This Salmon Sock Box Is the Perfect Gift for That One Friend Who Doesn’t Stop Talking About Sushi

Socks have gained a rather unfair reputation for being bad gifts. But these adorable sushi-themed items prove that doesn't have to be the case.

For those who love sushi above all else, now there's an opportunity to wear it!


These socks will make your feet look good enough to eat.

It's the display box that truly sets them apart, though.


Have you ever seen anything quite so adorable in your life?

They're made of high-quality materials by a family business...


And promise to add a truly adorable touch to any outfit.

The socks currently have nearly 1,500 5-star reviews!


"Bought these as a gift, which I haven't given them out yet. But as far as I can tell, the presentation at least is very nice. They have a little ball of "wasabi" and whatever the ball of white is haha. And a tiny thing for "soy sauce". The container is also not damaged in any way. It's neat and cute and fun!! I am really hoping my friend loves them, as she really enjoys sushi!! (They are almost too cute to take out of the package so even if they don't fit, at least they'll be cool to look at)," one fan wrote.

Another agreed, adding: "My niece is going to school to be a chef. When I saw these I thought they were so cute and funny I just had to order them for her. She loved them immediately. She was laughing at the detail of the wasabi and ginger in the package.
After seeing them I have decided to order another set for someone else's birthday who loves sushi."


Sold? You can buy your very own right here.