Right On Time For The Holidays, Here's 37 Amazon Gifts Under $30

Great gifts don't have to come with big price tags. Some of the best gifts I've received can cost the same as a happy meal at your favorite fast-food restaurant.

The best place to find thoughtful gifts at rock bottom prices is the online utopia known as Amazon.com. We've compiled a list of the 37 best gifts Amazon has to offer for under $30 and trust me, you won't be disappointed. From family-gather games to awesome electronics, this list of elite Amazon buys is sure to help you cross a few names off your Xmas list.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

So grab your debit card and let's dive right into our list of 37 gifts under 30 bucks.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.”

An Electric Massager To Work Out The Kinks

This easy to use, professional-strength massager is perfect for anyone on your list that wants the feel of a spa right in their own home. The interchangeable massage heads allow you to customize the massage to your needs. The easy to use, non-slip grip allows you to put this massager's powerful motor to good use.

A Crazy Comfy Throw Blanket

Give the gift of comfort with this crazy comfortable fleece throw. Made of soft 100% microfiber cotton, this throw is perfect for the living room, bedroom, family room, or any place that needs a little comfort.

One Of The Best Looking Tea Pots You'll Ever See

This perfect pot set is ideal for any of the tea lovers on your list. The stainless steel mesh in the center of the pot gives you a clean and pure cup of tea. The transparent design lets you see the tea as its brewing. The teapot can easily brew 4 cups of tea, allowing you to share a warm cup with your loved ones.

An Adult Coloring Book That Goes Great With A Glass Of Wine

Adult coloring books are a great way to wind down and free the mind of your day to day worries. This delightful 32-page color book gives you hour and hours of complex illustrations to navigate while taking a few sips of your favorite red or white.

The Perfect Party Game For Adults

This new take on the classic game of Jenga gives you a great reason to toss a few back (responsibly of course). Each block has specific tasks you have to complete once the block is pulled, some are fun and some are flat out crazy. This is a great novelty gift for anyone on your list who loves a good time with friends.

A Whiskey Rocks Set That's Sure To Impress

This whiskey rocks set is awesome for any whiskey lovers on your list. The set includes 6 rocks, 2 glasses, and a gorgeous carrying case. The rocks stop your drink from being diluted with ice cubes that melt quickly and allow you to enjoy your drink in it's full flavor.

A Stand For Your Watch, Phone, And Airpods

This is the perfect product for those who have a number of gadgets to keep track of. This stand allows you neatly hold your iPhone, Apple watch, and Airpods in place until they're ready to use. The non-slip grip and sturdy alloy build make this stand durable and ready for regular use.

A Fancy Facewash That Soothes Your Skin

This is easily one of the best face washes I’ve tried over the years. Your face feels clean and moisturized after washing and it smells amazing. The pump bottle it comes in was incredibly convenient for my family, as I have teenage children who used it as well. The fact it’s made of all-natural ingredients and is cruelty-free is another huge plus.

A Solar Powered Garden Light To Spruce Up Your Backyard

This solar-powered beauty is a great way for your loved ones to spruce up their yard or patio. It's weather-resistant so it can withstand whatever elements mother nature throws your way. Operation is simple, there's just a small button on the side that activates the light and makes sure it turns on once the sun goes down.

A Soap Dispenser To Keep Those Hands Clean

I actually have 2 of these automated soap dispensers in my home, and they’ve both performed very well after lots of use. The waterproof base and sleek design make them perfect for almost any bathroom or kitchen. It works with just about every type of liquid soap, and the amount of soap that gets dispensed is actually adjustable. Our dispensers have been an awesome addition and I highly recommend them for any household.

Wireless Earbuds That Bring The Bass

Give the gift of freedom with these ultra-affordable, bass-heavy earbuds that replace conventional wires with Bluetooth technology. These earbuds will give you hours of your favorite tunes in crystal clear quality. These bad boys can play for 4 continuous hours without a single recharge. Which means you'll never have to stop the music.

Meal Prep Containers That Keep Your Food Fresh

This 10-piece meal prep kit is an awesome addition to anyone's kitchen. The containers are made from borosilicate glass which is oven safe up to a whopping 700 degrees. The containers are also dishwasher and microwave safe which are convenient and super low maintenance.

The Cutest Rice Cooker Ever

This rice cooker is a must-have for anyone with their first apartment or smaller kitchen. This handy rice cooker cooks up much more than just rice. You can cook up the stew, soup, quinoa, rice, pasta, and even steamed veggies. The 2-cup capacity allows for healthier portion control, or individual, quick and easy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or sides.

A Feeder Set That Makes Chow Time Easy

This handy feeder set is ideal for anyone on your list who has a furry companion. These dispensers allow you to control portions and keep your pet's food secured in the bowl instead of all over your floor.

A Water Jug That Keeps Your Water Pure

This jug not only holds your water it purifies it as well! The built-in purifier purifies water in 5 distinct stages, delivering delicious, soft water that everyone can enjoy.

Magnetic Spice Tins That Save Some Serious Space

These sleek and functional magnetic spice tins helped me save a ton of pantry space. The magnetic bottom allows you to stick them securely onto any metal surface, removing the need for a counter-cluttering spice rack. The set comes with pre-written spice labels and blank stickers for custom labeling, which helps keep novice cooks like me from sprinkling a bit of rosemary instead of oregano by mistake.

A Popcorn Popper That Brings Some Of The Past Into The Present

Popcorn poppers are making a huge comeback thanks to their surprising performance and nostalgic appeal. The dual-functioning lid melts butter and traps heat inside to make sure your popcorn is cooked to perfection.

