37 Brilliant Gadgets That Are Somehow Under $5 On Amazon

Man, I love a bargain - and I love it even more if I don't have to leave my house and go to an actual store to get it! These 37 brilliant gadgets that are somehow under five bucks on Amazon are just the little pick-me-ups you need for making everyday tasks easier and even more fun.

From satisfying silicone mask applicators to the cutest rabbit paper clips, you'll find something on this list you can't live without. And thanks to the price point, you can afford these little indulgences with pocket change!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Multitool That Clips Onto Your Keychain

via: Amazon

Wouldn't it be nice to have an amazing multitool right at your fingertips whenever you need to open a box full of whatever goodies Amazon just delivered, fix a loose pull knob or crack a tasty beverage? Now you can with this 4-in-1 multitool that includes a bottle opener, scoring point for opening annoying plastic packaging, serrated edge, and slotted or phillips screwdriver. It comes on a sleek carabiner you can easily attach to your keychain or backpack so you're ready for whatever, just call you MacGuyver.

This Handy Sink Caddy In The Cutest Colors

via: Amazon

I'm always wishing I had a handy place to hold sponges, soaps and my rings when I'm washing the dishes or my face, and this little sink caddy is the perfect solution. Now your stuff doesn't have to sit in soggy piles mucking up your countertop, it can drain freely in this perforated holder that maximizes space since it attaches to the corner of your sink! And it comes in the most delicious colors, I can't decide if the minty blue, peachy pink or fresh green is my favorite.

This Gray Marble Contact Paper Fancies Up Most Anything

via: Amazon

I want to put this gray marble contact paper on basically everything I own. Coffee table looking a little tired? Fixed. Laptop or phone case all scratched up? Not anymore. Don't feel like bathing the kids? Stick it right on over that dirt! It also does wonders for dingy laminate rental countertops. This miracle cover-up has over 500 five-star reviews for its realistic appearance and ease of use.

This Hot Handle Cover For Forgetful People

via: Amazon

My husband's big into cast iron pans lately, but scatterbrained me always forgets that the handle gets scorchingly hot along with the rest of the pan. This silicone hot handle cover is going to save me from buying any more burn cream since it just pops on and can handle heat up to 475 degrees, so it can go into the oven, too.

This Webcam Cover Protects Your Privacy

via: Amazon

My husband's super concerned with privacy since he works for an intelligence agency, so he's always taping a little piece of paper over the webcam lens on our computers. This 3-pack of webcam covers is a much more elegant solution to potential spies - just stick it over your laptop, tablet or desktop computer's webcam then slide it open when it's time to Skype.

This Tick Twister For Less Traumatic Tick Removal

via: Amazon / K. L. Keith

Ticks are a huge problem for humans and pets where we live and are, in a word, gross. I'm ordering this tick twister, stat - it's a funny little tool invented by a French veterinarian that has over 1,200 five-star reviews. It comes with two sizes depending on how large your tick is (eww) - simply grab the tick by the head and twist a few times and the tick will release its grip without hurting people or pets further!

This Egg Mold For Cuter Snacks

via: Amazon / Julie

I have this egg mold and love using it for my kids' lunches and snacks. They're much more likely to eat a hard-boiled egg if it's bunny shaped, go figure. The molds come in a set of 6, so that's less than a buck each! Choose your kid's fave shape - star, heart, fish, car, bear or rabbit - insert a still-warm, shelled hard-boiled egg, close and then pop the mold in ice water. Voila, cuter lunches just like that!

This Hand Held Juicer In The Cutest Shape

via: Amazon

The round shape of this little manual citrus juicer pleases me to no end. The small but mighty heavy-duty design fits lemons, limes and oranges so it covers all your citrusy needs. The best part is the dome doubles as a measuring cup with increments in tablespoons, cups and millimeters!

These Gear Ties For Better Cord Managment

via: Amazon

Cords are the bane of my existence, I'm looking at a tangled mess of them as I type. These reusable rubber gear ties are the bee's knees to keeping cords in line and come in a 4-pack so you can bind up your earphones, computer cord, mouse cord and printer cord for under $4! I love the integrated stretch loop that fits over cord and USB ends and lets the gear tie live on your cord so you never lose it.

These Cute Paper Clips Make Paperwork Less Boring

via: Amazon

Paperwork's still a necessary evil for some purposes (taxes, ugh), but these bunny-shaped paper clips make it a lot cuter. Gain an office reputation as a whimsical office-supply-haver when you use your signature bunny clips on TPS reports or meeting agendas! This set of 30 clips would be great for teachers and vets, too!

This Bottle Opener Ring For Fresh Brews At Your Fingertips

via: Amazon

We've seen flip-flops with an integrated bottle opener in the sole, but god knows what you've stepped in so this bottle-opener ring is a much more hygienic option! The ring comes in a set of four colors - red, black, silver and gold so your whole posse can have their own for pocket change. You'll be the hero of the next backyard BBQ or pool party!

This Adorable Tea Strainer For Berry Nice Cuppas

via: Amazon

I love cute kitchen accessories, and this strawberry-shaped novelty tea infuser is no exception. It's made from non-toxic silicone that can withstand very high temps, so you don't have to worry about scary chemicals leaching into your tea. Simply place loose tea leaves into the strawberry body, attach the cap then brew a delicious cup!

