37 Unbelievable Solutions to Everyday Problems

I hate it when small tasks spiral into huge undertakings. After struggling with everyday problems--and sometimes innovating with homemade solutions to mixed results--I'm left wondering, "hasn't anyone thought of a handy solution to this yet?!" Luckily, I'm also a huge fan of useful Amazon products. I'm always on the hunt for new tools and love finding gadgets to simplify my life.

Flat champagne? Try a champagne stopper to make sure that your sparkling wine never loses its sparkle (mimosas for days.) Takes too long to slice all your little cherry tomatoes into perfect halves? Check out this tool that'll let you easily slice tomatoes in batches. Nothing feels more satisfying than finding the right tool, so check out 37 useful Amazon products that'll solve everyday problems.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

A Mop Organizer To Make My Broom Closet Not A Scary Place To Be

Honestly, I hate going into my cleaning supplies closet. It's in disarray, and no matter how many times I beg my mops to stay balanced against the wall, they're always falling over disgracefully. This mop organizer is a total game-changer. It installs easily, looks sleek, and the ample hooks and space for a broom handle leave more than enough room to store everything I need.

This Genius 5-in-1 Tool That Saves Me SO MUCH Kitchen Space

I adore multi-featured gadgets that let me perform multiple kitchen tasks. Here's what this piece of ergonomic, heat-resistant nylon can do-- it can be a slotted spoon, a solid spoon, a spatula, a turner, and a cutting tool. Phew! Sometimes, I even refer to this handy tool as a 6-in-1. Its final function? Saving me a whole lot of kitchen space. Seriously, I bought a couple and gave away tons of my bulky spoons and spatulas.

Never Suffer Through Flat Champagne With This Champagne Stopper

The best part of any wedding, graduation party, or other celebration is the (hopefully free) champagne. And the best part of the champagne is the bubbles! Nothing's worse than pulling out champagne for a mimosa and finding your wine's gone flat. Just seal up your bottle of sparkling wine with this stopper and pump a couple of times to return the carbonation. I also love the function that allows me to date when I closed up the wine.

I Can Slice A Loaf Perfectly With This Bread Slicing Gadget

Turning a loaf of bakery or homemade bread into perfect slices is not the easiest job in the world, and this gadget makes sure you never have to consider how strangely thin and crooked your slice of bread looks. I've seen these at bakeries, and was so happy to find an affordable version on Amazon. Just put your loaf in and have fun making perfect slices. When you're done, it folds down quickly and won't take up much cabinet space.

Dinner Is Always Hot and Ready With A Warming Plate

I've seen versions of these at buffets and was excited to find this super affordable option on Amazon to keep my dinner warmer for so much longer. The stone base heats up to keep your entrees toasty (no wires or cords involved!), and the handles stay cool to the touch so I can transport my piping hot food wherever it needs to go.

A Lemon Sprayer Gadget Makes Me Feel Like I'm Living In The Year 3000

I'm honestly mad that I didn't think of this fantastic lemon sprayer gadget first. This well-reviewed tools works smoothly--Just cut the top off a whole citrus fruit and insert this nifty gadget. A tip from the reviews: squeeze your fruit of choice a bit before using. This tool makes it easy to spread lemon juice all over my food, instead of eating just one lemon-y piece of fish. I also just really like how fun it is to spritz my food.

A Potato Peeler To Save Me Time and Blisters

My love for the versatile potato knows no bounds. Fries are delicious, mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food, and baked potatoes are a perfect game-day snack. But peeling all those tubers? I was tired of getting sore hands from battling a razor and decided to invest $18 in this amazing electric potato peeler that lets me sit back while it peels my potatoes in a snap. Getting in starchy food has never been easier, and it works great on other veggies.

