The 58 Best Female Finds For Any Grown Woman Shopping On Amazon

My life seems pretty crazy at times. There always seems to be a lot going on no matter the day of the week. Between working from home, taking care of my dog, and constantly reminding myself to eat throughout the day, I barely find time to check off the things on my non-work-related to-do list. (And I don't even have kids on top of all that!)

That's why I love amazon and their easy access to any product! Need new clothes? Boom, at your door. In the market for new dishtowels? How about some exercise equipment? It's that simple. Amazon has it all ready for you to purchase.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

From nifty gadgets that make your life easier to clothing items with over 10,000 positive reviews, these are 58 home, beauty, health, and clothing products that you need to know about.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

I'm a bit of a blanket hoarder, so it's no surprise that when I saw this pom-pom blanket, I knew I had to add it to my collection. It's extremely soft and fluffy, and it matches every style of home, making it the perfect gift this holiday season.

With more than 60,000 4.5-star reviews and a tiny price tag, this face powder is a home run. "It smells amazing! No flashback, and it blends very well!" says reviewer Cici Cway. "This way outperforms the Laura Mercier powder and is 13% of the cost," writes buyer AlexisJulian.

Looking for new sheets? Reader, have I found the best option for you! These amazing microfiber sheets have nearly 200,000 glowing reviews for being soft, durable, wrinkle-free, and of great value. They come in 42 colors and patterns, so you're sure to find a pair (or two) that match your bedroom decor!

Lululemon leggings generally cost $80 or more, but these knockoffs will still highlight your curves in all the right places. They're made from a stretchy nylon blend that's almost as soft as real lulus — and the seamless waistband is cut so that it won't dig into your sides. But if you won't take my word for it? One reviewer wrote that "they are darn near Lululemon quality for the insanely good price."

While no one wants to picture themselves in a situation where pepper spray will be needed, it's important to be prepared. This tool is small, it easily fits in your purse or on your key chain. Sabre Red is the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police, so you can be sure it will work when you need it. It certainly doesn't hurt that it comes in several cute colors as well.

On days where you're feeling a hoodie but it's too warm outside, pull this one out of your closet. It's ultra-lightweight so that you can wear it all year long, and the beautiful gradient color will make it stand apart from the crowd if you decide to wear it out on the town. Wear it with leggings, jeans, joggers — or even a pair of shorts.

Tone Your Abs With This Core Max Device

Core Max is designed to combine eight muscle-burning exercises in eight minutes a day, giving you incredible results. The power-assisted rebound system provides resistance and support to maximize results and minimize strain. And Core Max comes with a nutritional guide, digital download workout videos and a fast-results workout chart.

I've already texted a bunch of friends about this product, and it's unanimous: We all want it! The Crosley Retro Pay Phone is a real, working landline phone that you can mount on the wall or perch on a countertop. In case you were wondering, yes, it accepts coins! Go ahead and feed in a dime or quarter and listen to the satisfying clink as it settles into the coin bank. It's earned well over 1,000 ratings on Amazon; one customer writes, "It was a breeze to install, and the red color goes great with my retro décor. It's a great addition to my kitchen. Plus, I love the sound of it when it rings. I highly recommend."

There's no need to worry about whether or not this tunic will fit you after a few washes — the relaxed fit will look great no matter how many times it goes through the dryer. It features adorable embroidered details, while the split neckline is modest enough for any occasion. And at only $20, you might as well grab it in a few colors while you're here!

Can you ever have too many bookshelves? I think not, though I've gotten tired of plain boxy bookcases that are functional but don't make much of a statement. This Bookshelf Tree, on the other hand, has a fresh look that makes it a focal point in any room! Made of particleboard with a walnut finish, it's 55 inches tall, with nine shelves that can each hold up to about five books. The reviews praise its quality and value, with one five-star review reading, "It holds a lot of books, and it is pretty sturdy. It is not difficult to assemble, but you have to be careful that all of the holes are in the right position, or you will run into problems. This is a very good buy."

You won't believe the beautiful creations you can make with this four-piece checkerboard cake pan set! Just check out the Amazon reviewer photos for some awe-inspiring cakes.

