Clever Hacks for Storing Pretty Much Everything in Your Home

Some people really struggle with keeping their homes clean and tidy. I'm one of them! It seems like no matter how often I clean my house, I still end up with cluttered cupboards, drawers, and...OK, everything else, too.

I think a big part of the challenge of keeping the home tidy has to do with the way we store things. Too often, we find ourselves exhausting whatever storage is in our home and looking for the next clever tool that will solve all of our problems. Unfortunately, such a tool does not exist. But that doesn't mean we can't store things in a more efficient manner!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Rather than dumping everything into one giant drawer or cupboard, there's usually at least one clever trick that will make your life tidier. Here are some of the best storage "hacks" I found on the Internet. Best of all, none of them require spending hundreds of dollars at The Container Store!

We hope you find these popular products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

1. Store food wrap in a magazine rack.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually use these magazine racks to store magazines, but they also happen to be the perfect size to hold rolls of plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Hang them on the back of a cupboard door to maximize cupboard space! Or for an easier, hassle-free option, you can purchase this storage mount made specifically for food wrap.

2. Or, use small tension rods.

Tension rods like these are available for pretty cheap online. The best part of this storage technique is that you don't have to take the box out of the cupboard at all to use the food wrap!

3. Use a paper organizer for lids.

Here's yet another clever way to take advantage of the back of the cupboard door! Rather than stacking your food storage tubs in a messy tower, pop all the lids into a paper organizer! They're super cheap when bought online and can be put to multiple uses.

4. Or use a CD tower!

Who knew there'd be a good use for those CD storage racks you always see at thrift stores? Now that I see this trick in action, I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. But if you'd rather go the easy route and skip the thrift store, you can also purchase this Tupperware organizer.

5. Use bungee cords to secure paper towel rolls.

All you need is two bungee cords and a couple of minutes, and you've got yourself a brilliant paper towel storage solution! I bet you could even use this technique on the ceiling of your pantry to free up more wall space. But if you're looking for an easier option, you can purchase this paper towel storage organizer for your pantry.

6. Use magazine holders to house water bottles.

Once again, the magazine holder proves itself as a super useful organization tool! If you have an unwieldy stack of water bottles and/or travel mugs, this might be the perfect solution for you. Or you could purchase a true water bottle rack online and keep those magazine holders for your Sunday reads.

7. Binder clips. Use 'em everywhere.

I firmly believe that everyone should have a bunch of binder clips in their home. They're so dang useful! This is a great way to store the various packets in your cupboard so they don't end up lost at the back of the shelves. You can also order these cabinet storage bins that are see-through and allow you to store multiple packets, bags, and non-perishable items.

8. Keep condiments in an egg carton.

Not only does this keep your various condiments from being crammed into your fridge shelves; it also takes advantage of gravity so your condiments are always ready to be applied to your food! Not to mention the fact that the carton is basically free. But if you're in the market for a better option, you can grab these clear organizers that come in different sizes and are easy to clean!

9. Hang spray bottles on a tension rod under the cupboard.

Spray bottles tend to take up quite a bit of cupboard real estate. This idea of hanging them in the top part of your cupboard makes so much sense! And it keeps everything within easy reach, too. You can purchase these easy-to-use tension rods on Amazon.

10. Store board games in a sweater organizer.

Sweater organizers are actually the perfect size for storing a bunch of board games. It's super nice to be able to see every game at a glance, too! But if you're looking for something a little smaller, you can grab these single-use game hangers on Amazon as your collection grows!

11. Store card games in plastic tubs from the dollar store.

Don't worry; we didn't forget about card games! It doesn't take long for the cardboard boxes most card games come in to completely disintegrate. These plastic tubs keep the cards safe from bending (and water) and are also stackable. You can also purchase a larger storage chest for these online, with individual cases! Check it out.

12. Store toothbrushes in dollar store cups.

If you have multiple kids (or other people in your household), this hack is perfect for you. Get every person their own plastic cup, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Then attach them all to the wall (those 3M picture hanging strips work great). Keep the toothbrush clutter off the bathroom counter! Or if you're looking for a better-looking option, you can snag this snazzy toothbrush holder for multiple brushes.

13. Organize cords with a metal grid.

Use zip ties and a metal grid like the one shown here to bring some order to your many cords and cables. You can also use this super-neat storage box that works to hide your cords and looks good while doing it!

