37 Things That'll Help You Get. Stuff. Done. In 2020.

The year is new, motivation is high and resolutions are...resolute? Now's the best time to set yourself up for a successful year of reaching your fitness, financial, personal or professional goals before the ink dries in your bullet journal!

To that end, I've rounded up 37 handy things that'll ensure your goal-smashing success. Personally, my goals are less food waste and more decluttering, so I'm snagging some produce preserving bags that keep food fresh up to 10 times longer (!) and this hanging home organizer that's as stylish as it is functional. Check out the rest of the products that'll help you GSD (get stuff done) all year long!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Glass Food Storage Containers Make Desk Lunch Luxe

Meal prepping and desk lunches save you both calories and money, but can get pretty boring day after day. These glass meal prep containers help your healthy lunch feel fancier and might dampen the siren song of your coworker's fast food burrito! You can put these containers in the microwave, oven and dishwasher, and the locking lids mean no spills during your commute. They come in a set of five so there's a fresh one for every work day and you can make all your lunches in one go!

These Key Magnets Mean Never Hunting For Your Keys Again

Nothing's more stressful than frantically hunting for your keys when you're already late getting out the door. These cleverly unobtrusive key magnets screw right in to your existing light switch so they don't take up any extra wall space and are basically invisible when not in use. The super strong neodymium magnets hold up to 3 pounds, so you can hang your overcrowded key chain with no problem. They come in a set of six - install them near every door and always know where your keys will be waiting for you!

This Resistance Band Set Helps You Get Fit Anywhere

No space for a home gym? No problem! This resistance band set takes up basically no room and has everything you need to get a great workout at home or while you're travelling. This powerhouse set includes five stackable exercise bands in various strengths, door anchor attachment, leg and ankle straps, two cushioned handles, a waterproof carrying bag and a workout guide to get your started! And it has close to 700 five-star reviews from people of all fitness levels.

This Door Hanging Laundry Basket Is A Great Space-Saver

Four people share our small bathroom, so laundry baskets that can hold all our dirty laundry take up a lot of valuable floor space. This lightweight door hanging laundry basket is a great space-saver  and simply hooks onto the top of the door to install. There's a handy zipper in back when it's time to empty the dirty laundry so it's a cinch to use. Plus, telling kids they can play 'basketball' with their stinky socks ups the odds that dirty clothes won't end up discarded on the floor!

This Mini Garment Steamer Is Perfect For Travel

Whether you want to make a good impression at work or have to look professional on business trips, this mini travel garment steamer has your back. I abhor ironing but those rare times I need to wear something that's not lycra or fleece, I pull out this little steamer and it zaps wrinkles in a snap. It's smaller than an iPad so you can easily fit it in your suitcase or store it even in small spaces - ours is tucked in the super narrow shelf inside our laundry closet.

This Gorgeous Water Bottle Is Hydration Goals

My water bottle's pretty much a permanent fixture on my desk, so why not make it a really pretty one? This KOR water bottle fits the bill with its gorgeous modern design. It comes in  seven cool colors (my fave is the rose gold) and the sleek BPA-free vessel won't get swampy-gross like metal bottles tend to do. The carrying handle and silicone sealed locking lid mean it won't spill all over your purse or gym bag so it's perfect for hydrating on the go, too!

This Silver Toilet Brush Looks Like Modern Art

Cleaning toilets is my least favorite household chore so I avoid probably longer than I should. This modern toilet brush actually looks pleasant to use and instantly elevates bathroom style! The sleek stainless steel design not only looks great but the umbrella shape of the handle prevents yucky toilet water from splashing up onto your hand. Even better news is that the brush is easy to replace and the holder comes apart for easy cleaning so it'll stay looking new for a long time.

This Hanging Home Organizer Keeps Everything In Its Place

The reason our kitchen counters end up covered in stuff is there's often not a good place to store all the little items we use during the week, random papers the kids bring home or mail we need to sort. Problem solved: this hanging home organizer has five generously-sized pockets for all your bits and bobs and the thick fabric is sturdy enough to hold heavier items like tablets and water bottles. My favorite part is the cute patterns - the blue or tan stripes will go with most decor and the neutral polka dots look great in kids' spaces.