Feel Cozy-Cute In These Polka Dot Lounge Pants

During quarantine, I've been pretty much living in comfy lounge pants. These ones are soft, breathable and lightweight. The drawstring waist and wide leg give them an easy-breezy feel. Choose from a range of sizes and lots of different stripes, florals and polka-dots.
This solar-powered beauty is a great way for your loved ones to spruce up their yard or patio. It's weather-resistant so it can withstand whatever elements mother nature throws your way. Operation is simple, there's just a small button on the side that activates the light and makes sure it turns on once the sun goes down.
I'm so in love with this tiny but mighty retro-looking Bluetooth speaker that fits in the palm of your hand but delivers BIG sound. You can use it inside or out, and it lets you answers phone calls, control Alexa, or just listen to your favorite podcasts. It comes in a bunch of cute colors and has over 1,000 glowing reviews - I can't wait to set this little guy up in my kitchen so I can stay entertained during cooking or dish duty.

This Plaid Tunic Dress For Any Season

This dress pairs brilliantly with leggings and boots. And it's got pockets!

This Eye-Catching Nail Dip Powder

This easy apply nail art will have you wanting to do your nails all the time. The nail powder has simple steps to follow and lasts longer than normal nail polish.

With adorable floral prints that add a touch of color to any outfit, you'll actually want to wear these face masks around town. The ear loops are adjustable, so you can choose how tight the fit is — and the breathable fabric won't leave you feeling suffocated. Just make sure to wash them once every 10 hours of wear to keep them clean!

My skin gets so dry in the cooler months, but I hate how much space our large humidifier takes up. Problem solved - this little tabletop humidifier does a great job of adding moisture to the air without taking over your whole desk or bedside table. It's ultra-quiet so it won't disturb your work or sleep, and it has an automatic four-hour shutoff for safety. And it's totally cute.

Why do you need this waffle-knit top? First of all, it comes in a ton of rich shades that complement any style. And for two, it is the perfect base layer underneath a flannel shirt, denim jacket, or even just a hoodie. You can also dress it up or down depending on where you're going — pair it with slacks for the office or shorts for happy hour.

This simple stacking game is so much more fun than it should be. Stacking the tiny plates, bowls, and cups is a basic yet entertaining challenge that everyone will enjoy.

This find is a little higher in price than the products we normally feature, but for a good reason. It's a cheaper version of a very pricey Dyson Airwrap, which comes in at around $600. For a tenth of that, you can enjoy a six-in-one hair tool that'll speed up your primping in the morning and be a breeze to pack when traveling. This do-it-all gadget includes a dryer and round, curling, and flat brushes.

All you have to do is plank on this balance board — no really, that's it. Just plank on it, and muscles all over your torso will engage in order to keep you from tipping over. It's able to support up to 265 pounds, plus the top is covered in non-slip for added safety.

Need a project to take your mind off things and keep you busy for quite some time, with a gorgeous end result? I gotchu, fam. This mini greenhouse is a veritable wonderland of tiny pieces that come together to form the most adorable little building. The best part is the real working LED lights that make it feel so homey!

Who among us couldn't use a pillow refresh? I like to switch ours out every year or so - even with washing, they get pretty unsightly from sweat stains and general use (TMI?) These pillows have over 40,000 fantastic reviews for holding their shape, being a great buy, and being so, so comfortable for back, side, and stomach sleepers thanks to the poly fiber filling.

This wildly popular purse has so many things going for it - it's incredibly cute, super affordable and comes in SIXTY TWO colors to choose from! It's a medium-sized, lightweight crossbody so perfect for pretty much any occasion, from travel to everyday use. And it has over 10,000 glowing reviews for quality, roominess and definitely value. At this price, you could get one to go with every outfit!
Just this morning I ruined a piece of toast by trying to spread a chunk of butter on it. How exactly did I ruin it? I can't say — the memory is too painful. But suffice to say, I wish I would've had this butter spreader at the time. The holes along the blade curl your butter so that it's easier to spread, and it's made from rust-resistant stainless steel.
If the person you're buying for loves to entertain (or just loves fancy things) they're going to love this ice mold that creates big, beautiful rose-shaped ice cubes. It's perfect for celebrations big and small - just imagine the oohs and aahs when they use it for baby or wedding showers. The ice cubes are large enough that they won't easily dilute drinks either!

