Beach Bag Has a Hidden Wine Tap So You Can Enjoy the Seaside Even More

Amazon is selling a wine tote that allows you to discreetly take your wine or any other beverage and pour yourself a glass no matter where you are. Nobody has to know...

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The purse holds a remarkable 2 bottles of wine in the removable internal beverage pouch...


Which is contained in the secret zippered pocket, which is insulated to keep your desired beverage chilled for hours.

This wine purse is stylish enough to use with or without the beverage pouch and is fully functional as exactly that.


With its stylish interior lining & large side pockets, you will have enough room to hold all your essentials.

This purse doesn't just have a nice exterior, it's also perfect for movies dates, evenings out with friends, festivals, a day at the beach, you name it!


The best part about this bag is you'll never have to pay extortionate prices for alcohol again, you can just take your own!

Amazon customers have been raving about this bag, and it's easy to see why...


One shopper wrote: "This bag is fabulous. Not only does it allow you to bring wine incognito, it actually has useful space for all of your other items. I can't begin to tell you how many compliments I have received and all the demos I have had to do for people because they wanted to know how it all worked. Great product and appears to be very well made. Even use it for the beach and parks when not bringing wine."

The PortoVino Beach Wine Purse has racked up a whopping 1000 5-star reviews from happy customers.


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