The 10 Best LED Strip Lights for Illuminating Any Space

LED light strips are one of the coolest and easiest ways to add some pizzazz to your living space . You can use them to light shelving, add a pop of color under your cabinets, outline a piece of art or design feature...and so much more. They're versatile and are a fun way to add some light to a room without dropping a bulky lamp in.

There are dozens of uses for LED strip lights: maybe you want to create a home movie theatre with some mood lighting. Maybe you want to create a cool party room with lights that pulse in time to the beat. Maybe you're building yourself the perfect makeup station and you need strong lighting behind that beautiful mirror you just installed. LED lights can do all of it. If you're looking to upgrade your home, LED lights are an inexpensive way to add a lot of pow to any space. And best of all there are dozens of options so no matter what features you're looking for, there's something that will hit your exact needs.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

That might sound overwhelming. Don't worry: you've got us on your side to help walk you through the options. There are so many brands and features, but if you know what you want, we can help you find the lights to match it. That's why we've put together this top ten list: you'll find a high quality LED strip light that works perfectly for your needs. Whether you're brand new to DIY home upgrades or a pro, we have the details you need .

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Govee is great

Govee may be the most popular LED Strip Light and there's a reason for that. They have dozens of options so that no matter what you're looking for you can find a strip light that works for you. This particular set works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so all you have to do is download an app to your phone and you can change the colors, brightness, and more!

Motion sensing

Here's a cool feature: these LED lights are motion activated. I'd love to use them for outdoors or in the bathroom at night, so I don't stub my toes when I get up at midnight. They have 6 different brightness levels, and you can control them with the same app as our first option. So cool.

4 strips for all the right places

Most LED strips come in long rolls and can't easily be cut down to smaller sizes. This set of four small strips is perfect if you want to highlight smaller spaces. Outline a TV, use them to highlight your stairs, or showcase some shelves. The LEDs come with a remote that lets you pick between twelve different colors, flashing modes, and dynamic changes.

Pure white

While most LED strip lights have tons of color options, this roll is pure white. There's a reason for that: if you're backlighting a mirror, or want to add some extra light to the underside of a cabinet, you want useful, white light. That's what this bad boy is for: practical lighting in all the tightest spaces.

Any length you want

Now here's an awesome feature: this LED strip can be cut down at almost any point along its length. That means no matter what you're lighting, you'll get the absolute perfect length for your project without any fuss and muss. SO easy.

Party time!

I LOVE this idea: these lights have a built in mic that lets them react to music and beats. You can make them pulse, change color, dim, or brighten in time with the music. This set comes with three full rolls of LEDs, so you can really upgrade your whole house.

Voice activated

Maybe you want to use a remote, and you can certainly do that with these LEDS , but maybe you want to go truly futuristic and just tell the lights what to do. Now you can. These lights sync with Alexa or Google Assistant, and you can voice activate them through the app. We are truly living in the future.

Easy to use and so fun

" With the whole COVID 19 pandemic this literally turned my house into a movie thearter. They are super easy to install and are really cool . They set a great vibe. It is def a mood setter. You can set the lights to your phone so you will be able to turn them on or off from your phone. You can also set them so they go to the beat with whatever music your playing. There is so many settings where you can dim them if they are to bright or make them change. I highly recommend if you want to upgrade your house." With a review like that I guess I have to get some.

All the colors

Here's something cool: each strip on these lights can display 15 different colors simultaneously. That means endless opportunities for you to create light displays, patterns, movement, and more. If you've got some extra time on your hands, it's SO fun to see what you can create with these lights.

Last but certainly not least

Here are a few things that make this LED set stand out : they have a built-in mic to detect music beats, but what makes it different is that you can adjust the sensitivity of the mic to any level you choose. They include a timer that turns off the LED lights 15 mins, 30 mins or 1 hr after you set them. Plus they have 180 LED bulbs, rather than the more standard 150. You definitely get the deluxe with this set.