The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for Your Home (2020)

Cleaning your home can be a thankless and tiring job. But these days it can also arguably be a dangerous one, for both you and your family. In today’s society, almost every form of cleaning product on the market contains everything, from dangerous chemicals to sulphuric acids. And not only can these products lead to side effects such as headaches and nausea, but they can also be highly corrosive to the environment. So how can you assure a clean household that is also family safe and environmentally kind? Well, why not consider investing in some of the best Eco-friendly cleaning products now available online?

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But how to know which is the best cleaning product for you? Well, as it turns out, we have compiled this helpful list of the best cleaning solutions now available on These products are totally green and will assure your family is safe from any poisonous toxins. So grab a sponge and a bucket of warm water, because these are the best Eco-friendly cleaning products for your home.

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Eco-Natural Products Washing Soap Nuts

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If what you want is a green alternative to chemical-laden soap products, then you should consider taking a look at these Washing Soap Nuts by Eco-Friendly Products. After contact with water, these nutshells release saponin, a sort of natural foam. And this foam can be used to clean anything from your hands to dishes and even laundry loads. And not to worry, these nuts are 100% safe and do not cause allergic reactions. Making them perfect for a family household hoping to take care of our beautiful planet.

Method All-Purpose Cleaner

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Right now, Method is easily one of the most influential and successful producers of Eco-friendly cleaning products. This All-Purpose Cleaner is derived from a completely natural formula, meaning that you won’t be spraying your kitchen counters with any nasty chemicals, keeping you and your family safe.

Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towels

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Are you tired of constantly using up your kitchen towels? Are you sick of all the unnecessary waste you are creating just by cleaning your kitchen? Then maybe you need to invest in some Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towels. Each of these kitchen towels is washable and can be reused up 80-100 times, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about waste or mess again. Absorbent and strong, these towels are versatile and easy to use, providing all you need for a clean and sanitary household.

Soulgreen Ltd Eco-Friendly Dish Scrubber

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If you want a kitchen towel that lasts even longer, then consider purchasing these Eco-friendly Dish Scrubbers by Soulgreen Ltd. This set comes complete with eight bamboo cloths, a healthy and green alternative to disposable wipes. The wipes are soft and strong, promising to last longer than any other cleaning wipe available online. So why not help the earth while you clean your dishes.

Eco-Me Natural Toilet Cleaner

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Commercial toilet bowl cleaners can often be the biggest contributor in dangerous chemicals entering your home, with many containing ammonia and bleach. But with the Eco-Me Natural Toilet Cleaner, you’ll never have to be concerned with dangerous solutions again. This natural cleaner has been made using an all-natural herbal mint recipe. That kills bacteria and germs just as effectively as any other name brand cleaner, but with fewer toxins and more earth-friendly value.

S&C Bamboo Scrub Brush

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Tired of plastic brushes that do a poor job and hurt the environment? Then consider investing in a S&C Bamboo Scrub Brush. This compostable and Eco-friendly brush has been designed with durable bristles that can be used to wipe away at any tough stain or surface. The bristles will also be able to reach hard-to-clean areas, assuring a more efficient and overall wash. Make sure to keep dry after use and the brush will last as long as you want it. Versatile and industrial, this brush is the one to have.

Bio-Clean Eco-Friendly Stain Remover

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Stain removers can often contain vast amounts of chemicals, and can often be a danger to you and your family’s health. So why not consider Bio-Clean Eco-Friendly Stain Remover. This cleaning product uses calcium hard water to assure a clean and sparkling finish. Use it to tackle everything from limescale to spills and your household will be left absolutely gleaming.

H-BDAY Natural Kitchen Loofa

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H-Bday Natural Kitchen Loofas are an all-natural alternative to plastic-based brushes and sponges. Created entirely from natural plant-based materials, the loofas are biodegradable and can be used to tackle everything to dirty surfaces to kitchen counters. The loofas also foam well and absorb less soap product, making it an efficient and easy to use cleaner.

Miztag Reusable Paper Towels

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Made from high-quality cotton, these Reusable Paper Towels from Mitzag come in a range of colorful and quirky patterns, perfect for any Eco-friendly kitchen with a vibrant theme. Completely soft and durable, these towels can be washed and reused for years to come, meaning you’ll never have to invest in harmful and wasteful kitchen towels again.

GoldPaddy Reusable Washer Balls

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These Reusable Washer Balls by Goldpaddy are not only easy to use but are the perfect tool for anyone trying to get a solid, eco-friendly wash. With their unique concave design, the balls help to save water and energy, vastly reducing your wash time.