I Want These 37 Comfy and Cozy Clothes for the Chilly Climate!

Let me cut to the chase — you need these comfy clothes from Amazon. Am I projecting because really want all of these clothes? Ok, yes I want them all. But since fall is here and winter is coming very soon, now's the perfect time to start upgrading your wardrobe too.

From slouchy cardigans to cozy sweaters, I've grabbed the best items out of the "Save for later" portion of my Amazon shopping cart for this list. And if I'm being honest? I also have great taste (just saying.) So no matter what you like to wear when you're trying to keep warm around the house, there's definitely at least a few pieces in here you'll want — might as well as 'em to your cart while you're here!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
Just an FYI: 22Words participates in the Amazon associates program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

A Scarf With A Hidden Pocket

I like this scarf because it features a hidden pocket on the inside. The pocket is large enough for small items like cash and cards, and the fabric is partially made from breathable bamboo.

A Pair Of Joggers Lined With Fleece

With a more fitted cut that makes them look nicer than regular sweats, these joggers are must-haves when it comes to working from home. The drawstring waistband lets you adjust how high they rise, and there are even pockets on the side to keep your hands warm.

A Full-Zip Hoodie For Chilly Days

I love a good hoodie like this one when I’m running outside, or even when I’m laying around the house. It’s made from a lightweight blend of cotton and polyester, and the kangaroo pockets are perfect for phones, keys, or cash. View on Amazon

This Tunic That Looks Great With Jeans And Leggings

Wear it as a tee with a pair of jeans, or throw on this tunic with a pair of leggings for an ultra-streamlined look. I like the choker detail at the top since it means you don't have to bother with wearing a necklace.

This Long Sleeve Crop With Thumbholes

Sometimes your outfit looks cute with a cropped fit, but it’s too cold for short sleeves. Enter: this cropped long sleeve. I like that the sleeves have thumbholes to prevent them from riding up while I exercise, and it’s available in more than 10 shades. View on Amazon

A Soft Pullover From Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole makes some of the softest pullovers, and this one is no exception. It's lightweight so that you're not left feeling overheated, and the raglan sleeves won't ride up as you stretch.

A Hoodie With A Gorgeous Dip-Dye Coloring

You can’t wear regular logo hoodies when you’re working from home — but this dip-dye hoodie? Go ahead and throw it on. There are no unprofessional logos to worry about, and the drawstring hood helps you stay warm in drafty rooms. View on Amazon

This Fleece Sweatshirt From Hanes

For as low as $7, you can grab this fleece sweatshirt from Hanes. It's made from a mid-weight blend of cotton and polyester, and it sits just below your natural waistline so you don't have to worry about it riding up when you bend over.

A Lightweight Pullover With A Hood

When I’m feeling chilled but not cold, I’ll put on this pullover. It’s not so heavy that I overheat whenever I’m out on the town, and the hood keeps my ears warm from light breezes.

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Dress This Sweater Up Or Down

No matter whether you're on a family outing or simply running a few quick errands, this sweater is a great option. It's light enough that you don't overheat in hot stores, yet thick enough that you can wear any color bra underneath without it showing through.

This Cardigan That's Extra-Long

If you’re looking for an extra-long, slouchy cardigan, this one is a great option. It pairs rally well with nearly any color since the tan and black leopard print are relatively neutral, and it’s got more than 1,000 positive reviews — what’s not to love? View on Amazon

This Half-Zip For Chilly Days

With a half-zip closure to keep the wind out all season long, this half-zip from DKNY is a must-have. I like to wear it with dark leggings or jeans, and the cord at the waist lets you adjust how it fits.

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This Cardigan That's Sleeveless

On days when the sun is out and it’s too warm for heavy layers, this cardigan is a great pick. It’s sleeveless so that you won't get too hot, and it fits true-to-size so you don’t have to worry about sizing up. View on Amazon

This Color Block Sweater For Lazy Sundays

Whenever Sunday rolls around and you're ready to lay on the couch for 8+ hours,  throw on this sweater. It's lightweight and soft so that you're as comfortable as you are lazy, and if you ever need to leave the house? It easily pairs with leggings, jeans, or even denim shorts.

An Oversized Cardigan That's Soft And Fuzzy

Throw on this fuzzy hooded cardigan whenever your home is a little too drafty. The hood help your ears stay warm, and the fit is accurate — no need to order one size up.

This Cardigan That's Loose And Soft

Looking for a cozy addition to any shirt? Just throw on this cardigan. It’s available in dozens of colors, and the pockets are perfect for whenever your hands get cold.