This 10-in-1 Gadget Makes Fruit Slicing, Service, Juicing (and So Much More) So Easy

The number of tools I have in my kitchen cabinets dedicated to just fruit is ridiculous--mashers, apple corers... This 10 in 1 gadget cuts through the clutter and is incredibly compact. Here are only 5 of its amazing functions: citrus cutting, apple cutting, mesh cutting, grater, and a large fruit squeezer. You can use this on other kitchen stables, too, like garlic and ginger. Plus, it looks like a lil apple. How cute is that?!

The Jelly in my PB&J Stays In Place With This Cut N Seal Gadget

One of my favorite memories growing up was munching my way through thousands of Uncrustables, so I was super excited when I found this Cut N Seal solution. Now I can take a nostalgic trip back to my childhood wherever I want and worry less about the jelly in my sandwiches staining my shirt. My sister loves how it can feed her hungry kids crust-free sandwiches on-demand, and I love that all the filling stays in place during lunchtime.

Garden Gloves That Let You Dig Without a Shovel

These garden gloves are built to make it so much easier for gardeners to dig and plant. With these gloves, you can cut out spades and other digging tools and rely on your own two hands! They are waterproof and breathable and will protect your hands and nails from grime and cuts. Plus, you'll kind of look like wolverine as you dig your perfect holes. That's a huge bonus if you ask me.

A Reliable Door Jammer That Lets Me Sleep Just A Bit Easier

Sometimes staying at a new hotel in a new city can cause a bit of anxiety. I mean, hotel doors just seem a little flimsy, okay? Here's how this door jammer works. It attaches in a couple of seconds without the use of a tool (and can be removed in just as little time), and uses the displacement of force to keep out any unwanted guests. It comes in two sizes: one ideal for travel, and a larger version that is perfect for commercial spaces or home safety.

An Electric Immersion Heater So I Never Sip Lukewarm Soup Again

Sometimes my plans to enjoy a hot beverage in the morning are ruined by a work emergency, and by the time I pick up my tea again, it's lukewarm. Yuck. This tiny, electric immersion heater makes sure I never suffer through a cold cup of broth again. Simply plug in the heater, stick it in your bowl, and let it bring your bevy to a boil in about two minutes. Top tip: Turn off and unplug your portable heater before you start sipping!

A Brush Drill-Head To Get Me Results In Less Time

Introducing the power-washer of brushes! Simply fix one of these brush drill-heads onto a household drill and get ready to scrub the scum off your bathrooms and tiled areas. The bristles don't leave any scratches, and these brush drill-heads come in a variety of different stiffness levels, allowing me to pick the right one for the stain I'm facing down.

Finally, a Deep Clean—This Brush Gets Every Groove

When I clean, I always leave one spot untouched--getting into the groves of my windows is no easy feat. I've been on the hunt for a solution to this pesky cleaning problem for a while. I love that this brush fits so satisfyingly into every groove in my house. It really removes dirt and dust that's been there for months. Finally! My house gets a deep clean.

A Cooling Mat For My Pooch Is A Summertime Essential

I love the summer heat, but my furry friends get a little bit toasty. This mat made out of breathable material makes sure my dogs can cool off and get super comfortable after walking in the heat. It's perfect for placing in the living room, or I can take it outside to a patio. Plus, it's machine-washable, so my pooch can tread on it with her muddy paws.

Egg Poaching Cups Make Fancy Poached Eggs An Everyday Treat

My boyfriend and I try to make time on the weekend to cook a full and tasty breakfast. I'm so excited to find a better and cleaner way to make perfect poached eggs. Simply put your egg (and any other ingredients you want) into a poaching cup, and let it go bob around your boiling water until it has achieved the right level of done-ness. These poaching cups can be used for other meal must-haves like heating sauce and making fondue.

The Only Nail Clipper Set I'll Ever Need

Ingrown nails are not fun to talk about, but have plagued me forever, and demand some nail clippers that can get the job done. These nail clippers have almost ten thousand (!) great reviews and are perfect for my boyfriend and me. These ergonomic nail clippers are durable, easy to use and leave nails with no ragged edges to dig into my skin and cause more ouchies.