14. Use a shoe organizer between your washer and dryer.

I think a lot of successful organization is just taking advantage of spaces you might otherwise pass by every day. A shoe organizer hung between your washer and dryer is a great place to store dryer sheets, prewash spray, rags, and other laundry-related items. You can find them online for an easy way to store your laundry tools.

15. Store plastic bags in a big plastic bottle.

Finally, a good replacement for the bag full of bags you currently have hanging out in your pantry. Cut a hole in the bottom of a large water bottle and stuff the bags in there. Then you can easily remove them through the "mouth" of the bottle. Or for a simpler solution, you can purchase this sleek storage box that mounts to your wall for easy access!

16. Use shower hooks and a hanger for bras.

Bras take up so much space! This method can be used both for drying them after you wash them and for storage in your closet. But, if you don't have any old hangers lying around, you can purchase this easy hanging storage option which can fit even more bras!

17. You can also use shower hooks for your tanktops.

Rather than hanging every tank top on its own hanger (and taking up a bunch of space in the process), attach shower hooks to a hanger, then hook the tank tops on those instead. Brilliant! Or here's an easier option that you can find on Amazon. 

18. Wrangle cables with toilet paper tubes.

Toilet paper tubes are perfect for keeping cords and cables neatly wrapped but still perfectly accessible. And, once again, they're basically free! But if you're looking for a nicer option, you can snag this cable box online.

19. Put a lazy Susan in your fridge!

Rather than trying to reach back to the very depths of your refrigerator, use a lazy Susan on the shelves! A little spin is all you need to reach everything, and they're super-affordable and easy to find online.

20. You can also use plastic drawers in your fridge.

I think a lot of people buy plastic drawers like the ones pictured above, but fail to realize they can be used in the fridge! They're ideal for storing snacks like string cheese, applesauce pouches, and fruit cups. You can also use these clear plastic bins that are easy to clean and can be bought in bulk.

21. Store extra sheet sets in the matching pillowcases.

This might be my favorite trick on the list. Although I have grave doubts over my ability to fold a fitted sheet small enough to fit inside a pillowcase. Something to practice! Or you can use these packing cubes to keep your sheets free of dust and moisture.

22. Add small plastic bags to your bulletin board to hold miscellaneous items.

Don't let rubber bands and binder clips clutter up your junk drawer! Attach a plastic baggie to your bulletin board using thumbtacks and put them in there! If you want to get really fancy, you can grab some cute storage attachments online.

23. Attach bobby pins to a magnetic strip inside a drawer.

Bobby pins always manage to end up pretty much everywhere...except the place where you need them to be. A magnetic strip on the inside of a drawer is the perfect solution. You can snag these magnetic organizers on Amazon for a quick and easy fix.

24. Take advantage of vertical space.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess you probably aren't storing anything on the wall above your closet door — but you should be! It's the perfect spot to hang your suitcases, keeping them out of sight but still totally get-to-able. These adhesive hooks are the real deal. They're heavy-duty and can support up to 15lbs.

25. Hang a storage tote on hangers.

Need more storage space? Make some! This solution keeps things off the floor (where it tends to get messy). But for an even easier fix, you can order this wide storage hanger online.

26. Use PVC pipe to store camping chairs.

Actually, these PVC rings would work for storing all kinds of stuff! See what creative ideas come to mind for your own life. If you don't have any PVC pipe lying around, you can also snag these metal wall mounts for chair storage. 

27. Like power tools, for instance!

Here's a super cheap way to keep all your power tools sorted and off your workbench. Or these magnetic tool strips can also do the trick!

28. Keep wrapping paper in a garment bag.

A garment bag is actually pretty perfect for storing wrapping paper. The best part is that you can hang it up in your closet so the tubes don't get crushed. But if you want another option, you can also purchase this flexible storage container on Amazon.

29. Store ornaments in an empty egg carton.

Egg cartons are already perfect for housing delicate objects — why not use them to keep your precious ornaments safe in the off-season? But if you're looking for a more durable option, these ornament storage containers are compact and perfect for the holiday decorating season.

30. Repurpose boxes.

With a little bit of fancy paper, all the various boxes in your home can be repurposed into new places to store your stuff. But then again, these storage cubes on Amazon come in a multitude of cute patterns. Share this with someone who loves organizing!