiculously long time.

This Travel Coffee Tote That Makes Coffee Runs WAY Easier

via: Amazon

Here's a product that's so simple yet so ridiculously brilliant that I'm seriously annoyed that I didn't think of it myself. I finally got so sick of struggling with multiple cups of coffee that I bought one of these reusable ones, which not only makes carrying them easier, but the insulated design keeps them hot and fresh. How genius is that?!

This Modern Fruit Bowl That Adds A Pop Of Major Chic Style To Your Space

via: Amazon

I spend WAY too much time browsing the "Home" section on Amazon, and whenever I find something simple, cool, and, most importantly, cheap, I buy it immediately. This fruit bowl hits all those boxes and adds cool style to my dining room table. I get comments on it every time I have someone over. Plus, it forces me to buy more fruit!

These Smart Plugs That Make Your Home Customizable

via: Amazon

Okay, this thing is a serious game-changer. Who wouldn't want to be able to control everything on your home right from your phone? You're on it all day long anyway, right? This "Smart Plug" allows you to do just that. I love being able to lay in bed and turn off the downstairs lights without even having to get up. I recommend these plugs to everyone I know!

This SmartCharge That's A Must For Road Trips

via: Amazon / C. Green

I have a horrible habit of forgetting where I park immediately after getting wherever it is I'm going. In fact, I was even late for my own rehearsal dinner because I lost my car in the Mall of America parking lot, which, as you'd imagine, is almost as large as America itself. This clever gadget not only tells you where you parked, but also lets you listen to your music through your car speakers and provides a charging port.

This Slim Cart That Upgrades Small Spaces

via: Amazon

My kitchen is tiny, with barely enough cabinet space for our pots, pans, dishes, and basically anything that we need to actually cook things. So finding spots for anything beyond the essentials is a constant challenge. My mom came across this slim storage cart and knew it would be perfect for our cramped kitchen. We can fit all of our baking supplies into it and it slips perfectly between two cabinets so it takes up hardly any space. Perfection!

This Flexible Sink Caddy That Means No More Bad Sponge Smell

via: Amazon

My husband has banned sponges in our home for our entire relationship, mostly due to the horrible mildew-y smell that inevitably shows up after it sits in the sink for a few days. So when I discovered this sink caddy, I knew it was a must-have item for our household. It hangs off of the faucet so it stays out of the bottom of the sink, and the mesh design allows it to drip dry.

This Silicone Utensil Rest That Keeps Your Counters Clean

via: Amazon

One of my biggest pet peeves is when my countertops are dirty. Even though I wash them constantly, they always seem to have stuck-on bits of food and spots of sauce from various meals that I just can't seem to scrape off completely. It probably doesn't help that I always just set my spoon on the counter when I'm making soup or pasta. That is, until now, thanks to this handy spoon rest!

These Adhesive Hooks That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are

via: Amazon

Okay, I'm seriously obsessed with these hooks and am trying to convince my husband to let me install them in every room of our house. They're made from real wood, are absurdly simple to install, and instantly elevate the decor of your favorite space. I can justify buying 12 packs of these things, right? They're only $20 bucks! That's a bargain!

This Pocket Microscope That You'll Become Obsessed With

via: Amazon / Mike Young

I know what you're thinking: "I'm not in 7th-grade science class anymore. Why would I need a microscope?!" Trust me on this one, the second you use this thing for the first time, you'll be completely hooked. In fact, you'll be tearing apart your house looking for new things to examine. A word of caution, though: You might be horrified by some of the things you take a closer look at. I do not suggest examining a hot dog if you ever intend on eating one again.

This Peel-Off Mask That's Oh-So Glam

via: Amazon

Why use a boring ol' face mask when you can use one that sparkles?! As a new mom, the skin on my face has been looking pretty darn rough lately. It's probably a combination of not getting enough sleep and never remembering to drink water throughout my hectic day. This glam mask clears out my pores and leaves my skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and even-toned.

This Mini Humidifier That Keeps You Hydrated On-The-Go

via: Amazon / David

My job allows me to work from pretty much anywhere, so I take full advantage of this by traveling as much as possible. One unfortunate side effect of frequent flying? Dry skin. The minute I step on a plane, my skin immediately starts to get itchy. This travel humidifier is super portable so I can throw it in my purse and whip it out when I'm on-the-go.

