37 Tech Items You'll Want to Keep on Hand

Our planet's greatest technological minds have been hard at work creating and innovating the best tech gadgets on the market. Products that have become so ubiquitous, it's more surprising when you don't own them. But perhaps you've skimmed over some of the latest tech items that can really help optimize your daily routine. The best tech gadgets you'll want to keep on hand to keep things running smoothly. That's why we have sifted through the chaff and compiled this list of 37 tech items you'll want to keep on hand. These gadgets are designed to update your household hardware and eliminate the headaches. From the all-new Fire Tablet 10 to handy bluetooth transmitters, this list has a tech upgrade for everyone. Scroll down and pick out your favorites!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Handsfree Tablet Stand Stops Your Tablet from Slipping

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Don't let your tablet sit flat on your counters when reading recipes — use this stand to hold it up, so it's easy to read. It also works great when watching videos, as the swivel base and adjustable arm can be pointed in basically any direction. Plus, it'll even work with some phones, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

This LED Lamp Has a Soothing Flicker Like a Real Flame

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Put this LED lamp on your coffee or patio table, and it'll cast a soothing, warm ambiance as the fake flame flickers back and forth. It's also got a speaker built into the top — so go ahead and jam out to some tunes if you want. Plus, the Bluetooth connection works from up to 33 feet away.

Amazing Bluetooth Headphones for Just $39.99

There's no such thing as too many pairs of headphones, so don't feel guilty if you want to snag yourself another pair. These OneOdio headphones feature a comfortable over-ear setup that delivers fantastic sound quality — and they pair with Bluetooth, so you can enjoy wireless connection wherever you're rocking out. Plus they're heavy duty and won't get busted easily.

This Selfie Stick Will Upgrade Your Vacation Photos

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I avoided selfie sticks for a long time, believing they were clunky and embarrassing. However, after yet another family outing where there were no decent photos of myself, I broke down and ordered this Selfie Stick. Now I love it and am here to sing its praises! It telescopes down for easy portability and has improved my photography so much. Finally, I have cute family photos that include myself!

This Bluetooth Transmitter Is So Useful For Streaming In Your Car


If you're still driving an older model, your car might not include a bluetooth adapter. This transmitter not only lets you stream music from your phone directly through your speakers, but there are also two USB ports where you can plug in anything that needs a quick charge.

This Waterproof Smart Watch is Also a Fitness Tracker

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Some smartwatches cost hundreds of dollars, but this one has all the same technology for a fraction of the price. This waterproof watch is compatible with both iOS phones and Androids, plus it has a great heart monitor and fitness tracker to keep you up to date with your lifestyle needs.

Listen to Music or Take Calls on the Go With This Bluetooth Speaker Hat

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At first, this product made me laugh, but the more I think about it, the more I actually want this Bluetooth Speaker Hat! Not only is the black cap pretty dang nice looking, but it also provides crisp sound via Bluetooth. Customers report that the sound level is just right for personal use without bothering other people.

Keep Cords Within Reach With These Cable Clips

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I can't be the only one who always seems to be reaching down to find my phone charger cord and computer charger cord, right? That's probably why these awesome cable clips were invented. Put one on your nightstand and attach to your phone cord and install another one on your desk. Why no go crazy and organize ALL your cords, from your TV to your printer?

This Lightweight, Sturdy Tablet Stand is Under $20

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Use your tablet in comfort with this buyer-fave tablet stand that earns a stellar 4.8-star ratings from more than 18,000 buyers. It's available in silver, gray or black, and supports your tablet in portrait or landscape mode. The viewing angle is adjustable, and the base has rubber cushions on the bottom. It's designed to allow you to plug in your tablet while it's on the stand, so it makes a great home base for your device.

Keep The Echo Show 5 On Hand For Your Daily Routine

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This Echo Show 5 is your new bedside buddy! Not only can it set your alarms, timers, and alerts, but it can also stream music, podcasts, and your favorite news shows. The best part is that it's voice-activated, so simply pair with Alexa and voila! The Echo Show 5 can even control other devices like cameras and lights.

This Facebook Portal TV for Smart Video Calling

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The Facebook Portal TV not only allows you to stream movies and watch your favorite TV shows, but you can also video call friends using Messenger, WhatsApp, or Zoom. It also minimizes the background noise and focuses on your voice when making calls, so you can be understood clearly! This tech gadget seamlessly combines TV-watching and video calling into one handy device.

