Disposable Urinal Is a Life-Saver When Your Kid Has a Toilet Related Emergency

We think we have found one of the coolest little addition to your camping kit. No, it's not a fancy lighter or a mug that holds 3 gallons of coffee. It's actually very good for those long road trips or if you can't find a toilet quickly...

You're right. We have found out that someone has created disposable urinals and honestly we are so excited to tell you all about it.

A pack of six disposable urinals are a great emergency fix for that moment when you really just cannot hold it.


Great for camping, road trips, festivals, or any other urinary emergencies, this pack of 6 urinals could be a life saver if you're no where near the comfort of a bathroom.

The TravelJohn Disposable Urinals contains patented lessor Super absorbent pouch that absorbs liquid waste and turns it into odorless gel!


How cool is that? No more peeing into bottles or cups or hearing your child cry because "they have to go right now!" This invention could save the day and provide you with a quick and easy way to relieve yourself.

And it's not just for pee! The TravelJohn is also great for motion sickness, meaning you won't have to spend a Saturday afternoon scrubbing carrots out of the carpet.


It's unisex design means that both men and women can use this, without the fear of leakage or spillage. It works by instantly absorbing up to 28 fluid ounces and turns liquid into an odorless solid gel.

You can buy it in different size packs from 3 all the way up to eighteen.

"I like that this is really easy to use. You just put it in place and pee. It fills up, gels, and works great. I had no problems using it, it wasn't complicated, didn't spill, didn't smell, it just worked," one customer wrote.


Another wrote: "These are amazing for women which I am and can only speak from that point of view. I would never travel without them. Stay over at peoples' houses that you don't know if you can get to a bathroom during the night? These are wonderful. So handy and all you need are handy wipes which you put right in the bag after use. I use it multiple times during the night and never have to bother anyone with trips through others' bedrooms or up/downstairs. Just handy, clean and so dependable."

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