Valentine's Day celebrations are going to look a little different this year (just like every other holiday did in 2020). Even though most celebrations are moving indoors, you can still celebrate in style. Get takeout from your favorite restaurant or cook a home-cooked meal together and enjoy these 37 things you need for a home V-Day date.

From lingerie to fondue makers to bubble bath galore, there's everything you need to turn your home into a spa, a fine-dining restaurant, a massage studio, a movie theater, and more. Who says you can't make memories in the comfort of your own home?! Keep scrolling to discover my top picks for celebrating the most romantic day of the yea from the comfort of your own home. Now if you excuse me, I have some shopping to do.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Himalayan Scrub Will Make Your Skin Silky Soft

​Sit back and relax with this Himalayan scrub. It helps remove dead skin, bringing new life to dull, dry skin. With lychee essential oil added, it's also super moisturizing. The soft, silky, refreshing feeling lasts for hours. You'll have everyone you come in contact with feeling your soft skin. That's how good it is.

This Bath Tub Caddy Turns Your Home Bathroom Into A Spa

This bathtub caddy has been a game-changer for bath time. It immediately turns an ordinary bathroom into a full-fledged spa. Use it to hold your wine, candles, book, iPad; you name it. Take a romantic bath with your significant other or enjoy a little alone time. No matter how you use it, you'll never want to take another bath without it.

This Satin Pajama Set Is As Sexy As It Is Cute

If you're looking to surprise a special someone but aren't comfortable wearing something too revealing, this satin pajama set is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy. It can easily be untied should you want to ditch them or keep them on as a little tease. Regardless of how you spend your evening, your loved one is going to find you irresistible in them.

Get To Know Your Partner Better With The Intimacy Deck

Whether you've been together for 6 months or 10 years, there are always new things to learn about your significant other. With the Intimacy Deck card game, you can spend quality time with your significant other while answering thought-provoking questions. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

Get The Night Started With This Massage Oil

There's nothing better than a deep tissue massage. With this massage oil, you can receive the best massage of your life without the $100 price tag. With natural almond, jojoba, and lavender oil, it not only smells good but also moisturizes the skin without being too greasy. I'd say that's the perfect way to start out your Valentine's Day evening.

Curb Your Sweet Tooth With This Dove Chocolate

What would a Valentine's Day gift list be without some chocolate? Especially Dove chocolate. The truffle set comes with 18-pieces of mouth-watering chocolate, making it the perfect gift for someone who has a sweet tooth (and let's be real, who doesn't?).

Spruce Up Your Bath With This Bubble Bath

First comes the bath caddy, and then comes the bubble bath. That's pretty much all you need to create an at-home spa! This L'occitane foaming lavender bath will have you feeling like you're frolicking through the lavender fields in Provence the minute you step into your tub.

This Charcuterie Platter Is Perfect For Date Night

There's nothing better than a charcuterie board on a sunny day. Who doesn't love meat, cheese, crackers, and wine? I know I do. Break out your favorite cheeses, fruits, meats, and bread this Valentine's Day and set it up on this adorable charcuterie platter. It'll be like you've brought a piece of Paris into your home.

Name A Better To Movie To Watch On V-Day Than Valentine's Day

Okay, so this one may be a little corny, but Valentine's Day is actually a good movie, I swear. I mean, look at that cast! It's the perfect combo of funny yet romantic, with every character being tied together in ways you wouldn't expect. It's lighthearted, and an all-around fun watch.

This Lingerie Set Is A Must-Have For Surprising Your Significant Other

I've got one thing to say about this lingerie set, and that's ​hot dang.​ If you're looking to really wow your partner, look no further because this one is definitely a showstopper. The three-piece set comes with a lace bra, thong, and garter belt that can be worn with thigh-high tights for the ultimate ​va va voom ​effect. Plus, it's supposedly extremely comfy, so you don't have to sacrifice sexy for comfort.

Enjoy Fondue In The Comfort Of Your Own Home With This Fondue Fountain

​One could argue that there is nothing better than chocolate covered fruit and marshmallows, especially when you get to dip them yourself. That's where the fondue fountain comes into play. The 4-tier fountain has a two-pound capacity, so you never have to worry about running out of the good stuff. And hey, if chocolate isn't your thing, you can also use it for cheese, BBQ sauce, ranch, and more.

