37 Genius Inventions With Over 1,000 Reviews on Amazon

Amazon's a veritable gold mine of smart products, if you know where to look. That can be time-consuming and frustrating, since you don't want to read through every review then be unsatisfied when the product actually arrives. But here's the good news - we did the hard work for you! We combed through thousands of products to find genius inventions with over 1,000 rave reviews so you know you're getting a quality item!

Whether you're looking for a better way to shovel snow or the best food storage containers money can buy, we've got something on this list for you to love.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these useful products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Flame Lightbulbs Are Fire

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Looking to add a little old-fashioned touch to your lighting but don't want to use actual fire and burn down your house? These flame lightbulbs are the answer - they flicker like the real thing. Four modes including flicking flame, gravity induced (where the flame is upside down), general light and something called "breathing mode" look incredibly cool whether you use them inside to replace pricey Edison bulbs or in outside lanterns.

These Sheepskin Insoles Are Incredibly Cozy

via: Amazon / TanMartz

I have a pair of winter boots that are incredibly warm...everywhere except the sole. And I'm in New England, so that cold seeping in is no joke! What I need are these incredibly fuzzy sheepskin insoles to keep my tootsies warm no matter the weather. They're also great for replacing the lining of slippers that's gone flat and matted over time. Just pop 'em in and mama's got brand new shoes!

This Gratitude Journal Is A Real Mood-Lifter

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Ever since I started using a gratitude journal, things just seem...better, even when the news is depressing and the kids are fighting, yadda yadda. It helps you stay focused on the good things in life. This one has an inspirational quote to start your week and a gorgeous design that'll keep you coming back to use it on the daily. And it's got almost 4,000 rave reviews, so you know it's something to be thankful for!

This Dog Bowl And Mat Keeps Your Floors Much Cleaner

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Dogs aren't necessarily known for being the neatest eaters around, so try this dog bowl with mat to catch all the stray kibble and splashed water during chow time. You can custom-size it to your pet too, the bowls come in sizes from one cup for small breeds or cats to seven and a half cups for big doggos.

This Calf Stretcher Feels Like Heaven

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Admittedly, I was a little skeptical about a whole device just to stretch your calf, but the reviews won me over. People with plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis SWEAR by this thing - everyone gives it an enthusiastic ten toes up. Selected review: "Easy to use, is also good for hamstrings and other potentially troublesome muscles that need stretching to avoid problems. I used it daily and my plantar troubles were gone within a couple of weeks. This one gets a 100% rating from this aging being."

These Dry Highlighters Are Magic

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These colorful dry highlighters are definitely a new invention for me but they make so much sense when you think about it. There's no smudging or smearing or bleed through to other pages like with traditional highlighter markers since these are more like crayons. Just highlight and go! People love these for studying and marking passages on thin Bible paper since you barely have to press down to make a mark.

These Porcelain Bowls Are So Anthro

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I have a little set of these porcelain bowls which I bought from Anthropologie for much more than these cost, and they're seriously identical. Save money without sacrificing style with this affordable and colorful set! If bright colors aren't your jam, they also come in a set of cool blues or fresh white. They're the perfect size for soup, cereal, ice cream sundaes and more, and they're durable as heck. Even with two small kids using them all the time, they've never chipped!

This Rubbermaid Food Storage Set Is So Satisfying

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For Christmas I bought my husband one of these food containers for salad (exciting, I know) since he takes one to work everyday, and it's seriously the Cadillac of food storage. These Rubbermaid containers are incredibly well made, have locking closures and do not leak - just ask the nearly 5,000 happy reviewers. Now I want the whole set!

This Cute Backpack Is A Steal

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Backpacks are the ideal purse because you can fit a ton of stuff in them, they have lots of pockets to keep you organized, and they're easy to sling over your shoulder on the go. This stylish backpack is especially cute, and it comes in colorblock solids and floral patterns if lady legs aren't your style. Either way, this extremely highly rated backpack marries good looks and convenience in the most beautiful way.

These Statement Earrings Come In Alllll The Colors

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What's the best way to accessorize an outfit in less than 30 seconds, while matching perfectly? Answer: these tassel earrings that come in 30 colors! They get major props for being lightweight, well-made and durable, and hitting at just the right length to be fashionable but not tickle your neck every time you move your head. The top is a sparkly druzy stone that adds the perfect touch of pretty to your look.

This Travel Coffee Mug Is So Campy

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Bring a little bit of camp to the office with this durable travel coffee mug. This leakproof stainless steel beauty is vacuum-sealed so it won't leak, and comes in traditional camp mug colors like black and navy, but also this fun "sunbleached turquoise" and "Georgia peach" to change things up. And it's got over 2,300 stellar reviews - what are you waiting for?