A Coffee Pod Drawer That Makes Your Mornings Easier

Help the coffee drinkers on your list save some time and space with this handy coffee pod drawer. It features 3 deep, yet sleek and simple drawers that securely hold your coffee pods, creamers, sugars, or whatever else you need to help make your morning sweeter.

An All-Natural Laptop Stand

This monitor/laptop stand is great for anyone who works or studies from home. Its sturdy bamboo design features 7 separate compartments to hold your phone, mouse, or any important office accessories.

A Water Flosser That Keeps Your Smile Bright

Water flossers are one of the most underrated products out there. They're an awesome way to put the final touches on your brushing session by cleaning out all the hard to reach gunk that a toothbrush can't get to. This water flosser is ultra-affordable and ultra-effective, making it an awesome gift for any of the adults on your list.

A Coffee Cup That Tells It Like It Is

This straight-forward and sarcastic coffee cup lets the world know when you're ready for conversation. The markers give a clear indication of rather you have time for anyone's nonsense. This is a cute gift for anyone who can appreciate a little sarcasm.

A Wood Farmed Chalkboard That Gets Your Message Across

This adorable chalkboard can be used at home, in businesses, or any other place you need to get a message across. It's durable and super easy to mount on almost any wall.

A Set Of Cylinder Jars To Help Spice Up Your Kitchen

These cylinder spice jars are an awesome way to house your food and add a little style to your kitchen. The cylinders are made of glass encased in gorgeous cherry red stainless steel. They're durable, beautiful, and perfect for the culinary enthusiast on your list.

A Bluetooth Speaker That Brings The Bass

There’s a ton of Bluetooth speaker options out there, which makes it difficult to dig through the low quality and overpriced models to find one that gives you the most boom for your buck. Luckily, I was able to get my hands on this JBL model, and thus far, it has performed perfectly. The JBL GO2 has a built-in passive subwoofer that delivers a level of sound quality that’s hard to find in a Bluetooth speaker under $50.00.

A Sports Camera Thats Built For The Outdoors

Capturing incredible moments is becoming easier and easier thanks to awesome sports cameras like these. This camera is ideal for any of the action junkies in your life. You can strap it to a helmet or on a bike to keep track of life's most action-filled moments.

Bamboo Straws That Help You Save The Earth

These straws are a great gift for any of the eco-friendly folks on your list. Bamboo straws are a great way to enjoy your favorite drink while helping reduce the plastics that pollute our beautiful planet.

A Manual Food Chopper That Does It All

This food chopper takes the place of a ton of different utensils in your kitchen. You can use it to replace your scissors, knife, peeler, fish scaler, bone cutter, and bottle opener. If there's someone in your life who's a culinary enthusiast, this may make the perfect gift for them.

Sandals That Harness The Power Of Reflexology

These sandals take comfort to a whole new level with their use of reflexology. Designed for those with foot issues, the sandals are filled with small rubber points that target specific areas of your feet that are responsible for your overall health.

This Three Compartment Skillet for cooking one meal in one pan

The ability to cook an entire meal in one pan is something everyone on your list will appreciate. The perfect little pan is divided into 3 sections, which allows you to cook separate items without them ever bumping into each other. This pan is non-stick, stain-resistant and completely dishwasher safe.

A Soap Dispensing Brush That Makes Dishes A Breeze

Doing dishes is the worst, So anything that makes the job easier is more than welcome in my home. This handy soap dispensing brush allows you to handle the soap and scrubbing in one flick of the wrist. The tough and durable bristles give your dishes a deep clean that's hard to achieve with your standard sponge.

A Cold Brew Coffee Maker For The Perfect Cold Cup

This is a dream come true for those who love a good cup of cold brew. It's set it and forget it design makes it incredibly easy to use. You simply add your favorite coarse ground coffee, some water, and let it sit until your cold cup of deliciousness is ready to drink. It's also very good-looking and would serve as an awesome addition to any coffee drinkers kitchen.

A Double Tiered Steamer For Healthy Cuisine

This 2-tiered steamer is awesome for meals that include meat and vegetables. You'll save time by being able to steam 2 separate meal items independently at the same time. The steaming bowls are transparent so you can keep an eye on your food as it cooks. You'll also love the automatic 60-minute timer that stops you from steaming your food into non-existence.

A Streaming Device That Brings Hollywood Home

A Roku is one of the most affordable ways to access all your entertainment in one place. The super-simple plug and play design makes it a great gift for even the most technology-challenged people in your life. Just a few clicks and you'll have popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime right in the palm of your hand.

A Backpack That's Incredibly Functional

This backpack is a great gift for college students or travel enthusiasts. It comes equipped with a USB charging port so you can charge your phone on the go. It also features a ton of different compartments that can be used for all your school supplies and travel accessories. There's also a built-in lock to help keep all your belongings safe from bad guys. You know, like ninjas, pirates, trolls, or whoever else would wanna steal your stuff.

A World Renowned Blender That Everyone Will Love

The magic bullet is a gift that absolutely everyone will love. The ability to chop up anything from fruits and veggies to avocados makes this the perfect addition to any kitchen. This compact Magic Bullet is small enough to save space on your countertop but strong enough to slice and dice even the hardest ingredients. Rather it's a quick smoothie on the go or the ingredients for a delicious dessert, the Magic Bullet is exactly what you need.

A Water Bottle That Purifies Your Water

This water bottle gives you great tasting water without the waste of plastic water bottles. It features a built-in filter that can purify an impressive 26oz of delicious drinking water. The filter reduces chlorine and many other harmful chemicals found in water.

A Bookend That Adds A Little Drama

Sometimes the best gifts are cute and simple. This bookend isn't fancy, but it's the small attention detail that makes it stand out. The powder-coated steel features a gentleman who's about to have the weight of the world smush him flat.