27 Incredibly Popular Products On Amazon You've Probably Never Seen Before

Most people don't bother to write a review unless a product is either totally terrible or amazingly awesome. So the fact that these 27 products have received over a thousand glowing reviews on Amazon means that they're definitely worth checking out.

We hope you find these popular products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Charcoal Tooth Paste With Almost 14,000 Reviews That Makes Your Teeth Crazy White

via: Active Wow

Charcoal in toothpaste? It may seem like a weird combination, but the refined charcoal powder whitens your teeth like top of the line whitening products without the sensitivity. And you'll be surprised by how quickly you get used to having a mouth filled with black goo. Find it on Amazon

This Back Massage Tool With Nearly 5,000 Reviews That Looks Weird But Feels Amazing

via: Body Back

This crazy-looking massager helps you pinpoint multiple pressure points with just one easy-to-use tool. The 11 strategically placed knobs can be used on your lower back, neck, shoulders and even the soles of your feet for a deep tissue massage that alleviates pain and soothes sore muscles. Find it on Amazon

These Comfy Headphones With Almost 1,500 Reviews That Make Traveling a Breeze

via: Cozy Phones

Ever tried to drift off to sleep while listening to music, but your uncomfortable headphones kept you awake? These CozyPhones were specifically for supreme relaxation while at home or traveling, and Amazon users can't get enough of them. Plus, they double as a sleep mask. Find them on Amazon

This Tongue Cleaner With Over 2,200 Reviews That Scrapes All The Gross Stuff Off Your Tongue

via: Dr. Tungs

Your tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria, which translates into something we all try our best to avoid: bad breath. When brushing isn't doing the job, it's time to invest in a quality tongue scraper, and 2,276 Amazon users swear by Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner. The stainless steel design adds major durability. Find it on Amazon

This Electric Callus Remover With Over 1,500 Reviews That Transforms Your Disgusting Feet

via: Naturalico

Are you ready for sandal season? The 1,538 Amazon users who bought this electric callus remover sure are! If your feet have seen better days, this genius tool works wonders. The two-speed design lets you customize your pedicure experience based. Find it on Amazon

This Carbonated Mask With Almost 5,800 Reviews That's Basically a Bubble Bath For Your Face


Up your exfoliation game with this refreshing face mask that people can't stop raving about. The carbonated formula literally bubbles on your face, adding major fun to your beauty routine. Countless reviews claim that it shrinks pores and obliterates black heads. Find it on Amazon

This Jar Opener With Over 2,000 Reviews That Opens Any Jar in Seconds

via: EZ Off

Never struggle with another pesky lid again with this EZ Off Jar Opener. It fits all lid shapes and sizes, and the installation is quick and easy. "This is an amazing tool. It will open any bottle or jar from a nail polish size to a huge pickle or spaghetti jar lid," said one reviewer.Find it on Amazon

This Hair Remover With Almost 5,000 Reviews that Removes Hair Painlessly

via: Finishing Touch

While many hair removal devices claim to be "pain-free", this Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover actually delivers. Don't believe us? Just ask these 4,895 Amazon users. It easily removes hair from the lip, chin and cheek areas so you're left with smooth, hairless skin and a flawless makeup application. Find it on Amazon

This Tea Infuser With Almost 1,400 Reviews That's Adorably Handy

via: Fred

You can't get much cuter than this manatee-shaped tea infuser, and 1,395 Amazon users agree. The silicone construction is sturdy and durable, and the curved flippers keep it securely on the rim of your cup. Find it on Amazon

These Wine Glasses With Over 2,400 Reviews That Are Completely Shatter-Proof

via: Go Vino

Never cry over a broken glass again with these unbreakable wine glasses. Made of an ultra-thin, flexible BPA-free polymer, these glasses are flexible and impossible to shatter, even for the hopelessly clumsy. These stemless wine glasses are perfect for outdoor picnics. Find them on Amazon

This Breakfast Sandwich Maker With Over 3,600 Reviews That Makes Your Mornings 100X Better

via: Hamilton Beach

Getting out of bed in the morning is hard. Make it easier with this insanely awesome breakfast sandwich maker by Hamilton Beach. The patented design allows you to cook every component at once, which equals less time having to wait to shove a delicious breakfast sandwich into your mouth. Find it on Amazon

This Air Purifier With Almost 1,250 Reviews That Helps You Breathe Easier

via: Honeywell

With three cleaning levels and easy-to-use push button controls, this Honeywell air purifier is a must-have to ensure fresh, clean air for you and your family. It captures up  to 99.97% of microscopic allergens and is so quiet that you'll forget it's even on. Find it on Amazon

This Pasta Maker With Almost 3,400 Reviews That Makes Delicious Pasta In The Microwave

via: Fasta Pasta

You need pasta, and you need it NOW. Luckily, the Fasta Pasta will deliver in a fraction of the time it takes to cook it on the stove. It's perfect for dorm rooms or anyone looking to speed things up around dinner time. "I love this product. Not only does it make my life so much easier when cooking pasta, it takes less time preparing and cleaning up as well," said one reviewer. Find it on Amazon

