Genius Gadget Reads and Scans Text in Books and Saves It as a Note to Your Phone

An incredibly useful device called the Scanmarker has recently captivated the internet's attention. And if you don't think you need it, let us prove you wrong...

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Here's the TikTok audio that catapulted the pen into viral fame.


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People couldn't believe how useful the product seemed!

Is there anything it can't do?


This tiny little gadget is the size of a pen, but it scans notes and saves them to your phone - making note taking an absolute doddle.

Not only that, but it can translate text into over 40 languages!


Plus, you can use it to scan your handwriting into a computer to create personalized notes and logos!

It also translates text to speech, reading notes to your aloud.


This makes it ideal for those with reading difficulties like dyslexia.

​The Scanmarker connects wirelessly using Bluetooth and is compatible with Mac & Windows computers, plus iOS & Android.


Get your Scanmarker right here - and prepare for your life to change forever!