31 Weird but Genius Inventions That Make Great Gifts

Remember the old days, when you only learned about an amazingly useful product because your friend told you about it? Maybe sometimes you were lucky enough to spot that gadget you never knew you always needed in a brick-and-mortar store. But mostly, you just missed out. Thank goodness those sad days are over! Now, you have enterprising writers like myself to search Amazon for the newest, most innovative items on the virtual shelves, including these 31 genius gadgets. Lucky you!

My favorite finds not only make me click "add to cart," but also beg to be bragged about. I can't wait to whip out my jewelry cleaning pen next time a friend displays new bling, or show off this rechargeable hand warmer on chilly days. And when me hearties come over for grog, I'll jauntily open drinks with my new pirate bar tool. Arrrr, that be genius!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as enticing as we do. Just so you know, we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Black Light Flashlight Illuminates All the Gross Stuff in Your Universe

When you're wondering where that smell is coming from, break out this handy black light flashlight. You can light up dried urine (and other bodily fluids--eewww), making it turn a lurid shade of purple, so you know exactly where to clean.

This Jewelry Cleaning Pen Polishes All Your Sparkly Things On the Go

I enjoy cleaning products as much as the next neat freak, but there's something special about the portable versions. This sleek, pen-sized wonder of a cleaning tool can be whipped out at a moment's notice to dazzle a diamond, polish a peridot, shine a sapphire...you get the idea.

This Brown Sugar Bear Is Equally Adorable and Useful

Every baker knows if you need to store brown sugar for more than, say, five minutes, it hardens into a rock. That's why you need this li'l brown sugar buddy. It's made from food-safe clay that keeps brown sugar moist for months.

These Magnetic Twist Ties Have About a Billion Uses

These brightly colored magnetic twist ties are insanely useful. I originally bought them to corral electrical cords, but before long I was using them all over my life. Now, my friends keep stealing them. Time to order a new 10-pack.

This Tool Belt for Your Wrist Just Makes So Much Sense

I recently ordered nightstands that arrived in the form of chunks of wood with a zillion bolts and screws. Building them took hours and every swear word I know, but at least my handy-dandy magnetic wristband kept me from losing the metal parts (and my sanity).

This Microwave Egg Cooker Zaps Breakfast in 45 Seconds

I love a gadget that puts the fast into food. Crack one or two eggs directly into this clever cooker. Add anything you like for flavor (I'll take mine with hot sauce and cheese). Cook for under a minute and--ding!--breakfast is served.

This Rechargeable Hand Warmer Keeps You Toasty for 6+ Hours

My hands are always cold, so any gadget promising to warm me up goes right in my basket. This high-tech hand warmer is one of the best I've tried. It has two heat settings and lasts for hours on a single charge. Bonus: if my phone's battery runs low, I can steal the warmer's power with a USB cord.

This Shampoo Brush Massager Just Feels Sooooo Good

Join me and hundreds of five-star reviewers in trying this little piece of shower heaven. No batteries required. Just add a bit of shampoo to the soft, silicone bristles and rub in circles all over your scalp. You'll get a squeaky clean head and a moment of pure relaxation at the same time.

This Shower Foot Scrubber Turns Every Shower Into a Spa Moment

I'm the kind of person who enjoys small moments of happiness: petting a friendly dog, sipping the foam off a latte, or treating my toes to a bubble scrub. That's why I love this shower foot scrubber! Just put in on the floor of your shower, add a few drops of body wash, then let the hundreds of bristles clean and massage your feet.

This Space-Saving Kitchen Gadget Set Gives You 5 Tools for Cooking

Perfect for camping, small kitchens, or anyone who adores smaller versions of things they already own (*raises hand*). This neat little set gives you a grater, peeler, grinder, can opener, and rotary cutter--pretty much everything you need for basic food prep. Plus, they nestle together in the cutest way and take up almost zero storage space.

This Spider Smartphone Holder Makes Hands-Free Phone Use Easier Than Ever

Anytime you need to use your phone or tablet hands-free, this handy little spider is up to the task. Prop up your phone on your desk while eating lunch. Attach your phone to the air vents in your car for navigation while you drive. Reviewers on Amazon also say they like to just play with them!