Company Will Deliver Farts in a Jar To Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Christmas is literally just a week away and people are frantically getting their last-minute festive gifts in... including us, of course! There are so many wonderful things you can buy for your family and friends this Christmas time, but perhaps the best (and most hilarious) of them all? A fart in a jar!

Interested? Then read on...

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Calling all of those with a wicked sense of humor!

Fancy gifting your loved ones something a little unorthodox for Christmas this year?

Well, if you're after the most outrageous gift...

Why not contact the guys at Farts Direct and get an actual fart sent in a jar to your most favorite family members and friends?

Yep, you heard that correctly!

Farts Direct is a company that specializes in sending actual farts in glass jars to unwilling customers! "We need to let the stigma surrounding farts go, by letting one go," says Martin Grix, Founder, and CEO of Farts Direct. "It’s important to share the guff – especially at Christmas time."

The company believes a fart in a jar is the perfect gift to give this Christmas time.

"It’s the perfect way to tell someone how you truly feel without ever having to say a word."

They even come in a range of flavors...

Including Sprout Stench, Curry Napalm, or our personal favorite - Stuffing Shart. You can even pen a personalized message to the lucky recipient of your gassy gift, should you want to say something more than "I love you. Here's some gas."

You can buy your very own fart in a jar for just $13...

So if you're interested, click here! And read on for some more, less weird Christmas present ideas...

This 15 Foot Trampoline

via: Amazon

My kids love this huge trampoline in our backyard - they're always practicing cheerleading moves on it or just goofing around!

This Cute Winter Hat

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I wear this cute winter hat nonstop during cold New England winters (and springs). It comes in so many colors and is inexpensive so many colors and is inexpensive enough that you can stock up on a few!

This Cozy Blanket Scarf

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I love this cozy blanket scarf as an easy layer to add warmth on chilly days - it's unbelievably soft and toasty. And somehow, it's only $10!

These Fun String Lights

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This Foam Mattress Topper

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We didn't want to shell out for expensive mattresses for the beach house that we'll only use a few months of the year. This foam mattress topper is a great way to make basic mattresses much more comfortable!

This Bungee Chair

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This stretchy bungee chair is such fun extra seating for the kids to hang out in. They're lightweight enough we can bring them along to use as lawnchairs or beach chairs.

This Travel Mug

via: Amazon

This travel mug is my go-to on work mornings - it's so versatile because I can use the included mesh strainer basket to brew loose leaf tea or pop in some fruit to infuse cold water, or remove the insert and use it for iced or hot coffee. It keeps my drinks hot up to 12 hours and cold up to 32!

This Bike Hitch

via: Amazon

This bike hitch works great for getting the whole family's bikes to the beach house. It's easy to install, then just pop in the bikes and go.

This Popular: A Memoir Book

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My pre-teen is really enjoying this Popular: A Memoir book - it's a funny, spot-on guide for navigating the new and sometimes scary world of teen social lives.

These Minimalist Leather Sandals

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These Sam Edelman leather sandals are my summer staples - they go with everything and are super comfortable right out of the box. Tall ladies like me will appreciate that they come in larger sizes, too.

These Women's Boxing Gloves

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These lightweight boxing gloves for women are so comfortable during intense workouts.

These Boyfriend Jeans

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These boyfriend jeans are amazing - they're a great price and just as stylish and comfy as expensive name brand versions.

This Beach Coverup

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This flowy swim coverup is a beach day essential. It comes in so many colors - I like the classic navy with white pompoms. So cute.

This Paddle Brush

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This Wet Brush paddle brush is the best for detangling long, thick hair like my girls and I have. It makes combing virtually pain-free, so it's great for kids who hate getting their hair done.

These Women's Aviator Sunglasses

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These feminine aviator sunglasses are a great buy - the oversized, pretty iridescent pink lenses have great coverage and they're easy to wear all day.

This Yummy Protein Powder

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This is an amazing plant-based protein powder with a yummy chocolate flavor. It's dairy and gluten-free, so great for people with food allergies or sensitivities.

This Inflatable Tumbling Mat

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This huge inflatable tumbling mat makes an awesome raft for lakes or the beach that's big enough for all the kids' friends to hang out on! In the off-season, they'll use it to practice cheerleading and tumbling moves.

These Satin Pillowcases

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I've noticed such a big difference in frizz reduction since I started sleeping on these satin pillowcases. My hair and skin look smoother!

This Hydro Flask Water Bottle

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This Hydro Flask water bottle comes in so many good colors and keeps my water ice cold all day long at work.

These Boxing Handwraps

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These cool handwraps keep my hands dry and comfortable inside my boxing gloves.

This Portable Grill

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This Weber portable grill is so easy to pack up and throw in the car to take to the beach house. It would be great for camping, too.

This Moen Showerhead

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We just upgraded our bathroom hardware with this Moen showerhead and I love the polished look and clean design. It's magnetic, so the showerhead easily clicks back in to the holder and stays securely.

This Keyboard Package

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This keyboard package with headphones and stand includes everything kids need to practice music lessons or just have fun jamming.

This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is super useful in the kitchen or on the beach. The sound quality is great and I can easily play my music apps or podcasts.

This Underwater Camera

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Our family loves to snorkel and scuba dive on vacation and this underwater camera for kids takes incredible pics of all the colorful sea life we encounter!

These Lightweight Leather Earrings

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These leather earrings are so lightweight for a statement earring, and they come in a ton of colors to go with all your outfits. The rose gold is my fave!

This Versatile Bronzer

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This What Up Beaches bronzer helps me keep a subtle beachy glow all year round and it's a total bargain.

This Revlon Hair Dryer Styler

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This Revlon One Step Hair Dryer lets me dry and straighten my long, thick curly hair in one step. It saves me so much time on busy mornings!

This Comfy Stadium Seat

via: Amazon

This foldable stadium seat makes the bleachers at long cheerleading practices and competitions so much more comfortable.

This Scout Weekender Bag

via: Amazon

This wipe-clean Scout Weekender bag is the perfect size for girls' weekends or traveling to cheerleading competitions, and it can squish to fit under the seat in front of you on a plane.