Parents Swear By This Aspirator That Helps To Prevent Nasal Congestion in Babies

Caring for a baby can be a highly stressful experience. And if your baby gets sick, that stress increases tenfold. An ill baby can be a heartbreaking experience for a parent - especially if you don't know how to help. If you're struggling with a congested baby, Amazon is here to help. A new nasal aspirator is changing the game for parents - and now you can purchase it, too.

The Nosefrida Baby Nasal Aspirator is a revelation for parents of congested kids.


Also known as the snot sucker (sorry!) it's a safe and healthy way to help unclog your baby's nose without using medicines.

Parents are going wild for this absolute saviour of a solution.


​"As we all know (well, once we're parents and search engines tell us), children can't blow their noses until they're about 3. Which is great when the little bambino is full of mucus! But that's when the snot sucker comes in. It's a lot easier to say that than "baby nasal aspirator" - just doesn't have the same excitement.

Using the snot sucker is easy. Stick it in the bambino's nose and suck out the other end. Make sure you have the sponge filter attached as otherwise gooey baby snot comes your way! It is useful to suck out a large number of bogeys and help clear up the little one's nose. It must feel funny for them as they don't always like it, but as my bambino got older and realizes what the snot sucker is, he calls for it when his nose is bunged. So it's a nice bonding experience too, father and son snot removal.

The main thing is it works great and will definitely help your child during the winter months when we all get ill!" wrote one reviewer.

"This thing is a god send!! Our nearly 4-month-old baby has an awful cold and I remembered that I'd bought this just in case, after my other children had suffered when babies but I never knew about this back then. I didn't think any baby particularly likes having this done so it does take some patience and some good lungs! Lol make sure there's no kink in the pipe and after some practice, you can get some very good results... I actually like seeing what comes out! Knowing it's helped my baby," added another.


Are you tempted to purchase? You can buy your very own right here.