Hat Washer Keeps My Hats In Mint Condition

I love wearing baseball caps to keep the hot summer sun out of my eyes, but I'm never sure how exactly I'm supposed to clean those sweaty hats. I found this hat washer on Amazon to keep the shape of my baseball hats in the washer and make sure that they survive my crowded drawers without getting crushed.

No More Smudgy Screens With This Handy Gadget

I hate how smudgy all my screens get, and sometimes using a microfibre cloth or other rag leaves annoying little circles behind. I looked for something that would get a deeper clean and found this great liquid-free cleaner at a super affordable price. It gets rid of fingerprints and smudges with only a few swipes, and it's portable enough so I can toss it into my bag before I go.

Scissors With A Laser To Up My Crafts Game

I don't know about you, but my ability to cut in a straight line leaves something to be desired. I hold the unfortunate title of Worst Present Wrapper in my family, so I was super pleased to see these scissors that make sure I cut with laser-precision. They're easy to use (you've just gotta keep your hand straight) and are perfect for presents, crafts, and your next sewing project.

This Tiny Eyeglass Cleaner Changes The Game

A big motivation for me to switch to contacts was just how grubby my eyeglasses could get. These little eyeglass cleaners are specially designed to get eyeglass frames smudge-free with small microfibre pads that can get rid of grit, fingerprints, and other yucky stuff. They're portable, and at only $6 for a pack of five, I just throw one in my eyeglass case, and I'm ready to go.

A Milk Steamer For At Home Cappuccinos

Okay, technically, not being able to have cappuccinos early in the morning may not be an everyday problem. But! I'm so excited to share this fantastic milk frother that makes sure I can top my coffee with the richest, frothiest milk. I love that it's super quiet, has multiple functions, and can get me my cappuccino fix in minutes.

Bring The Spa Home With This LED Nail Lamp

Nothing beats a home-spa experience, and I love this little LED nail lamp that's able to cut the time it takes my nail polish to dry down by half (!) Smudged nails are no fun, but when I'm on the move, I don't have time to wait for my nails to dry. This LED nail lamp is perfect for both gel nails and touch-ups. I love that it has a sensor feature, too, so it'll shut off once your nails get dry.

This Portable Doggy Waterbottle Is A Must Have For Summer

I love taking my pooch on a summer hike and hate dragging around another water bottle to make sure she is always hydrated. This portable and convenient doggy water bottle can refill with only a click of a button. I love that it saves water by letting the excess water back into the bottle. Its leakproof design makes sure my backpack stays dry, too.

A Dispenser Tool To Help Me Make The Perfect Pancake Every Time

Pancakes are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But, I'm a sucker for the perfect pancake. The right thickness, the right shape, golden brown...nothing beats that deliciousness! With this gadget, making perfect pancakes are a snap. Simply fill this dispenser up with batter, and squeeze to dispense the right amount. It's not just for making perfect pancakes. You can create perfect cupcakes, muffins, crepes, and anything else you can dream up.

I Get Where I'm Going Safely With A Magnetic Phone Holder

A cell-phone slipping and sliding around is not only unhelpful when I'm trying to listen to my GPS-instructions, but presents a serious driving-danger. Other car cell-phone holders may (sort of) do the job, but this magnetic phone holder is the best of the best. Its six strong magnets hold my phone or my tablet super tight, and, according to the reviews, it's able to survive even the bumpiest roads.

Non-Slip Stair Treads Make Even The Slipperiest Floors Safe For Small Feet

After my little niece took a tumble down my sister's super slippery stairs, I went on the hunt to make her staircase just a bit safer. These non-slip stair treads make sure that pets, children, older family members (and anyone wearing socks!) can walk downstairs quickly and safely. Just stick them to the edge and enjoy impressive traction!