This Foldable Duffel Bag Is A Travel And Gym Superstar

I can't believe how affordable this generously-sized foldable duffel bag is! It's durable nylon, so it'll take a beating and it packs down into itself so it's easy to take anywhere - "I forgot my gym bag" is no longer a valid excuse! If you use it as a carryon, it has a special strap that slides over upright luggage handles for easy transport. The bag comes in 18 various colors and patterns from subtle to neon and has hundreds of rave reviews!

This Flexible Shower Caddy Is A Versatile Organizer

A disgusting layer of slimy mildew builds up pretty fast under all the bottles packed onto our tiny shower shelves and since downsizing my shampoo collection isn't an option, I'm calling this flexible shower caddy in for organizing help! You can mount it in several configurations like over the shower head or on the shower curtain rod depending on your bathroom layout and the extra-wide shelves have a built-in drainage system. My favorite part is the "bottle collars" that let you store bottles upside down so you can use up every last drop!

This Pencil Case Keeps Your Gel Pens In Order

This multi-layer pencil case is obviously good for holding colored pencils and other school supplies, but I'm using it to organize my gel pen collection! I treated myself to a few new adult coloring books and the plastic box my gel pens came in is getting a bit worse for the wear. Each of the four layers in this durable case holds 10 pens, plus it has larger loops for any other items you want to store so there's plenty of room for all your art supplies!

These Reusable Produce Bags Keep Fruit & Veggies Fresher, Longer

One of my goals this year is reducing food waste, which requires getting better about using up fresh fruit and veggies before they go bad in the fridge. These Keep It Fresh produce bags extend the usable life of fresh produce and flowers up to 10 times longer and reduce the foods' vitamin loss by up to 50%! They work by absorbing the ethylene gas emitted by ripe produce that speeds up decomposition and each of the 30 one-gallon sized bags can be washed and reused up to 10 times so they'll pay for themselves many times over.

This Pedal Exerciser Burns Calories While You Work

Sometimes work's so busy, it's hard to break away from your desk for a lunchtime workout. But you can stick to your fitness resolution with this pedal exerciser that's like a compact stationery bike that fits under your desk! Multitask as you burn calories while you work, indulge in online shopping or read through boring paperwork. It's a great solution for the 3PM slump when caffeine isn't working - getting your blood pumping provides a natural boost of energy and will help you focus to finish up the day strong!

This You Are A Badass Book Is The Pep Talk We All Need

Sometimes we all need a reminder of how freaking awesome we are as positive reinforcement to bravely face everyday stresses or existential crises that may pop up. While it's not meant as a substitute for therapy, this fun self-help book, You Are A Badass, is a mix of hilarious stories, good advice and easy exercises to help you stop self-sabotaging and create a life you totally love. And it happens to have over 3,000 stellar reviews!

This Yard Sale Kit Will Jump-Start Your Junk Purge

Step 1: Watch Marie Kondo's Netflix show obsessively. Step 2: Gather a massive pile of stuff that no longer sparks joy. Step 3: Profit! This comprehensive Yard Sale Kit has everything you need to sell all your junk, including 10 large weatherproof and blindingly neon signs to advertise your sale, over 1,000 pricing labels that you can run through your home printer, a two-pocket change apron, six large latex balloons, tips for running a fun and profitable sale and a sales record sheet to keep track of your bounty. They even throw in a Sharpie marker - they've literally thought of everything!

This Digital Coin Counting Bank Makes Saving Fun

We've got piles of loose change squirreled away all over the house by our magpie kids and I've been meaning to round it all up one of these days. This digital bank that counts the money as you drop it in is a much more entertaining way to keep track of random coins. Since gamification makes everything more fun - especially boring things like saving - this is a great tool for learning important life skills, too!