This Mystical Fire Delights Kids And Adults

via: Amazon / E Adgate

Speaking of camping, these fire color packets turn your standard campfire into something magical. Just throw a handful onto the flames, and suddenly they're glowing all the colors of the rainbow! Kids and maybe adults will think you're part wizard...or at least less of a muggle. (Also works for indoor fireplaces in case you're not the outdoorsy type.) Totally getting these for our family trip to the lake this year - the kids are gonna flip out!

These Reusable Bags Are Cool Enough For Everyday Wear

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We all know how important it is to bring your own bag to grocery stores, but how often is it forgotten in the trunk by accident? Problem solved: these Baggu bags are so cool, you can use it as an everyday tote and never be without a reusable again! You can even get a different print for every day of the week since they come in 38 styles from bengal cats to canteloupes. Save the environment and look fierce doing so, everyone wins!

This Rice Washer Is Key

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For anyone who's ever tried rinsing rice in a regular colander, you know the frustration of watching the tiny grains slip through and wash down the sink. This rice washing colander solves that problem ingeniously, with special side and bottom drains that let you effectively rinse without losing even a morsel. Nearly 4,000 peeps heartily support this made-in-Japan kitchen must-have!

These Ice Pop Molds Let Your Creativity Run Wild

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These ice pop molds are the next best thing to sliced bread, especially if you don't enjoy the idea of feeding your kids an artificially colored chemical soup every time they want a popsicle. But perhaps the best thing about these is you can customize your flavors and add some booze to make the most delicious "artisan" adult pops around. They're portable, convenient and come in a pack of 100 so your house will be the top destination this summer for everyone in your 'hood.

These Glass Straws Are Eco-Elegant

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More and more places these days are forgoing straws for lidless drinks or worse, adult sippy cup lids. Have your drink your way with these glass straws that let you save the planet but still keep iced coffee or tea stains off your teeth. They come in a colorful set of eight including two cleaning brushes and a storage pouch so you can always have one in your bag for dining out or grabbing a mochaccino.

This Shoe Polish Makes 'Em Look New Again

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Shoe polish might seem like an old-school accoutrement, but if you wear leather shoes every day, it's a surefire way to keep them looking brand spanking new, no matter the abuse they take. This kit comes with two tins of shoe polish, a brush, dauber and cloth to get your shoes shining in no time. It adds water-resistance and protection to all your leather shoes and boots - so necessary for winter weather and the wet months that follow!

This Tank Top Hanger Adds So Much Room To Your Closet

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These clothes hangers get so much love for the room they add to your closet thanks to vertical storage - you can hang eight tank tops or four bras on them to free up drawer space! It'll also keep your bras in better condition than being shoved into a drawer that'll crush the cups. You can also hang jewelry, scarves, belts and other accessories from the uniquely-shaped arms!

This Diffuser Is Remote Controlled!

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Talk about fancy, this remote-controlled diffuser is customizable to the max with a timer, mist control functions, and seven LED light colors! It's made from the same BPA-free material as baby bottles, so no toxins are released in the air, just pure water mist and essential oils. And the tank's big enough to last for eight hours without a refill, so great for overnights or humidifying the air all day during dry seasons!

These Memory Foam Slippers Are Pure Heaven

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One step in these lovely memory foam slippers will tell you everything you need to know about the comfort and softness these provide! They come in five colors and are lined with buttery-soft microfleece to pamper your tootsies after a long day. At less than $20 and boasting nearly 4,000 glowing reviews, these are worth a try! Your feet will thank you every day.

These Headbands Ban Bad Hair Days

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Say buh-bye to bad hair days with these soft, stretchy headbands that cover up all manner of hot messes. They come in a set of four pretty prints that'll match everything in your closet. Just throw it on and go - you'll look like you made an effort, but no one will know it only took five seconds to get presentable!

These Drawer Organizers Have a Cult Following

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Not only are these drawer organizers genius for storing undies, bras and socks in an orderly fashion, but they've got over 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, making them basically an organizing icon to rival Marie Kondo. The set includes four bins that can hold six ties or scarves, eight pairs of underwear, seven bras and 24 pairs of socks. Your drawers have never looked better!

These Kids Dinner Plates Are A Must-Have For Picky Eaters

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For parents who suffer through every mealtime with picky eaters, this dinner plate for kids is a literal game-changer. It turns eating into a fun experience, with little "cells" for less-desireable foods like veggies that lead along a path to the treasure at the end, a covered cell that holds the holy grail - dessert! It's won awards from parenting and family organizations for it's genius in getting kids to eat without the fuss.

This Throat Spray Will Make You Say Ahhh

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Sore throats can crop up anytime thanks to winter illnesses and year-round allergies, and it's not always convenient to tote around painkillers and honey whenever the pain strikes. That's why there's this all-natural sore throat spray made with bee propolis extract to soothe tender throats. It's rich in antioxidants and 300 beneficial compounds, so it also boosts your immunity while stopping the pain!

