These SeedSheets Helped Me Grow an Herb Garden In My Tiny Apartment

I am a notorious plant-killer. I don't know whether I'm giving them too much sun, not enough sun, too much water, not enough water, or if I'm just loving them to death, but my houseplants always end up dying after a handful of days no matter how much work I put into them. And although I've been burned so many times before, I decided to give it one more go by trying out these SeedSheets, which basically do all the hard work for you.

No green thumb? No problem.

SeedSheets comes with everything you'll need to grow your own fresh and delicious herbs from your own home; no garden required! Simply fill the container with potting soil, place the seed sheet facedown on top, secure with stakes, and water the seed pods with the included misting nozzle. Two weeks after planting my seed pods I already had enough basil to make pesto and plenty of cilantro for Taco Tuesday. The best part? It actually sends you reminders for when to water and fertilize. SeedSheets were made for all the (now former) plant killers out there!