This Spice Drawer Organizer Is An Organizing Miracle

I feel like your spice drawer's level of organization mirrors how much you have your 'poop in a group' in other areas of life. Unsurprisingly, mine's a hodge podge of random jars stuffed into a drawer that's too full to close, so it'd hugely benefit from this flexible plastic spice drawer organizer you can cut to custom fit your cabinets. The reviewer images on Amazon giving an inside look at strangers' kitchen drawers are oddly compelling and I'm experiencing major storage space envy!

This Portable Razor Lets You Shave Anytime, Anywhere

Maybe grooming goals are a weird thing to aim for, but I think it has more to do with feeling confident and put together. If shaving your legs makes you feel that way, then this Sphynx portable razor will be a constant companion in your handbag, gym bag, beach tote and carry on luggage. It's great for last minute touch-ups or full on shaving sessions since it includes a mini water spray bottle, moisturizing shave bar and razor with refillable blades. It's basically the sexier, more functional next-gen version of the classic Flicker razor, for those of us who can remember that far back!

These Powerful Cleaning Wipes Quickly Get Your House Sparkling

Our contractor introduced me to these Tub O Towels Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes and they've been my go-to for keeping the house respectable ever since. Kids' handprints of unknown substance all over the bathroom walls, homemade slime experiments and paint spills on wood floors are no match for this tub of 90 thick, oversized wipes. Even though they're heavy duty cleaners, the fresh-smelling citrus formula is gentle enough on my hands that that I don't have to wear gloves and the tub lasts forever.

This Cute, Modern Countertop Composting Bin Is Display-Worthy

Eco-friendly products tend to lean beige or utilitarian, but this countertop composting bin is attractive enough to keep on display since the durable plastic comes in decor-friendly colors like mint and gray or a fun bright yellow! And if it's in your line of sight every day, you're much more likely to remember to recycle your food scraps. The compact bin's tight-fitting lid that keeps odors in and unique interior system that keeps bags from slipping down win major points with the many satisfied reviewers.

This Productivity Planner Fast Tracks Your Success

Even motivated goal-getters need a tool to help them stay on track and this daily productivity planner is that secret weapon. I like how it has reasonable, achievable steps to completing important daily tasks interspersed with motivational quotes. The Weekly Review pages are super helpful for reflecting on your wins, weaknesses and teachable moments so you can make a revamped plan to slay the upcoming week! And over 400 productive peeps rated it a perfect five-stars.

This Pet Hair Remover Tool Is Magic

Make this the year you stop apologizing to guests for the sweater of pet hair they're now wearing after sitting down anywhere in your home. This Fur-Zoff pet hair remover is an unassuming looking but effective little stone that rounds up all the shed fur on your upholstery, rugs, carpet and clothing with simple swipe. As one reviewer says, "10,000 stars for this! Get it, go forth and de-fur with confidence!"

This Mason Jar Cold Brew Maker Keeps You Hydrated and Caffeinated

You can fill the removable filter in this mason jar cold brew maker with coffee, loose leaf tea or fruit and herbs to deliciously achieve your hydration (or caffeination) goals. The heavy-duty glass jar can handle lots of wear and tear and the durable plastic flip cap lid seals tightly so you can take your drink on the go and avoid paying high prices at coffee shops!

This Perpetual Calendar Is A Cool Way To Track Time

A key component of goal-setting and getting is a time constraint, so if you're going to use a calendar anyway, it might as well be one designed for MoMA. This modern perpetual calendar doubles as desk decor as it elegantly marks the days and months. I like how the months are tracked - as a procrastinator, it's a nice visual of exactly how much time is left in the year to complete everything I want to! Best part? You never need to buy another calendar.

These Exercise Sliders Are Effective AF

Don't let the small size of these exercise discs fool you - they'll give you a muscle-burning low impact total body workout that will leave you sweating! The set of double-sided discs slides on any floor surface and is portably lightweight enough to store anywhere at home or take along when you travel. They're great for core strength, lunges, planks, bridges or making any workout (such as the online beach body type) more challenging.

This Survival Carabiner = Instant Bear Grylls

If one of your goals is getting out to explore nature more, you're going to want this survival carabiner that's a fire-starting multi-tool. This Swiss Army knife on steroids also includes a utility blade, screwdriver and bottle opener. A highly useful tool that's so easy to take along is a safety no-brainer if you're adventuring off the grid. Even if you're not training to be the next Bear Grylls, it's a great idea to keep one in your car for emergencies!