This Glass Phone Screen Protector In Case You're Feeling Stabby

via: Amazon

I've never been incensed enough to stab my phone but it's nice knowing if the occassion arises, I'm covered. This 3-pack of ultra-thin glass iPhone screen protectors promises scratch-resistance, high touch-responsiveness and zero air bubbles! It doesn't say whether you can actually take a knife to your phone screen, but it's worth a try, right?

This Flea Comb Keeps Fluffy Itch-Free

via: Amazon

Another gross-but-necessary pet grooming tool, this flea comb is worth its weight in gold if your pet has an infestation of unwelcome critters. According to this cheerfully murderous reviewer, "The stiff, silver teeth allow you to see the flea and make sure it dies a horrible soap-filled death! My cat is so much happier and calm and I feel like I am finally starting to win the war!" Ok, then!

This Cup Sleeve Protects Your Hands From Blazing Hot Bevvies

via: Amazon

An eco-friendly way to protect your hands from scalding hot coffee cups, this insulated cup sleeve comes in nine colors and patterns, and even in 5-packs so you can hook up your crew! They get mad love for durability and style and work great on hot or cold drinks to personalize your cup so you don't accidentally take a swig from a coworker's (quelle embarrassing).

This Gorilla Duct Tape Fixes All The Things

via: Amazon

Gorilla glue is a household staple around here for fixing all the things, but did you know there's also a Gorilla duct tape? For less than five bucks, you get 12 yards of heavy-duty duct tape on steroids. This lady says it best: "I always teach younger women who are new to camping, 'real men use duct tape, real women use gorilla tape'. Far more sticky and strong that old fashioned duct tape."

This Ice Cube Tray For Perfect Cubes, Anytime

via: Amazon

Built-in refrigerator ice makers are an outstanding invention, except when yours has been broken for the last six months and not even the internet knows how to fix it. This handy silicone ice cube tray won't break on you, and reliably produces 21 satisfyingly gumdrop-shaped cubes with a simple push of the flexible silicone bottom. For less than $2, it's a no-brainer kitchen accessory you need in your arsenal.

This Magnetic Key Holder Is A Handy Hiding Spot

via: Amazon / Matthew T

Need a handy hiding spot for your keys that's also bulletproof? This magnetic key holder is exactly what you're looking for. A rave reviewer stuck this gadget to his car's underbody near the spare wheel - later on that day when his car was totaled in a multiple car crash, this key holder remained perfectly in place and spotless. Best $3 you can spend!

This Collapsible Cup For Hydration On The Go

via: Amazon

This collapsible camping cup is the handy must-have you didn't know you needed! For under $5, you can choose either the 4oz or 6oz versions of this sturdy gadget that goes everywhere with you thanks to the clip that attaches to your keychain or backpack. Need a quick sip to take some meds? Done. Thirsty but don't want to get too close to the questionably-clean water fountain? Here ya go. Fido parched after a long walk but no dog bowls nearby? Drink up!

This Golf Tee Holder Keeps Extra Tees Close

via: Amazon

My mom recently took up golfing in her retirement, and seems to constantly have golf tees in all her pockets. This golf tee holder is a much better solution since it keeps tees where you need them - clipped onto your golf bag - and comes with 12 white tees and three pink golf ball markers. (The description says it's for the "lady golfer in your life", but really, it's for anyone who likes the color pink!)

This Telescoping Back Scratcher Hits Juuust The Right Spot

via: Amazon

Those wooden backscratchers that everyone seems to have at least one of aren't the most user-friendly if you're trying to reach a very specific spot riiiight in the middle of your back. This telescoping bear claw back scratcher is just what you need to get the exact itchy spot since you can customize the length easily for your needs. And the mini claw is just so cute!

These Silicone Mask Applicators For Gorgeous Skin

via: Amazon

I love doing masks on rare self-care nights, but I don't love the goopy mess they make. These silicone mask applicators make it so much easier to ensure complete, even coverage so the mask dries uniformly with no wet spots on more thickly-applied areas. And they're just so satisfying to use!

These No-Tie Shoelaces Get You Out The Door Faster

via: Amazon

These no-tie laces have made #momlife infinitely easier, especially mornings when we're rushing to get to the bus stop. You just lace the shoes up once, then tighten with the little sliding gadget. When it's time to take the shoes off, just loosen it a bit and slip them off. Seriously, they've added years back to my life - and they come in a bazillion colors so your kid's fave is bound to be there!

These Cool Earphones Stay On During Exercise

via: Amazon

I love my wireless earbuds for exercising, but they fall out with every step it seems, and are not super-convenient to retrieve mid-spin bike ride. These Coosh Earphones have the same earbud feel, but with a lightweight, unobtrusive design that actually keeps them in your ears during exercise, imagine that!

