Viral TikTok Product Zip Slicer Solves a Problem You Didn't Even Know You Had

A truly life-changing product has taken TikTok by storm this week. We all know slicing up fruits and veggies can be annoying - but we always thought that was just a fact of life. But it doesn't have to be this way - as this product proves!

Chopping a million tomatoes is hardly anyone's favorite task, right?


And now you can avoid it entirely, by cutting all your tomatoes in one fell swoop!

This zip slicer is perfect for cutting tomatoes, grapes, and berries.


Simply load them into the chamber, then swipe the concealed blade once and cut them all in one movement!

​It's also dishwasher safe, so you can keep it clean and sanitary very easily. 


​Customers are obsessed with this item, too.

"I fantasized about this for a year, at least, as it resided on my wish list. It was an add-on item one day, and I could not resist. Cherry tomatoes are a favorite and I buy them weekly or more when they are in season. They are a pain to cut individually. There was a suggestion, online, to put the tomatoes between a plate and then slice. That didn't work. So I'd slice these tomatoes, and roast them. I pretty much stopped.

One side is open, and the other is closed with a slot that allows the knife to pass. The handle has a triangular blade that is serrated on each side. You basically fill the tube with tomatoes and run the blade all the way through the bottom. It is fast and so easy. The triangle sides just slip through the tomatoes, since you can use the handle from either side. It's simple, useful, and efficient. That said, since the tube is wide enough to fit a fat little cherry tomato, the elongated ones do not slice in half perfectly, nor do small ones. For my purposes, though, it's perfect," wrote one enthusiastic reviewer.

"I thought I'd use this product infrequently, for just slicing tomatoes for salads and pizza. It works so well I've found additional uses. I squeezed gently on the cylinder after filling it with olives for pizza so it would work on the smaller items; I took the once sliced olives and re-loaded them for another slice and it worked perfectly. Much simpler than slicing tomatoes and olives by hand. The blade is sharp and the slicer was easy to use. A great, affordable item to have in the kitchen," another added.


In fact, the product has over 700 5-star reviews at the time of writing!

Take a look a the gadget in action.


Zip Slicer allows you to cut grapes and tomatoes. Would you use it? #gadget #wtf #grapes #tomato #kitchen

Feeling tempted? You can snag your very own right here.