This Retractable Lint Roller Makes You Instantly Look Put Together

If you enjoy wearing black clothing, you'll want this fashionable retractable lint roller close at hand whenever you leave the house. Whether you're a pet owner, wearing a fuzzy scarf that sheds, or just attract a lot of lint this reusable lint roller will snap up the mess quickly so you can put your best face forward in a professional or social setting. Happily, it comes in sixteen cool colors and patterns and packs down small enough to pop in any handbag or backpack.

This Travel Electronics Organizer Keeps You Sane On Business Or Leisure Trips

It's a total bummer to get to your airport gate and realize you forgot to pack a really important charging cord or memory stick to store vacation pics. This travel electronics organizer has a space for all your cords, cables, plugs and devices so you'll be able to easily keep track of everything you need to keep screens and cameras powered.

This Cute Desktop Note Holder Is Usefully Adorable

This little donkey desktop note dispenser keeps brilliant ideas and urgent reminders at your fingertips so you stay on track and on task. He can also hold a writing utensil and note in his mouth so you can keep important notes in plain sight. You can choose from black, white or a punchy red to jazz up your workspace!

This USB Desktop Charging Station Powers Up Devices 4x Faster

Time seems interminable when you're waiting for devices to get fully charged. Make the wait 4x shorter than using a conventional cord with this USB quick charger that lets you power up to 6 devices at a time. The smart charging station detects and adjusts the current to get the fastest charge for your device and it won't overheat or short circuit. It also has a "fast charge" port that reviewers say is significantly quicker than competitors' versions!

This Yumbox Keeps School Lunch Fresh & Fun

Packing my kid a lunch from home that includes healthier stuff feels a lot better and is much less expensive than school lunch, but I'm competing against kid faves like hot dogs and pizza. I needed a way to sell her on homemade lunch and make it fun. She mentioned her friends' cool Yumbox lunch containers and after Googling to find out what the heck she was talking about, I also fell in love with the cute tray illustrations and easy to clean design with no tiny pieces to lose!

This Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker Makes Mornings So Much Better

Mornings are a pretty stressful time, even if you're an early riser there are so many things to do before you even step out the door especially if you have to get kids fed and ready! This dual breakfast sandwich maker takes away some of the stress since it cooks up a delicious, belly-filling meal in 5 minutes. Piping hot homemade breakfast sammies with fresh eggs, cheese, meat and veggies taste miles better than fast food versions, and cost less, too!

This Magnetic Running Pouch Is A Workout Necessity

This magnetic running pouch isn't just for joggers - you can use it during any cardio or strength training workouts to hold your necessities like keys, ID, money and phone. It connects to any waistband securely via very strong magnets and has a side zipper headphone port for easy access to podcasts or playlists. It's slim enough you can also wear it while shopping or traveling if you don't want to carry a bag!

This Death Wish Coffee Helps You Do All The Things

First you drink the coffee, then you do the things...and if it's highly caffeinated Death Wish Coffee in your mug, you're gonna get a lot more done! Touted as "The World's Strongest Ground Coffee", this deceptively smooth brew packs 59 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce and comes with a warning label. If you need to power through a double shift, have a newborn or pulled an all-nighter to study before a test, you definitely want this bold but never bitter dark roast in your cup.

This Laptop Backpack Means Business

Graduate from that tattered unprofessional backpack to this streamlined, slim business backpack and tote your laptop to work with style. Along with lots of storage space and pockets, it includes an external USB port with charging cable so you can power up during your commute and a lockable zipper to keep your computer and devices safe. It comes in seven stylish colors and gets amazing reviews on Amazon!

This Dry Erase Weekly Planner Keeps Your Family Organized

If you have to keep track of multiple family members' schedules, you need an easy to use system that works for everyone. This magnetic dry erase weekly planner is destined to become the anchor of your home command center - its simple design lets everyone see what's on the schedule with a quick glance and there's extra room for jotting down grocery items, notes or important reminders.