This Waffle Maker Makes The Perfect V-Day Breakfast

Every weekend I make me and my boyfriend pancakes or waffles. It's become a sort of tradition in our house. This waffle maker takes it to the next level with heart-shaped goodies. Use it for waffles, paninis, hash browns, even pizzas! Surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with heart-shaped waffles (or pizzas) in bed for Valentine's Day. That's right. I'm a genius. You can thank me later.

This Ferrero Rocher Collection Is Like Heaven In Your Mouth

If you've never had Ferrero Rocher, I'm here to tell you that you're missing out and that you need to buy this gift box right now. It comes with 48 truffles, 16 of each flavor, which includes the iconic hazelnut, layered Raffaello, and dark chocolate Rondoir. Good luck trying not to eat them all in one sitting.

Wearing These Fuzzy Socks Is Like Surrounding Your Feet With A Cloud

I am a fuzzy sock fiend. I wear them 24/7, no matter how it is outside. Its like walking on a cloud. With 5 different pairs, this set is as soft as it is cute. They're comfy, warm, and not overly thick, so you can wear them year-round.

Nothing Says Cozy Like These Matching Robes

The minute I saw these matching robes, I knew what I was getting me and my boyfriend for our at-home Valentine's Day celebration. I don't know about you, but one of my favorite parts of staying at a hotel is the robes that you get to wear during your stay. So why not enjoy that while home? They're even made with the cotton waffle fabric that hotels use. This one is a no brainer.

Start Your Morning With A Pick-Me-Up With This Cold Brew Maker

There's no reason to spend all of your money on expensive lattes when you can make your own cold brew at home with this cold brew maker. Remember that breakfast in bed I mentioned? Well, a nice tall glass of cold brew would go along with it nicely. Plus, you can make batches big enough to last you several days!

This Jade Roller Set Helps Reduce Fine Lines And Minimize Pores

Face rollers are all the rage right now because of their long list of benefits. This jade roller set ​includes the roller, a gua sha, and a silicone brush to apply masks and creams. Using these is said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, minimize pores, reduce dark circles, soothe acne, help serums penetrate the skin, and soothe headaches–to name a few.

You Can Never Have Too Many Fuzzy Socks

Are you even surprised to see another pair of fuzzy socks on this list? Except unlike the others, these are specifically Valentine's Day themed. Oh, and did I mention they come in a box and can be folded in a way that makes them look like a cupcake?! It doesn't get any cornier than that, and I am so here for it.

Every Good Movie Night Needs This Popcorn Set

Growing up, we had movie nights with popcorn all the time. And my parents were obsessed with putting popcorn seasoning on our popcorn. Whether you've never tried seasoning before or you're an addict, this popcorn set is perfect for at-home movie night because it comes with a few different options, meaning there is something for everyone.

Want To Feel Like You're At A Fine Dining Restaurant? Get This Fondue Maker

Have you ever been to Melting Pot? For whatever reason, I went a few times growing up. My dad used to take my sister and me when he wanted to take us out for a nice dinner. That's why I have such a love for fondue. If the fondue fountain felt a little over the top of you, or you're looking for a smaller setup, this fondue maker is a great alternative. Use it for cheese, chocolate, broth, or oil to cook meats. It's one of the easiest ways to create a three-course meal.

This Babydoll Chemise Is Fun And Flirty

If you'd rather play up your playful side rather than your vixen side, this babydoll chemise is for you. It's extremely flattering on every body type, comes in a ton of different colors, and features a clasp in the front for easy removal. That's what lingerie is for, after all.

Treat Your Loved One To Some Hugs And Kisses

I may be biased because Hershey is my favorite chocolate, but everyone needs these hugs and kisses. The 25-ounce bag includes classic milk chocolate kisses and hugs, aka milk chocolate wrapped in white creme (arguably even better than regular kisses). Fill a dish with them for cute (and edible) V-Day decor!

Make Your Own Ice Cream Flavors With This Ice Cream Maker

With the Hamilton Beach ice cream maker, you can make your own ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, or sherbet in your own kitchen. Just add your favorite ingredients, sit back and relax, and let the machine do all of the work. Want to take it up a level? Spend your Valentine's Day creating different flavors in an ice cream making competition!

