TikTok Discovered Stained Glass Light Bulbs and They're Mesmerizing

TikTok users have discovered stained glass light bulbs on Amazon and it's safe to say, they're mesmerizing. Scroll on to check them out and buy your very own...

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Gone are the days of plain white or yellow lights...


Because now, people are jazzing up their homes with stained glass light bulbs.

These dimmable, incandescent lightbulbs, priced at $19.04 for a pack of 5, are TikTok's latest craze and we can see why...


These GE stained glass light bulbs show colorful light in a geometric pattern, providing a decorative touch to any room.

A quality lighting choice, these bulbs are hand painted and completely unique...


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And, even better, they are expected to last 1.4 years based on 3 hours of use per day.

"I love this bulb. I tried roughly 5-6 bulbs in my lamp before this one. The others were way too bright even at the lowest watts. This bulbs is perfect and the crystals in the lamp sparkle all different colors because of this bulb. It does get hot, but not so hot that it can't be touched. I'll be buying more soon!" one customer wrote.


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"Nice bulb, I use it in my white globe outdoor light. It glows as a muted lightly colored globe now, I like better than a plain white bulb. You don't see the stained pattern this way, just another creative use for it. Good price and just what I wanted. I could not find anywhere, and I shopped! Bought online, arrived fast. I'm pleased," added another.

So, are you ready to transform the lighting in your house...


TikTok made me do it! My area was all sold out but I was able to purchase a pack of 2 on Amazon! ##stainedglass ##stainedglasslightbulb ##lamp ##homedecor

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If so, you can purchase your very own stained glass light bulb here.