These Mini Funnels For Mess-Free Kitchen Tasks

via: Amazon

Ever tried pouring salad dressing into a smaller container when you're packing lunch without spilling it everywhere? It never goes well and makes a huge mess. No more - these mini funnels let you decant oils, honey or other liquids into other containers without losing half of it to your counter. I've used mine for transferring spices, little beads or other art supplies and a million other things, plus they're collapsible so they take up virtually no storage space in a drawer!

This Dish Squeegee Helps Your Dishwasher Perform Better

via: Amazon

My husband insists we pre-clean the dishes before they go in the dishwasher, which for me means just an extra spray of the faucet or maybe a precursory fork scraping if the food residue's really bad. This dish squeegee would make the annoying job so much faster and easier since you just push over the surface once, no tedious scraping required! Plus, you'll save water since you won't need to rinse, if you're into eco-friendliness.

These Glasses Retainers Keep Your Specs In Place

via: Amazon

Do your glasses slide down your nose or even fall off your face every time you bend over? You need these aptly named Glasses Keepons,  clear plastic gadgets that easily attach to adults' or kids' glasses and keep them in place during sports or daily activities. Reviewers love the durability and the fact you can wash them in case they get sweaty!

This Clean/Dirty Magnet Takes The Guesswork Out Of Dishwashing

via: Amazon

This clean/dirty dishwasher magnet is such a simple, yet genius, invention. I can't count the number of times I've put dirty dishes into a clean dishwasher, or started putting away dirty dishes thinking they were clean until I noticed a funky smell! This little magnet is an easy way to keep track, without resorting to the sniff test.

This Wood Flavored Stick Is Fido's New Favorite Snack

via: Amazon

I'm not sure how they did it (likely science), but this dog chew stick actually tastes like real wood! Available in orginal or mesquite and sizes from petite to large, it's a surefire pup-pleasing gift. Reviewers love that it curbs destructive furniture-chewing behavior and keeps dogs from eating actual sticks (which isn't great for their digestive systems)!

These Shoe Deodorizers For Stinky Piggies

via: Amazon

Why oh why do kids' shoes get so manky, so fast? Could it be the puddle jumping in non-waterproof sneakers then sweating in them all day? My littles need these sneaker deodorizer balls so very badly, good thing they're under $5 so I can get a set for every pair of shoes we own! Simply twist the ball to release a fresh scent, and throw them in whatever swamp-foot shoes need to smell better. They come in a bunch of colors and patterns like various sports balls, tie-dye and pirate so your kids can pick their faves!

This Egg Timer For The Perfect Yolk, Every Time

via: Amazon

What's more disappointing than cracking open a still warm hard-boiled egg only to find out the yolk's overcooked and dried out, or worse - still runny? Nothing, I tell you. Don't worry, this egg timer has your back! Just pop it in the pot while your eggs are cooking and it absorbs heat just as an egg would, so it'll tell you the exact moment your egg yolk is perfectly done to your specifications - soft, medium or hard.

This Rotary Egg Beater For Better Beating

via: Amazon

I've never seen a rotary egg beater before, but I think I'm in love! So much easier than using a fork to beat eggs for the scrambled eggs I serve the kids on a daily basis, it's also great for mixing marinades, gravy, sauces, cake batter, pancake mix, basicallly anything that needs mixing in smaller quantities. I love this reviewer's description of the mechanical process that sounds mesmerizing: "The device gently pulls liquid from bottom to top, creating a rolling cyclone effect that gently emusifies ingredients to the perfect consistency."

This Tactile Cactus Pen Makes Writing Fun

via: Amazon

I love fun writing instruments almost as much as cute kitchen gadgets, and this cactus pen is right up my alley! The knobby surface is pure tactile joy and reviewers love how surprisingly smooth the blue ink writes. I love the "pot" that holds it upright so the ink's always ready to roll, no pre-scribbling required!

This Pocket Tool For Everyday Fixes

via: Amazon

This pocket multitool is like a full toolbox in your pocket. This small wonder packs four socket wrenches, an angled flat head screwdriver, a box cutter, a box saw, a bottle opener and a ruler into a compact tool that's the size of a credit card! This reviewer's testament says it all: "Have bought a few of these gadgets over the past few years. It's not that they wear out, it's that when people see mine, they want one as well."

This Nail Clipper Set Avoids Cross-Contamination

via: Amazon

I have this thing about using toenail clippers on fingernails, and the inventors of this nail clipper set make me feel so seen. They're unbelievably cute and also heavy and well-made, according to rave reviews. Kids also love them, which would make weekly nail trims a whole lot smoother (seriously, it's like wolverines vs. me up in here.)

This Dog Ball Launcher For Endless Fun

via: Amazon

We took the kids to the beach on a mild winter day and everyone and their dog was there with these dog ball launchers! A nice person let the kids borrow his launcher (and dog) and I don't know who had more fun. They throw reliably far and are easy for anyone to use - the best part is the launcher does the work for you so your shoulder won't feel it in the morning!

This Squirrel Rice Paddle Is So Fun It's Nuts

via: Amazon

Sure, you could use a regular spoon to scoop your rice, but where's the fun in that? This squirrel rice paddle is a zillion times cuter, plus it gets fantastic reviews for sturdiness. It's as functional as it is adorable, too - reviewers love his little legs that let him stand on his own and keep the paddle up off the counter!