This Silicone Sink Strainer With Over 2,000 Reviews That Traps All Your Gross Sink Goop

via: OXO

Nothing stops up your kitchen sink faster than food scraps and random debris. Keep that stuff out of your drink with this sink strainer, which features a brilliant silicone design which can be turned inside out to easily remove whatever gunk gets trapped in it. Find it on Amazon

This Glass Nail File With Over 2,000 Reviews That's Surprisingly Durable

via: Bonafide Beauty

Keep your nails in shape with this glass nail file. Amazon users were pleasantly surprised by its durability, and the included carrying case makes it perfect for travel or on-the-go touch-ups. "This nail file is not only beautiful but it works so well," said one review. "It's the smoothest finish on my nail I've ever had." Find it on Amazon

This Stainless Steel Bar With Over 1,250 Reviews That Keeps Your Hands Fresh

via: Amco House Works

Don't you hate it when you sit down to eat a delicious homemade meal only to get a whiff of your garlic, onion and fish-scented hands? With the Rub-A-Way bar, simply rub your hands across the stainless steel surface and viola! The unwanted smells are gone! Plus, it's dishwasher safe. Find it on Amazon

These Reusable Produce Bags With Over 1,800 Reviews That Are Lightweight and Durable

via: Purify You

This set of nine produce bags are durable, reusable, and so strong that they can safely hold up to 11 pounds. They're machine washable for easy clean up, and feature a variety of sizes to fit all your produce needs. The best part? A portion of the proceeds is donated to help promote sustainable living around the globe. Find them on Amazon

This Viral Drain Snake With Over 1,600 Reviews That Shows You The Horrifying Things Lurking in Your Pipes

Get your sinks running smoothly again with this three-pack of drain snakes. The super flexible construction and barbed design holds tightly to whatever gross stuff is obstructing your drains and pulls it out effortlessly. While gross, these handy tools are surprisingly addictive. Find it on Amazon

These Japanese Bath Towels With Over 1,200 Reviews That Massage As They Clean

via: Salux

Made of tough nylon, these Japanese bath towels are taking Amazon by storm. They exfoliate as they clean, so your skin is left ridiculously smooth. "Oh dear god why didn't I find these before," said one satisfied customer. "These work way better than any loofah or sponge I ever used." Find them on Amazon

This Shampoo Brush With Over 2,300 Reviews That Keeps Your Scalp Super Clean

via: Burmax

Get a spa-level scalp massage each time you wash your hair with this shampoo brush. Thousands of Amazon reviewers have seen their hair and scalp continuously improve after using this product, and helps to significantly improve dandruff without the need for specialized shampoos. Find it on Amazon

This Alarm Clock With Over 5,000 Reviews That Makes It Impossible To Oversleep

via: Sonic Alert

Have a bad habit of sleeping through your alarm? Not anymore! This alarm clock gives you no other choice but to wake up, and literally shakes you awake. "This alarm is no joke," said one reviewer. "Imagine someone putting a jack hammer to your bed and the loudest alarm you can imagine going off. If you can sleep through this then you may not be alive." Find it on Amazon

These Meat Shredders With Over 2,500 Reviews That Get You In Touch With Your Inner Bear

via: Bear Paw Products

Add a primal touch to your next BBQ with these ridiculously fun and handy meat shredders. The time-saving design makes meat easy to shred, and the melt-proof nylon construction is dishwasher safe. You'll find yourself coming up with excuses to grill every night of the week just so you can use these bad boys. Find them on Amazon

This Travel Pillow With Over 2,600 Reviews That Supports Your Neck In Comfort

via: Trtl Travel

Super soft and flexible, this neck pillow gives you support without being constricting. The 5,615 reviews on Amazon say it's a lifesaver for long flights, and the lightweight construction won't weigh you down. Interior strengthening ribs keep your neck and head supported. Find it on Amazon

This Shower Speaker With Over 5,300 Reviews That Makes Your Mornings Rock

via: VicTsing

Give your morning routine a major boost with this shower speaker. The shockproof and dustproof design makes it perfect for the shower or camping, and the rechargeable battery gives you six hours of playing time. It's easily mounted to the wall by the suction cup or attached to your pants or tent by the metal hook. Find it on Amazon

These Donut Pans With Almost 1,900 Reviews That Make Your Favorite Fried Treats Without The Fat

via: Wilton

Craving a donut, but want to avoid the hassle of deep frying? These donut pans let you bake a dozen of these delectable dough rings right in your oven. Plus, the non-stick design help them easily slide off the pan. Find them on Amazon

These Dryer Balls With Almost 15,000 Reviews That Are Durable and Reusable

via: Smart Sheep

Dryer sheets and fabric softeners can get expensive, and sometimes you're still left with super static-y clothes. The solution? These genius wool dryer balls! They soften fabric without the use of harsh chemicals, and even shorten drying time. They're also durable enough to last for a thousand loads. Find them on Amazon

This Travel Towel With Over 1,250 Reviews That's a Must for Outdoor Fun

via: Youphoria

Upgrade your next outdoor adventure with this quick-drying travel towel. The microfiber construction dries 10X faster than a traditional towel, and the highly absorbent design can hold up to 5 times its weight in liquid. The soft fabric also makes it perfect for a travel blanket.