Keep An Eye On Your Surroundings With The Wyze Cam

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Record night-vision footage in full color with the Wyze Cam. Includes motion and sound detection capabilities to ensure the safety of your home. Definitely not a splurge – this security device is an investment in you and your safety.

This Charger Will Get You Back to 100%

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Need a charge ... quick? This Nano charger from Anker is designed to give your iPhone a charge three times faster than older charger styles. Not only does it deliver the juice fast, but it's also 50 percent smaller than other chargers like it so it won't take up much space in your bag or when plugged into your wall outlet. The lightning cable here is included.

These Sleep Headphones Are So Soothing

This audio sleep mask lets you listen to music or podcasts via your phone, and then blocks out the light and ambient sound, so you're truly immersed in whatever you're listening to. Perfect for before-bed listening or long cross-country flights. This sleep mask is optimized to regenerate your senses and give you a much needed break!

This Soundbar Upgrades Your TV Audio To Cinema Quality

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Want better, more realistic sound quality from your TV? This 100 Watt Bestisan Soundbar with wired Bluetooth speakers and remote offers you incredible power, boosted bass, and rock-solid sound. Nearly 4,000 reviewers rated this a stellar 4.5 stars for sound quality and easy installation, among their other positives

The Roku Premiere is The #1 Streaming Platform For A Reason

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Whether you stream in HD, 4K, or HDR, this Roku will give you incredible picture quality and vivid color, in addition to access to all your favorite apps. It works with Netflix, Disney+, HBOMax, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube, so you can watch all your favorite shows in style at a low-cost price.

Fire Up New Flicks With The Fire TV Stick

Amazon's third generation Fire TV stick boasts a ton of features including voice control, preset buttons for some of the more popular streaming channels and access to 500,000-plus movies and TV shows with your Prime subscription.

This Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is a Smart Addition to Your Desk

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I love a good multi-purpose product, and that's why this Wireless Charging Mouse Pad caught my attention. Not only does it serve as a mousepad, but it doubles as a charging mat for your wireless mouse and phone. It's earning solid reviews from Amazon customers, who say it "works great" and "does fast charging."

These Smart LED Light Bulbs Can Be Voice Activated with Alexa

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The best thing about these smart LED light bulbs? They are more energy efficient than regular lights. This means they save you money on your electricity bill. Not only do they end up being cheaper, they also work with Alexa so that you can set your lighting up to be voice activated for the ambiance you desire.

Sink Into New Levels of Laziness With This Flexible Phone Holder

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Drape it around your neck. Balance it in bed. Coil it around your car's gear shift. This flexible phone holder is versatile but always helps you achieve the same goal: Watching your phone hands-free! So not only does this phone holder make scrolling and watching your phone easier, but it also relieves neck pain!

The Amazon Basics Product You Need in Every Room

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If you're always searching the room for outlets, you need this in your life. The reviews say it has good design and functionality and we can definitely attest to that. The best part? It can power up to six devices. A true classic in every household. Stick one in each room!

This Cord Protector Fights Against Fraying

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Apple users especially know how annoying it is when your laptop charger starts to fray. Those things can run you upwards of $80 to replace, so naturally, I like to avoid that at all costs. Luckily, it doesn't cost much, because this cable protector wards off fraying by reducing the stress that's put on a cable end. It can even help keep a fraying cable from getting even worse. Hey, anything that adds to the longevity of my tech products is a winner in my book.

The Hub Splitter That Adds Four USB Ports to Your Computer

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If your computer only has a couple USB ports, then give it four more with this hub splitter. Each USB port has a corresponding switch that turns it on and off so that you don't have to unplug your devices, and they support data transfer speeds up to 5 gigabytes per second. Besides, it's only $34 — if that's the price you have to pay for convenience, then it's definitely more than worth the money.

This Bluetooth Speaker is the Size of Your Palm

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While something so small may not seem like much, this portable Bluetooth speaker packs a serious punch. Packed inside its tiny shape are a 5w driver and passive subwoofer, which deliver rich, bold sound. For less than $25, it doesn't get much better than that. Take this portable speaker with you for on-the-go listening!

