The Boyfriend Pillow is the Gift You Didn't Know How Much You Needed

It's a cold evening, Netflix is turned on, you've got all your favorite snacks, you're ready for the perfect night in. All that's missing is that one special person to cuddle with. Unfortunately, you're single, and every good guy is taken – you are kind of out of options.

For all of you single ladies, get ready to rejoice because Amazon is coming in clutch with the answer to all of your lonely nights.

Meet the Boyfriend Pillow. For one low price, you can own a pillow shaped like a person with a strong, yet soft arm to wrap around yourself. Seems a little ridiculous, but don't knock it until you try it and let all the positive reviews online convince you otherwise.

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Meet your new boyfriend.

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This is the Boyfriend Pillow. I know, genius idea. But let me tell you how great it really is.

It's quite possibly the best invention ever.

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There are so many benefits to this pillow and none of the drama.

An affordable and eternal companion.

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For only $34.99 on Amazon, you can have a plush arm wrapped around you for as long as you need.

It's so realistic.

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It even has fingers that are kind of stitched together so you can't really intertwine your hand between his, but it's still nice to have these important features. That's all that matters really.

It's dad-approved

Parents love this idea because they don't have to deal with that rascal young man in a leather jacket who's trying to steal their daughters' heart. There's no danger in a pillow. Just love.

The only truly fulfilling relationship.

The boyfriend pillow will never let you down and their owners agree it might be the only relationship you ever need.

Relationship status: taken!

Proudly committed to a pillow. That's the kind of relationship I want. You could even name the pillow to make it feel a little more real.

It just makes sense

This pillow really may be the answer to all of your relationship issues. It's hard to be unhappy with a soft and stable pillow man at your side.

It also comes in different shapes and sizes.

You can purchase your Boyfriend Pillow in different colors. If you like your men in maroon, you can make that happen. If you like him in a sleek black button up, it's absolutely doable.

You like tall, dark and handsome? We've got it covered.

Okay, maybe not the tall part because it's only a torso and an arm, but we've got a bronzed boy for you. Look at those pecs! He's the total package.

What a nice touch.

The shirtless boyfriend pillow really spices up your decor. Nothing like a topless man-pillow in your bed to really set the mood.

You won't regret it.

It's a great investment. There are no downsides. You need to get it. That's just the end of that discussion.

No more chilly nights.

"I like wrapping the arm around me, makes me feel protected and safe, and helps to keep me warm too," one reviewer posted. No one wants to fall asleep cold, and the Boyfriend Pillow wants to help you stay warm.

It makes a great gift!

Buy one for your best friend, for your dog, for your roommate who hasn't gone on a date in years. Sharing is caring people.

Overall, it's just an amazing idea.

You can't go wrong with the Boyfriend Pillow. Whether you're buying it for yourself or getting it as a gift for a friend, it's satisfaction guaranteed.