This Diamond Painting That Brightens Any Room

Want to try something totally different? Diamond painting is a bit like beading and paint-by-numbers combined. The kit comes with everything you need. You get a big linen canvas with a pattern printed on it, plus a ton of tiny shiny flat beads. Just use the Diamond Dotz tool to dip a bead into the clay glue and then place it in the corresponding spot on the canvas. In time, a glistening image will spring to life, and your gorgeous tactile artwork will be ready to hang on the wall.

High necklines are a trend that's gaining steam on the runway, which means this lacy blouse is so on-trend it'll make your friends ask, "Hey, where'd you get that?" It's not figure-hugging whatsoever, which means it looks amazing on nearly anyone when paired with skinny jeans. But the best part? It's light enough that you can layer it up in the winter, as well as wear it by itself in the spring or fall.

I've never been good at jumping rope, probably because I don't have great hand-eye coordination. And, to be honest, at forty-something, I'm unlikely to start. But! This cordless jump rope, which I never even knew existed, eliminates any hand-eye coordination issues. It rotates 360 degrees and offers a fast-rotating, tangle-free workout option. Built-in ball bearings add a weighted element that also creates smooth jump exercises.

There are no words. Like, there is literally nothing more to say about this than, it's a chicken purse and it's one of the best "statement" pieces I've seen this year.

Just imagine shoving your post-cleansed face into a nice, fluffy towel and inhaling the sweet scent of...mildew? No way, ladyfriend. These bamboo towels wouldn't do that to you - they're mildew-resistant and naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Not only that, they're super absorbent and soft. My favorite part is the price though - you get four oversized bath towels for under $30! Saving money is grown AF.

The pictures of this soft waffle-knit top on Amazon don't do it justice, but the customer photos? Now that's where it's at. The knotted hem adds a bit of visual appeal to the front, and the wide array of colors and patterns make it both the ultimate layering piece or a great standalone option. At $20, you won't be sorry.

The perfectly round burger is just a quick press away thanks to this super affordable burger press. Maybe I didn't play with enough play-doh as a kid but for some reason, whenever I hand make burgers they end up shaped like the state of Wisconsin. This press lets me make perfectly presentable burgers every time.

Support cell renewal, boosting elasticity, and improve skin radiance with this collagen anti-aging cream. It has a non-greasy formula and pure ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, citric acid, and vitamin C. Together with collagen, they have a powerful anti-wrinkle effect.

Everyone needs a simple, flowy tee to wear under cardigans in the winter or solo during warmer months. I think I found the perfect one in this beyond-soft cotton and polyester blend! It comes in soft, washed-out colors for the perfect hit of casual cool that looks amazing without trying too hard.

Houseplants are simply the best way to decorate on a budget. For a small price, you get a burst of dynamic color and texture that changes as the plant blooms and grows. And now that Amazon sells houseplants, it's never been easier to upgrade decor with fresh plants! This Costa Farms Premium Live Indoor Plant is a two-foot-tall Sansevieria, or snake plant, in a decorative pot. I have one of these plants in my house and can vouch for the quality. It's grown several inches in the last few months and is thriving!

I'm not a jumpsuit person ... or, at least, I wasn't until this version came along. Priced at less than $30 in a variety of shades, from khaki to wine red, it truly is flattering on every body type. I chose this one for its long-sleeved design with a slightly off-shoulder look. Now all you have to worry about is trying to go to the restroom while wearing it.

Admittedly I was first attracted to the product name, but then I saw how many things Shadazzle can clean, and I was convinced this stuff is the real deal. It comes in lemon, lavender, or eucalyptus scents and works on metal, glass, wood, ceramics, stainless steel, jewelry, car wheels, and even sneakers! And it's all-natural, with ingredients like clay, vegetal oil, and vegetal glycerin.

