The 10 Best Duvet Inserts to Keep You Warm and Cozy at Night (2020)

Are you getting cold at night? Are you shivering too much to get a proper night’s sleep? Then maybe you need to invest in some duvet inserts that will keep you warm and cozy.

The nights are getting longer and colder: winter is finally here. And winter does often mean good things, such as Christmas and snowfall. But it also means cold weather, runny noses, and long winter nights that make it impossible to sleep soundly. But luckily, there are currently hundreds of bedding options that assure a warm and comfortable nap.

Take a look at and you’ll find all manner of duvets and sheets that will have you feeling toasty in no time. But if you’re spoilt for choice, or finding the decision difficult, then take a look at this handy list we’ve compiled together. On it, you’ll find the best duvet inserts that the internet has to offer! They’re comfortable, they’re soft and they’re stylish. So why not go ahead and turn your icy nightmares into fuzzy dreams.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as dreamy as we do. Just an FYI: we do participate in affiliate programs and may receive a portion of the revenue from your purchase.

Linenspa All-Season Quilted Comforter

If you want a duvet insert that will keep you warm in the winter but cool in the summer, then this all-season quilted comforter is the product for you. Made from versatile microfiber material, this duvet is ultra-soft and ultra-washable and ultra-useful.

Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

Are you looking for a warm and comfy duvet insert that will promise a sweet dreamless sleep? This comforter duvet insert is made from 100% microfiber material and designed to have the same texture and softness as a cloud. The comforter is also washer machine friendly and can be used year-round.

Bedsure White Down Alternative Comforter

This alternative comforter is just what the doctor ordered. Designed using microfiber material, this duvet is warm, comfortable and wonderfully breathable. But that’s not all! This bed is perfect for anyone with allergies and sensitivities. Keeping you warm and dust mite free.

Easeland All Season Duvet Insert

Made from soft brushed fabric and whole-piece polyfill this duvet insert is soft and breathable. With a fluffy quality that will assure comfort and warmth, this duvet is the perfect gift for anyone needing a good night’s sleep.

Kingsley Trend Down Comforter Duvet Insert

Another allergy free duvet insert. This product has been designed using box-style stitching, providing a crisp look and endless amounts of comfort. Made of soft material with siliconize fiber filling, this duvet also protects against dust mites, mildew and liquid.

Weekender Hotel-Style Quilted Down

Are you looking for a duvet insert that will give you the same experience as a five-star hotel? Then maybe you need this quilted down in your life. This all-season duvet has been designed using box-style stitching and is completely hypoallergenic. Sewn-in corners and side tabs also assure that your duvet is secure and safe.

Maple Down Comforter Duvet Insert

This maple down duvet insert is the stuff that dreams are made of. But in reality, it is not made from dreams but instead a soft material with siliconised filling. The duvet is extremely durable due to its high yarn tensile strength, assuring that it will last you for many years. Comfortable, beautifully made and reliable? What else could you want?

Cosybay Down Alternative Comforter

Looking for a duvet insert that will match your modern aesthetic? This alternative comforter comes with duvet tabs for a secure fit and has been made from the finest 160 gsm microfiber material. Ultra-soft and lightweight, you’ll feel like you’re drifting away on a cloud until morning.

Sleep Zone All Season Comforter

Cool and breathable, this all-season comforter has been designed with Nanotex moisture-wicking material, that dries 100% better than cotton. The duvet can also assure warmth in the winter months, but can also keep you chilled during those sweaty summer nights. Durable, stable and ergonomic - this duvet may sound like something from the future but it's here now and it's ready for you.

RoDown Luxueious Goose Down Comforter

Made from 100% cotton and filled with premium goose filling, this comforter will have you floating away on a sea of dreams. Completely allergy-free and breathable, this duvet is perfect for year-long use, keeping you protected from the seasons and their elements.