These Are The Types of Plants Every Millennial Wants In Their Home

The older you get, the more appreciation you have for the fact that you can order just about anything on Amazon and have it shipped directly to your door. Including plants that are more than just a plant. Here are 37 products that are perfect for every grown woman and for our fellow plant-lovers.

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These Coasters Transform into a Cute Cactus

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Obviously, coasters are essential when it comes to protecting your furniture from water stains, but if they're also cute, that's a great bonus!

This Planter Is Also Very Adorable

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This pot's clever design allows you to fill it with water (using the small spout on the side) in order to keep your plant hydrated at all times. That's especially handy for those of us whose thumbs are not very green.

This Polar Bear Key Holder Will Keep Your Keys Handy

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Now, every time you get home, you can put your keys "home" too. The polar bear also doubles as a whistle in case of emergency.

This Poo-Pourri Spray Will Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

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Before you "go," spritz Poo-Pourri into your toilet bowl. It's specially formulated to form a seal on top of the toilet water that keeps any unpleasant smells from escaping into the air around you. I know it sounds crazy, but this stuff appears to really work!

These Sani Sticks Prevent Clogged Drains

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Simply place a Sani Stick in your bathroom sink or shower drain once a month to eliminate odors and prevent clogs.  The Sani Stick is filled with powerful enzymes that break down oil and grease in order to keep drains clear.

Make the Most of the Space Under Your Bed with These Storage Bags

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There may not be any monsters there, but the mess under your bed is still probably pretty scary. These storage bags have a clear vinyl top so you can easily see what's inside. Use them to store extra linens or anything else you'd otherwise just kick under there.

These Mug Hooks Magically Make More Cupboard Space

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You probably have way more mugs than any one person needs, but they don't need to take over your entire cupboard. Install a couple of these handy hooks in your cupboard and voila! More mug space!

Keep Your Toothbrush in This Hanging Utensil Box

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If your bathroom is short on storage, this handy box can definitely help you out (and keep your counter from getting too cluttered). Each utensil box features four slots for toothbrushes or razors as well as a pocket for toothpaste, soap, or whatever else you have lying around.

This Kitchen Hanger Is Another Great Storage Solution

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You can use it to hold a sponge in your sink, spoons by your stove, or even put it in your bathroom to hold soap or your scrubber. Its versatile design means it can be used in just about any room in your house.

This Collapsible Water Bottle Saves a Ton of Space

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A collapsible water bottle like this one makes packing and traveling much easier. It's made of durable material that is dishwasher safe and can be used for either hot or cold drinks.

This Salt Box Will Make You Feel Like a Fancy Chef

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Easily add a pinch of salt to whatever you're cooking up. This attractive wooden box features a swivel top and has two chambers. Use it for salt and pepper, or — if you're feeling especially fancy — two different kinds of salt!

This Card Holder Will Hold Your Notes for You

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Is your monitor currently covered in sticky notes? Are their business cards all over your desk? This cute little guy can help with that.

This Serving Platter Will Make You the Hostess with the Mostest

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Can't you just imagine yourself entering your living room with cocktails for all your friends balanced on this funky tray? It'd also be a great place to put some crackers and a cheese ball if you're feeling a little more low-key.

This Pocket Aerator Is a Must for Wine Lovers

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Aerated wine just tastes better. It's a fact. This handy gadget is small enough to stick in your purse and can transform even the cheapest wine on the menu into something much more palatable.

This Pen Holder Is Another Great Desk Accessory

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This faux grass pen holder is a perfect way to bring a little life to your desk without having to worry about watering it. It holds all manner of writing utensils and will probably make you smile every time you use it.

Say Goodbye to Desk Mess with This Keyboard Shelf

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It fits right over your keyboard to give you some much-needed tabletop space for your sticky notes, coffee mug, and other office accouterments.

Staple in Style with This Gold and Acrylic Stapler

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Sure, your office may already have a stapler, but is it fancy and gold and does it make you feel like some kind of stapling princess every time you use it? If not, it's time to take things into your own hands and buy yourself a fancy stapler.

These Sushi Pushpins Are Too Cute for Words

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While we're on the topic of special office supplies just for you, why not add these adorable sushi pushpins to the list? This listing includes 50 pins.