This Key Finder Keeps You Sane

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If I could get back all the time I've spent looking for lost keys I'd probably add years to my life. Those days are over with this handy key finder that you just attach to your keychain then press the color-corresponding button to locate them by sound. You can link up to four sets of keys (or anything else you lose often) so it's great for a family with multiple drivers.

This Seat Heater Really Toasts Your Buns

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Is there anything more delicious than sinking into a heated seat? Whether on a frigid morning as you start the car or in an office where the AC is on max blast, this portable, lightweight seat cover with built-in heating coils will keep you toasty. The cover's made from soft velour so it'll feel like your being pampered even if you're just going on a coffee run, and it can plug into your car's DC outlet for convenience!

This Double Dog Leash Is Great For Dog Walkers

via: Amazon / C. Zahorchak

If you're a dual-dog household or need to walk a handful of dogs at a time, this double dog leash is for you. Easily walk breeds of all sizes together, as shown in the adorable pic above. This set even comes with a pet waste bag dispenser and training clicker to curb bad behavior when you're out and about.

These Storage Containers Get Amazing Reviews

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You can use these BPA-free storage containers to store, well, darn near anything but they're especially useful for food, coffee and herbs since they vacuum seal to keep freshness in. Pop one full of trail mix in your bag for a quick work snack, use another to store cookies or pet treats or organize your whole pantry. These extremely highly rated containers come in a million colors to customize your storage easily so you never mix up kibble and coffee!

This Innovative Snow Shovel Saves Your Back

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I never realized what a workout shoveling is until I was an adult and had to like, do it. It's a real back-killer, but this innovative snow shovel promises to do the hard work for you with it's genius spring-assist handle to change the mechanics of shoveling. I'm no engineer, but judging by the nearly 3,000 gold stars, this thing's legit.

This Strange Planet Comic Book Should Be Top Of Your Reading List

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This delightful little comic book by Nathan W. Pyle will warm your cold, black heart to the very core with it's silly but sweet observational humor through the eyes of a few alien beings. Get to know humanity on a whole other level and maybe even laugh out loud once in a while (ok, a lot more than that).

This Beard Shampoo Is The Real Deal

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While it might be the most hipster item on this list and you might be mortified to ask for it by name, Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy's beard shampoo has nearly 2,000 stellar reviews. The Australian export is chock full of essential oils that condition beard and skin, nixing that "Brillo pad" texture and beard dandruff. Reviewers say you'll have the best-looking, most manageable beard of your life that has a subtle but manly earthy/woody smell. That's a good thing for something that lives right under your nose, I'd say.

This Cold Brew Maker Will Save You Big Bucks

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Tired of spending mad amounts of money on deliciously smooth cold brew? Now you can DIY with amazing results with this cold brew maker that has over 3,400 stellar reviews! Simply fill the filter basket with your favorite coffee, pour over cold water and let it steep for the best iced coffee around.

This Felt Letter Board Is Tons of Fun

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This felt board is a customizable piece of decor that comes in all the colors (rainbow is the coolest, IMO) that you can change up every day with your favorite quote or inspirational message. Or just reminding the kids to feed the dog. No wonder it has almost 3,000 rave reviews!

These Dough Presses Are A Kitchen Necessity

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If you've ever tried making hand pies, homemade ravioli or pierogi, you know how difficult it is to get it right! These dough presses in three sizes take all the hard work out - use one side to cut the dough into a circle, then the other to crimp it shut after filling. You'll get perfectly-sized, uniform goodies that'll all cook at the same rate for delicious results, every time.

This 5-in-1 Wine Stopper Is So Smart

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Who knew a tiny little gadget could do so much? This 5-in-1 wine stopper has lots of tricks up its little sleeve - it aerates, preserves freshness, helps pour, filters and recorks your vino effortlessly! Even better news - you can use it for oils, vinegar, coffee syrups, sparkling water and more to seal in freshness and pour without drips.

These Ring Holders Are Incredibly Cute & Useful

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If you're constantly having mini heart attacks because you thought you lost your favorite rings, these animal-shaped ring holders might be just what you need. These cute, compact little guys keep your precioussses right where you left them, on your bedside table or next to the sink and come in a ton of adorbs choices like llama, Frenchie, cat, Dachsund, elephant or bunny. You can also choose from silver or gold finishes to match your decor!

This Instant Pot Roasting Rack Keeps Things Elevated

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Don't get me wrong, I LOVE using my Instant Pot on busy weeknights when I've forgotten to defrost the meat and the kids are raiding the snack cabinet. But sometimes when you throw everything in together, it cooks down into a soupy mess thanks to the liquid you need for the pressure cooking to actually happen. Enter this silicone Instant Pot roasting rack that ensures your meat and veg are perfectly cooked while staying out of the water! It can withstand high temps and goes right in the dishwasher when you're done, making clean-up a breeze!