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This Flannel For Cold Weather

Not all flannels are created equal — this one is warm. Like, really warm. It’s made from 100% cotton, and the chambray-lined collar and cuffs give it a cozy look that'll make you feel like a lumberjack when the leaves start to change colors.

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A Casual Sweater For Layered Looks

Available in blush, beet, storm, and other colors, this Kenneth Cole sweater is perfect for creating layered fall outfits. The ribbing contours to the shape of my torso for a sleek look, and it’s made from 100% breathable viscose.

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This Retro Windbreaker From Levi's

When it’s a little chilly outside but not cold enough for a winter jacket, just throw on this retro windbreaker from Levi’s. It’s made from tear-resistant nylon, and there are 12 color variations to choose from.

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This Striped Cardigan That's Perfect For Fall

The colors in this striped cardigan just scream “FALL" to me, which is probably why it'll pair well with a yellow tee or pair of distressed jeans. And if you don’t like the color? Don’t worry — there are dozens of other options to choose from. View on Amazon

Everybody Needs A Good Denim Jacket

Not only should everybody own at least one denim jacket, but this one also features plush fleece along the collar to help keep you warm. Order one size up for a relaxed fit, or stay true-to-size for a more form-fitting look. View on Amazon

This Leather Jacket For Fall Layers

Made from 100% vegan leather, this jacket is perfect for nights out in the fall. Choose from two colors: black or brown.

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Another Trucker Jacket Lined With Fleece

Not only is this trucker jacket lined with soft fleece, but it’s also available in tons of colors besides tan and denim — black, coffee, wine, and others. View on Amazon

This Shawl In Timeless Colors

Some garments never go out of style — like this shawl. Not only are the colors timeless, but the medium-weight thickness is also perfect for cool fall weather.

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A Cardigan For Laying Around The House

This cardigan is soft — really soft. So soft that you'll probably think twice about getting up off the couch when you're wearing it, and you'll always make sure to let it lay flat to dry (even though it’s unnecessary.) Choose from colors like rose, orange, mocha, and others. View on Amazon

This Cozy Animal Print Sweater That I Need

I love French Connection, so it's no surprise this sweater has me drooling. It looks cozy warm and oh-so-chic.

This BCBG Scarf Adds Color To Your Outfit

The geometric pattern and the bright orange, pink, and yellow pops of color make this scarf a super fun addition to an outfit.

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This Hooded Windbreaker For Light Rain

Most windbreakers aren’t as cute as this one. It’s got a simple zip-up closure, a drawstring waist and a hood. Choose from seven colors. View on Amazon

Winter Want: This Cable Knit Sweater With Ballon Sleeves

This sweater is made of 60% cotton, so it’ll have some breathability, which I love. It has a chunky cable knit and billowing arms for a romantic feel. View on Amazon

This Black Lace Cami Is Something Special

You can pair this cami with a skirt and blazer, or throw it on with a pair of jeans for a sexy casual look. It’s multi-purpose and always pretty.

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This Cardigan Goes Perfectly With So Many Outfits

You can never have too many button-up cardigans for chilly days. I love the print on this one, which looks like a cloudy blue sky.

These high-waisted bootcut yoga pants look nice enough to wear to work

You’d almost think these yoga pants were slacks, they’re so stylish. They have slim pockets at the front, too. View on Amazon

I Love A Lightweight Blazer Like This Cutie

This lightweight blazer has a draped open front, making it a sort of cardigan-blazer hybrid. Choose from more than 20 colors and patterns. View on Amazon

This Lightweight Cardigan That's Ultra-Long

Made of 30% nylon and 70% cotton, this cardigan is more for style than warmth. It comes in loads of colors and is soft and stretchy. It’s got a button closure and pockets. View on Amazon

This Newboy Cap Is A Good Look For Bad Hair Days

There are so many days when I’d rather just throw on a cap than deal with my ‘do, and this cap is a mighty cute option. View on Amazon

This Lace Shrug Looks Adorable Over Tank Tops

You can wear this lace button-up shrug with a tank top underneath for a sexy look that isn’t too revealing. It gives a dainty touch to an outfit. And you get a whole new look with different colored tops underneath. View on Amazon

This is the Classic Fedora — I Love It In Red!

This fedora is only $16.99 and comes in so many colors and styles. From classic black and brown to hot pink and lime green, there’s something for everyone. That's all the best of my comfy picks but keep reading for more great fashion finds I love!View on Amazon