Print Your Favorite Memories With The Instax Smartphone Printer

I got my boyfriend this Instax smartphone printer last year for Christmas, and it's been one of my favorite toys to play with. Rather than worrying about carrying a polaroid camera around with me everywhere I go, I can print photos straight from my phone. Now I have a mini-album full of our memories and continue to print some as we go.

The Notebook Is A Romantic Classic

If your significant other doesn't hate sappy movies (or even if they do), The Notebook makes for a great V-Day movie. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling have such great chemistry, and there's nothing like a good cry every now and then. Any excuse to stare at Ryan Gosling for two hours doesn't hurt either...

Rock Your Favorite Pets And People With These Customized Socks

Want to be with your significant other everywhere they go without being creepy? Then these customized socks are the gift for you. Customize them with your face, your pet, you name it. That way they'll have a little piece of you everywhere they go.

Set The Mood With These Candles

At at-home Valentine's Day celebration is not complete without a stupid amount of candles. These pillar candles are great to line around the bathtub, light up your bedroom, or place around your living room dinner picnic. No matter where you use them, they are sure to set the mood.

This Bath Fizz Helps Soothe And Nourish Your Skin

This is the last bath product on this list, I promise. This bath fizz makes great bubbles, smells heavenly, and leaves your skin feeling oh-so-soft! With notes of lavender and chamomile, it's ideal for long days when you need to unwind. It also has aloe and shea butter, so you know your skin will be as smooth as a baby's bottom the minute you get out.

Keep Warm And Comfy With This Throw Blanket

I am a firm believer that the more throw pillows and blankets you have in your house, the cozier it becomes. This throw blanket is aptly pink for Valentine's Day and features cute little pom-poms along the edge. Use it for the holiday and year-round whenever you're looking to warm up with your honey.

If You Love Tea, You're Going To Love This Set

Wellness makes for one great Valentine's Day gift, which is why this tea set is great for a day/night at home. Vahdam Teas, a company established in India, has made it their focus to collect the best teas from all over the world. This particular set comes with three different teas–a sweet Himalayan green tea detox, a Saffron Masala chai, and an Earl Grey chai.

Refresh Your Space With This Room Spray

Is there anything better than a clean smelling room? Especially when everything else is clean. This room mist offers the luxurious scent of aloe, eucalyptus, and lavender for a subtle calming feeling. Spray it right before you climb into bed and watch how relaxed you become.

Enjoy A Candle Lit Dinner With This Paddywax Candle

​I'll be the first to admit that I am a bit of a candle hoarder, and Paddywax is one of my favorite candle brands. So when I saw they created a hygge collection complete with a rose and patchouli-scented candle (that also happens to come in a pink container), I knew I had to include it. These candles subtly fill a room without being too overpowering, and the smell lasts for hours, so your house will be smelling incredible for days.

These Bath Bombs Look Like Mini Treats

Okay, so maybe I lied about the whole bath product thing. But, in my defense, these bath bombs are so cute they almost look edible. The pink and red coloring, along with the heart-shaped details, are perfectly in theme for Valentine's Day, plus they're incredibly adorable and smell phenomenal.

These Wine Glasses Look Classy AF

A Valentine's Day celebration wouldn't be complete without a glass of wine, and these wine glasses are the epitome of classy.​ In fact, I like them so much that I am tempted to throw out the ones I have now and replace them with these. A few big-name home decor stores carry this same style for a much higher price tag, so these also happen to be quite the steal.

Set The Scene For A Night To Remember With This Romance-In-A-Box

If you're all about making things as simple as possible for yourself, then you're going to get a kick out of this romance-in-a-box. The box includes 3 preserved red roses in a heart-shaped box, a 3D greeting card, 200 loose silk rose petals, a rose petal bath bomb, two candlesticks with matching tapered candles, glass tea light holders, 24 tea light candles, and a candle lighter. Basically, it has everything on this list, packaged in one pretty box.

Surprise Your Partner With This Fill-In Journal

The true romantic in me is such a sucker for sappy gifts, so of course, I had to include this What I Love About Us Journal. The little book contains fill-in-the-blank spaces that allow you to describe your love for your relationship. It's a thoughtful book that will make you and your loved one feel special.

Decorate Your Room With These Heart Shaped Pillows

No matter how old you are, there is something fun about getting stuffed animals or decorative pillows like this heart-shaped one. It's a cute way to decorate your living room or bedroom while still sticking with the love day theme. Plus, it's fuzzy, and who doesn't love fuzzy home decor?!