People Are Going Crazy for This Shot Dispenser That’s Under $10

Amazon is selling the ultimate party accessory, and it's gone viral online...

Because as fun as it is to take shots, it can be kind of a hassle, not to mention the inevitable spillage!


And someone always ends up shotting theirs before everyone else gets their hands on one.

Now, while that's what makes it fun, if you really want to step up your shot game, you need this new gadget from Amazon.


It's so good, it even blew up on TikTok recently.

It's called the SUNFEID 6 shot glass dispenser, and here's how it works...


Best purchase I’ve ever made 👏🏽👏🏽#StrikeAPosay #Artmas #DejaTuHuella #MakeItMagical #

You place your shot glasses under each funnel and then you pour your alcohol of choice into the bowl connecting them all at the top.

Then it dispenses that liquid evenly into all the glasses below and boom, you instantly have shots for 6.


It even includes a carrier, so you can transport the shots directly to your friends. It really is the ultimate party accessory.

The 6 shot glass dispenser also includes 6 acrylic cups and is priced at just $8.99...


You can buy the SUNFEID 6 shot glass dispenser here.