This Weatherproof Outdoor Smart Plug for Voice Controlled Extension Cords

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Heavy-duty extension cords are a must-have for any smart home and these ones not only have a high energy output, but they're also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant. They're also weatherproof to handle the outdoors and that's why they deserve a spot in your backyard. Don't let the elements get in the way of you enjoying seamless streaming and cable hookups.

This Handheld Voice Recorder is Perfect For Interviews

via AmazonI've got some interviews to do for a project I'm working on, and this small voice recorder would be great for that. It's easy to operate and is set to optimize the quality of voices for crystal clear audio. You can even set it to record automatically when someone speaks, which means it'll stop recording during pauses or when there's only background noise, eliminating blank spaces in the recording. Just transfer the audio files to your computer via USB.

This Laptop Stand and Riser Can Help Align Your Spine

Working from home can be brutal, especially when you have to sit all day. Well, now you can enter the standing-desk world with this versatile laptop riser that extends up to 17 inches.Pairs perfectly with MacBooks and Microsoft Surface Pros. Give your back and neck a break and stand while your work, so make this laptop accessory your new office buddy.

These Silicone Twist Ties that You'll Use All Over Your House

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These TwistieMag Strong Magnetic Silicone Twist Ties are the perfect combination of simplicity and brilliance. They're made of strong silicone so they won't break easily, and the magnetic ends keep them secure. Bundle up all your errant cords and keep them form taking over your living space!

This Battery Organizer Is Your Junk Drawer's Worst Nightmare

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This battery organizer is here to kick butt and take names - it holds 93 batteries of various sizes and includes a battery tester so you can get rid of those that have run out of juice. You're going to have to re-name that "junk" drawer after you neatly organize all your batteries in this box.

This Power Strip with a Six-Feet Extension Cord and USB Ports

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It's hard to find the right extension cord that's long enough to wind around the walls of my apartment, but this power strip with a six-feed cord is the perfect solution. It features 10 outlets and four USB charging ports, which is more than enough for my home office and entertainment unit, in addition to whatever devices I need to charge.

This USB Wall Charger with Fast Charging Ports

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This wall charger not only has two USB fast charging ports, but also a three-sided power strip with six adapter outlets and an LED night light around the edges. It's a great space saver while offering so so many charing points. It even has a dusk-to-dawn sensor that automatically turns on when ambient lighting becomes insufficient.

This Wireless Charger Gives You Cable-Free Charging Right on Your Desktop

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Nothing is better than charging your phone without dealing with any wires. It feels so good to simply put it up on the wireless charger and move on with your life. Its sleek design is perfect for my work desk, letting me easily set it up and put the phone on charging. Now I enjoy attending all my family calls with handsfree mode.

These Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Reducing Computer Eyestrain

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I recently noticed that I was getting a lot of eyestrain and thought I needed prescription glasses. But actually, all I needed were these blue light blocking glasses. The Amazon's Choice product takes away that discomfort because of its UV400 protection and glare reduction on the eyes. Blue light is something that comes out of phones, computers and gaming devices, which cause headaches, blurred vision and eye aches.

This Docking Station Neatly Stores All Your Devices

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Made from sturdy bamboo, this docking station keeps your gadgets organized and looking tidy while they're charging. The slots on the bottom let you thread charging cables through, which helps prevent them from becoming tangled. Plus, it can even hold a full-sized laptop without tipping over.

This Magnetic Dashboard Mount Will Hold Your Phone In Place

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This dashboard phone mount suctions to any smooth dashboard and has a curved hook so you can adjust the heigh of your phone. The magnetic base means no more of the awkward stretching to view your screen, as it can be customized to your preference. Four strong magnets keep your phone in place instead of on the floor. Now you can always take the right exit!

Take Selfies Anywhere With This Flexible Tripod

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The grippy spider legs on this tripod lets me pose for pics with friends without having to wave down a stranger and ask them to hold the camera. Just clamp it right onto your cell phone or camera and use the wireless handheld remote to snap pictures of yourself. This device will come in handy for your next vacation!

The Fire Tablet 10 Can Stream All Your Favorite Shows

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If you're thinking about buying or upgrading a Fire tablet, don't sleep on this latest model. You'll get 32 GB storage, a 12-hour battery life, and 3 GB of RAM among other top-of-the-line features. The processor on this model is fast and responsive and you'll get 50% more RAM than the previous Fire tablet.