Collapsible Coffee Cup That Saves Room Called ‘Genius’ by Amazon Shoppers

With many of us trying to make our lives that little bit more eco-friendly, Amazon's "genius" reusable, collapsible coffee cup could be the way forward! Scroll on to check it out...

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The one issue with reusable cups is that you have to carry it around all day and they can take a lot of space, well, not anymore...


Branded as "genius" by shoppers, Amazon has a reusable and collapsible coffee cup!

The Stojo On The Go Coffee Cup is a pocket sized, collapsible, travel cup.


Made with silicone and recyclable materials, the Stojo cup is suitable for both hot and cold drinks and allows you to enjoy your beverages anywhere without the hassle of using a normal travel cup.

It fills just like any other travel cup, but once you're finished with your drink, you can simply collapse it down into a disk and store it away.


The cups, that are available in twenty-one different colors, are dishwasher safe and supposed "to last a lifetime as they are virtually indestructible, resilient and safe."

Customers have descried it as "neat," "perfect for taking with you to avoid using disposable cups" and "very easy to clean."


"I impulsively bought this, because I liked the pink and it seemed fun that it can collapse. It actually works really well. It doesn't leak and comes apart really easy for cleaning. Several people have commented that coffee leaves a smell in the cup but I haven't noticed that. And I'm one to use the cup for the drive to work in the morning, leave it in the car all day, then rinse it when I get home, leaving it sit on the counter for a couple days until I actually wash it. Love this thing," one customer wrote.

The collapsible coffee cup is part of Stojo's "mission to drastically reduce disposable cup use."


So, if you want join their cause, you can buy your collapsible coffee cup here.