This Mouse Mat May Just Be the Key to Staying Organized

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Use the two transparent sheets to hold important documents or organize your schedule for the week. It also functions as a mouse pad and has a ruler printed on the bottom for extra convenience.

You Can Make a Whole Salad in a Minute with This Salad Bowl

Put your vegetables in, run your knife through the slots, and ta-da! Salad! This bowl will make your more excited about salad than you've probably ever been before. You can also use it to wash your vegetables. Or fruit!

This Bread Box Is a Cheerful Addition to Any Kitchen

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Sure, it says "bread" right on the box, but we're not going to judge you if you use it for cookies or some other type of food. It's made of powder-coated steel and also comes in either black or red!

This Accessory Stand Cuts Down on Dresser Clutter

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The stand features several hooks for necklaces, a hanger for bracelets or watches, and a tray on the bottom for smaller items like rings.

This Wallet Will Keep Your Important Stuff Extra Safe

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It's made with RFID-blocking material to shield you from hackers. Its trifold design allows you to store your passport, ID, and other important documents in one easy-to-carry accessory.

This Paper Towel Holder Has a Sleek Look

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A hidden suction cup holds it in place on your counter, while the futuristic design conceals the entire paper towel roll. It's available in two different colors.

This Classy Backpack Costs Less Than $30!

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It has a total of seven pockets including a padded compartment for your laptop. We also love the faux leather buckle detail on the front.

Brew Looseleaf Tea in This Travel Mug

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Put your favorite looseleaf tea into the duckling infuser, add hot water, and you're good to go! When the tea is done steeping, the lid doubles as a tray for the infuser. They've really thought of everything.

This Lint Roller Collapses for Easy Travel and Storage

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Every pet owner needs at least one lint roller, but there's no reason you need to be limited to the old-school design. This one is pink! And when it's folded down, it's only 5 inches long, so it can easily be stored in your purse or glove compartment.

These Water Bulbs Water Your Plants So You Don't Have To

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Fill these bulbs with water, stick them in your houseplant, and reap the benefits of planning ahead. They'll automatically drip water into the soil as it dries so you can give yourself a break.

This Popcorn Popper Makes the Perfect Amount of Popcorn

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All you have to do is add some popcorn (and a little bit of oil if desired) and put the popper into the microwave. Within a few minutes, you'll have a bowl of perfectly popped popcorn to enjoy as you binge Jane the Virgin on Netflix.

This Shower Caddy Adds Storage to Your Bathroom

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They just don't put enough storage in most showers. Luckily, shelves like this one solve that problem for you. Use it to store your many soaps, moisturizers, and scrubs.

This Funnel Is Foldable!

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By now, you've probably caught onto the fact that we're into things that collapse. This funnel is no different. Think of all the drawer or shelf space you'll save!

This Key Holder Wakes Up When It's Holding Your Keys!

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When you put your keyring in the owl's talons, his eyes open up as he vigilantly guards them. When you take them away, his eyes close. Is that not totally adorable?! It is.

These Tea Bag Holders Solve an Age-Old Problem

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Tea is great. You know what's not so great, though? Losing your tea bag string in your cup of Earl Grey. These tiny snails give you the perfect place to hook the string so that never happens to you again.

This Jewelry Cabinet Lights up When You Open It

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It features a mirror on the outside and a bunch of hooks on the inside for storing all your jewelry. It also has hooks that allow you to hang the entire thing on your closet door (or wherever else is most convenient for you).

This Exfoliating Brush Will Get Your Face Squeaky Clean

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Those tiny bristles really get down into your pores and give you a deeper clean than just using your fingers. And it feels nice, too.

These Stainless Steel Straws Are Absolutely Brilliant

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If you've decided to cut plastic straws out of your life (they're bad for the environment!), don't worry! You can still enjoy drinking your drinks through a straw. These reusable straws also come with a handy brush to make cleaning them easy as pie.

These Purifying Bags Absorb Funky Odors

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They're filled with activated bamboo charcoal which absorbs whatever nasty odors happen to be around it. Tuck them in your shoes, your closet, your car, or anywhere else that could use a bit of freshening up.