This Popcorn Popper That's A Movie Night Essential

via: Amazon

Movie night is a sacred experience in our home. My husband and I love starting up a flick once our little one has (finally) gone to sleep, and popcorn is a requirement. Recently, I decided to go above and beyond basic microwave popcorn and try out this microwave popper instead, and I'll never go back to the pre-packaged stuff again. This thing gives me movie theater-quality corn without me having to put pants on.

This LEGO Build-On Mug That Brings Out Your Inner Kid

via: Amazon

I've loved LEGOS ever since I was a little kid. There's just something so satisfying about snapping the little pieces together and building something amazing. Luckily, now there's a way for me to still play with LEGOS as an adult that doesn't make me seem like a complete weirdo. This LEGO mug is one of my favorite purchases of all time.

This Hulk Can Cooler That's Downright Super

via: Amazon

Look, sometimes you just need to buy something that makes you laugh. When I bought this, I was having a terrible day. After scrolling through Amazon for five minutes, I came upon this beauty and instantly hit "add to cart". Now, every time I have an especially rough day, I slip this can cooler on, enjoy a cold brewski, and think to myself, "What would Hulk do?" Smash things, probably.

This Handwarmer Mug That's Made For Rainy Days

via: Amazon

I'm from the Midwest, so the cold doesn't bother me. In fact, when the weather turns frightful, I actually look forward to bundling up in comfy layers and spending a cozy night in with a good book and hot mug of tea. And this mug is my go-to on cold, stormy days. The "handwarmer" design means your hand actually wraps around the mug to hold in, thus warming up your hands and making a calming cup of tea even more relaxing.

This Boldify Spray That Thickens Up Thin Locks

via: Amazon

My hair used to be extremely thick, but ever since I had my son, the hormones have been making my body go crazy and, weirdly enough, caused a lot of my hair to fall out. Our drains are constantly clogged, and I'm pretty sure our carpets are covered in more of my hair than the dog's. This hair thickening spray makes it look 10-times more full and thick, reminding me of what it looked like before it all fell out.

This Disposable Dog Potty That's Made From Real Grass

via: Amazon

We recently adopted a Blue Heeler puppy, and although she's incredibly loving, goofy, and adorable, she's also ridiculously smart and stubborn. If she doesn't want to do something, she just won't do it. And one of those things happens to be potty training, which, as you could imagine, was making our lives rather difficult. This disposable dog potty made the transition to going outside to "go" about a million times easier.

This Silicone Keyboard That's Totally Portable

via: Amazon

Since I often work while traveling, I've worked in some pretty random places: a wine bar in Spain, countless airports, and, once, a public bathroom. Because of this, I need my work equipment to be as portable as possible. This silicone keyboard is flexible enough to roll into a ball and shove into a bag but durable enough to withstand even the roughest of baggage handlers.

These Popsicle Molds That Make Super Cute Treats

via: Amazon

I recently discovered some recipes for DIY boozy popsicles on YouTube, so obviously I immediately headed over to Amazon to find the perfect molds. These were exactly what I needed, and the different styles added major cuteness to each pop. Since buying them, I find myself searching for fun new recipes on Pinterest when I'm supposed to be working. It's become a serious problem.

This Microfiber Towel That's Ultra Quick-Drying

via: Amazon

I've been trying to get back in shape after having my son, so I've been making a point of working out whenever I get any free time (which, to be honest, is rare). But when I do actually get to the gym, I go hard, since I have no idea when the next time I'll get there will be. I often leave completely drenched in sweat, so I keep this quick-drying towel in my trunk to wipe myself down with before getting in my car. It keeps my car slightly less disgusting.

These Eco-Friendly Produce Bags That Cut Down On Plastic Waste

via: Amazon

My New Year's resolution last year was to try to reduce my carbon footprint, and this means I've done my best to remember my reusable shopping backs and switch over to hand towels instead of paper towels. These mesh produce bags are another easy step I've taken to be better to the planet. I throw them in my purse when I go to the store and simply throw them in the washing machine when I'm done with them.

