Lego Flower Bouquets Are Perfect For Serial Plant Killers

Amazon is selling a colorful flower bouquet, but here's the's made completely out of lego.

With a 5 star review, this fun lego set can keep you entertained for hours, and when you've completed it, that's it! No more having to remember to water your plants... for those who tend to kill them off quite quickly, that is.

And it gets better. With 756 pieces, the bouquet set is selling for $84.74!

One lego lover recently took to Twitter to share her fun new project.

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"This lego set was SO FUN," she said, reaching over 60,000 likes and over 4,000 retweets...

And more people expressed that: "It really is a fun build."

And if that's not enough to persuade you, buyers of the Amazon product have been leaving their honest reviews:

"They're everything I had hoped for," one person said, leaving a 5-star review exclaiming that: "I don't remember the last time I saw something that married the words 'adult' and 'nerd' so gorgeously!"

Another buyer left another review, saying: "SO FREAKING AWESOME."

"Honestly, this was the best purchase I've made in a while. Super fun to build and very pretty too!" another excitedly wrote in the review section.

So, I think it's definitely worth the purchase, especially if you're not ready to have a funeral for yet another plant you forgot to water... and yes, we've all been there!

Click here if you want to have a little nosey at this beautiful lego set!!