Hanging Trash-Cans Save My Back (And Floor)

My kitchen feels smaller every day, and I'm rapidly running out of counter space and floor real estate. I love these ingenious door hanging countertop storage bins that make kitchen organization easy. They're perfect for storing uncut fruits or kitchen gadgets without cluttering my space. They're not just for the kitchen. You can use them for closets or garages or any other room that needs some extra storage.

This Gadget Slices The Time It Takes To Slice Tomatoes In Half By Half

Slicing tomatoes, grapes, olives (and any other round, fiddly thing) gives me more grief than it should. It always feels slow and time-consuming, and I was honestly so over the effort it took to get a handful of grape tomatoes. This gadget to batch chop what I need is durable, easy, and its size is adjustable to what I'm cutting. Plus, it can be used on bagels, chicken, and shrimp.

A Personal Alarm To Bring Me Peace Of Mind Late At Night

Walking alone late at night or traversing an empty parking lot can cause my pulse to quicken, and I'm always looking for a way to get an extra sense of security. Here's how this potentially life-saving gadget works to keep you safe--just attach one to your purse, and, if you're in danger, press the button. It'll let out a piercing alarm that can draw attention to your situation and distract a potential attacker. Reviews say it's good for hiking and can incapacitate aggressive wild animals.

Foldable Reading Glasses That Won't Get Crushed

My mother let me know about these fantastic foldable reading glasses that are ideal for travel. They're so incredibly durable that I never worry about them getting crushed on long flights or while riding Boston's infamously rocky public transport. Designed with comfort in mind, they're feather-light, adjustable, and stay tight on my nose without squeezing or pressing.

No More Flat Soda With This Cap

I rarely finish a whole soda and hate being left with flat sugar water (yuck) when I pick up a half-finished bottle. These handy caps make sure that my pop stays fizzy long after I've put it down for the day, and I'm saving a lot of money by not replacing my sad, flat soda. The flexible lids fit bottles and cans of all sizes, and I love that they're dishwasher safe!

A Multi-Use Pen That I Take Literally Everywhere

This multi-use pen crams tons of nifty features into its sleek shape. Bottle opener? Check. Flashlight? Check. Smooth-writing ballpoint pen to scribble down a grocery list? Check. If I'm ever in a tough spot, I can rely on this pen. With a window-breaker, powerful LED flashlight, and enough heft to do some damage, it doubles as a self-defense and emergency-ready tool.

A Toiletries Holder So My Toothbrush Stops Languishing On My Countertop

My boyfriend and I have super limited counter space in the bathroom, and our sink and bathtub end up being a total mess of products. I love organization tools that let me make use of my ample and empty wall space, so this wall toothbrush holder was totally made for me. There are no suction cups, but the holder is always secure, and the antibacterial materials mean that its here for me in the long run.

An Umbrella I Don't Have To Hold

I hate getting stranded with my groceries, dogs, or on my bike with no hands available for my umbrella. My dog-walker friend let me in on this super simple problem solver. When you've got no hands to hold your umbrella, wear it on your head! I love to give the umbrella hat to my friends as a present. It may look like a novelty gift, but it's seriously helpful for gardeners, hikers, and people with lots of groceries.

3-Tier Cooling Rack Saves On Counter Space

When I have my sister and my nieces coming over, I love to surprise everyone with a big bunch of chocolate chip cookies (and some to take home because I'm just that nice!) But, I don't have enough space on my kitchen counter to let all my cookies cool off. This collapsible 3-tier baking rack is basically the sky-scrapper of cooling racks and makes me feel like a real baker.

This Wine Chiller Stick Makes Getting Your Rose Fix Easier

Real talk--I love anything that helps me enjoy my glass of rose in the summer just a little bit more. This 3-in-1 wine chiller, aerator, and pouring device is a must-have for all wine-lovers and skips the mess of ice buckets. Here's how it works--you just put this handy gadget into the freezer for a couple of hours and slot it into a bottle of wine you want to keep chilly. The aeration feature seriously enhances the wine's flavor, and, without any messy ice, there's nothing to dilute your perfect pour.