This Drip-Free Glass Carafe That Makes Every Meal More Fancy

via: Amazon

This drink carafe has over 2,500 positive reviews for a reason. It holds your favorite beverages, features a drip-free design, and looks great on your dinner table. I love pulling it out and filling it with orange juice when I want my brunch to look fancier, and, for only $17.99, your guests don't have to know how cheap it was.

This Door Stop Alarm That Gives You Peace of Mind

via: Amazon

During my quest to make my house safer, I came across this door stop alarm and immediately bought one for each door. It's an inexpensive way to keep your house secure without having to make a huge monthly payment for a security system. The clever design works both as a doorstop and an alarm. Just try not to accidentally set the alarm off when your baby is sleeping. Trust me on this one.

This Birthday Cake Kit That Helps You Spoil Your Furry Friend

via: Amazon

I think of my dog as my first child. In fact, I even refer to her as my son's "sister", which, admittedly, is pretty weird. But I've decided to lean into my crazy dog mom status and purchase this bone-shaped cake pan so we can celebrate her birthday in style. And yes, it even comes with a dog-friendly cake mix for her big day.

This Cord Manager That Cleans Up A Cluttered Desk

via: Amazon

Since I work from home, I need my workspace to be free from clutter so I can actually focus when I'm in my office. The problem is that organization does not come naturally to me since I tend to just throw things in random places. These organizers help me to at least get my cords in check, and you'd be amazed at what a difference it makes on my work ethic.

These Collapsible Cups That Take Up Hardly Any Space

via: Amazon

Hiking is one of my favorite ways to get exercise, and now that my son is old enough to be in a front-facing carrier, my husband and I like to grab the dog, strap on the baby, and go out and be one with nature. These collapsible cups take up hardly any space in our packs and allow us to stay hydrated on-the-go.

This Sponge Holder That You Need On Your Counter

via: Amazon

Last Christmas, I went to a White Elephant party with a few of my girlfriends. We all found hilarious gag gifts to contribute to the exchange, and I decided to bring this darling sponge holder that resembles a tiny bed complete with pillows and headboard. It was a huge hit. The problem was, I actually wanted it for myself, so I ended up ordering another one that very night.

These Charcoal Bags That Banish Bad Odors

via: Amazon

I have a terrible habit of wearing sneakers in the summertime without socks. It drives my husband crazy because it makes my shoes smell awful afterward. I finally decided to invest in a set of these charcoal bags, which absorb odors and keep my shoes smelling as fresh as they did the day I bought them. Plus, you can just set them around your house wherever you need a pop of freshness.

This Caffeinated Shaving Cream That Sends Razor Burn Packing

via: Amazon

For a very long time, I refused to buy shaving cream. I figured it was a waste of money since I could just use body wash and it would do the exact same thing. The problem was, I was wrong. My legs were constantly covered in ingrown hairs and razor bumps, and it wasn't until I tried a tube of this caffeinated shaving cream that I finally had the smooth, hair-free legs of my dreams.

This Bug Bite Suction Tool That Sucks out Venom

via: Amazon

For some reason, this summer seemed worse than usual in terms of bug bites. By August I was covered in mosquito bites, and my husband and I were both stung by wasps due to the huge nest in our porch light. This bug bite suction tool removes the venom and saliva to speed up healing time and reduce the allergic reaction. I'll never spend another summer without one!

This Glass Kettle That Heats Up In A Snap

via: Amazon

During my pregnancy, I decided to make the switch from coffee over to tea. It was a tough swap at first (I drink a LOT of coffee) and it wasn't until after I bought this electric kettle that I actually started to enjoy tea. It heats up in literally seconds, plus the reusable filter ensures that you're drinking the cleanest water possible.

These Bed Bands That Keeps Sheets In Check

via: Amazon

I move around a lot in my sleep. My husband refers to it as "flopping", and I often completely pull the sheets out of the bottom of the bed in my efforts to get comfortable. It was an annoying problem that persisted until we bought some of these bed bands, which keep our sheets in place no matter how much I "flop".

This Acne Pen That Shrinks Pimples After One Use

via: Amazon

My skin is, in a word, awful. I have pale, sensitive, and acne-prone skin, and it seems like I wake up every morning with a new pimple. In my 20's it was annoying, but now, in my 30's, it's downright embarrassing. This acne pen uses light therapy to shrink zits as well as prevent future breakouts. I don't know how it works, but I'm sure glad it does!