This Sheer And Comfy Sweater

I rarely need thick sweaters here in L.A., so I'm often drawn to the thinner ones that have a lightweight look and feel. This one is super cute.

This Peddle Exerciser

There's no reason being on a Zoom call should force you to remain absolutely still. In fact, it's better for you to get in a little movement and keep your blood flowing. This pedal exerciser is a great way to be active and engaged while still sitting at your monitor. Just slide it under your desk and pedal from your office chair. The physical movement in your legs won't distract from the call, and the increased heart rate will keep you alert and focused.
If you're a brunette who always wanted to dye your hair, but are a little afraid of the commitment, this wash-out hair dye in fun colors is just what you need to experiment. Unlike many dyes, this one allegedly pops on dark hair — no damaging bleach required.

If you have a room that you wish had an extra window, this Arched Window Mirror might be the perfect solution. Measuring 33 by 19 inches, this mirror has a weathered wood frame and metal detailing to make it look like an old-fashioned window. The result is rustic and charming, like you salvaged a window from an old church or farmhouse. It's earned an impressive 4.7 out of 5-star average rating, with one reviewer saying, "Beautiful, well packed, well made, and sturdy!"

Bamboo is super absorbent, and these towels actually soften and absorb more with each wash. These will last for years! Paper towels can definitely get expensive.
Brown thumb even when it comes to self-sufficient succulents? Not to worry. This felt succulent craft kit lets you keep a bit of green around the house with no work required, other than assembling the craft. You'll reap the rewards of a little handiwork every time you see these adorbs little guys. They'd look amazing on a windowsill, desktop or in a wall display.

These days, face masks count as an accessory, so why not choose a gorgeous one like this pretty floral print? It has a special section that fits over your nose and adjustable ear loops, so you get the perfect fit. And it's got over 2,300 ratings from ecstatic reviewers that highly recommend snagging a few of these for daily wear.

Ah, toilet cleaning, my most hated chore! But this toilet brush makes it a little less painful, thanks to its thoughtful design. The bottom is vented, so it doesn't sit in a puddle of toilet water instead of drying, and the silicone bristles won't hold gunk as the nylon ones do. Anything that makes this job a little less disgusting is a win in my book.

I laugh every time I see this! I went searching for something to hold extra rolls of toilet paper, assuming I'd find a bunch of boring baskets and such. Instead, I found this bathroom storage box that says "Nice Butt" on one side and "Hello Sweet Cheeks" on the other. Measuring 14 by 6.5 inches, it's the perfect size for the back of the toilet tank or tucked onto the bathroom counter. It's earning thousands of positive reviews, with one Amazon customer reporting, "5 stars for quality, price, and an overall great looking piece!"

You may have heard about the beneficial effects of castor oil on hair growth; the natural fatty acids moisturize and nourish hairs and follicles. This Castor Oil Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum is made with 100% pure, cold-pressed, hexane-free USDA Organic Castor Oil, specially packaged to easily and safely apply to lashes and brows. It's earning hundreds of positive customer reviews, with one satisfied user saying, "I'm already seeing results after a week."

Whenever I feel like spicing up my hair, Arctic Fox is my go-to brand. The formula is vegan as well as cruelty-free, and the colors are incredibly vibrant — plus, it just smells good. I like to use purple on my dark brown hair, but the pinks and greens also look great on blondes.
Put them out on your patio for some chic summertime illumination, or even put these string lights up in your house when you're trying to set a romantic mood. The cable is 50 feet long, and you can safely connect up to three if needed. "I bought them to brighten up the bedroom and it created an ambiance I couldn’t even dream of," one reviewer wrote. "Lights come nicely packaged in a well thought out box, no assembly needed. I bought 2 pks of 25 and they connected easily. Love love love!"
This is an awesome tool for all of you DIYer’s out there. I’ve used it to fix my kid’s toys, my glasses, and even a phone charger. It’s incredibly easy to use and much safer than you could ever imagine. The fact that you have a handheld tool that can literally weld small metal objects will make you start looking for things to fix.
Hey, you made it another day in the hellscape that is 2020 - good for you! It's time to celebrate the little victories, and this confetti nail polish is a perfectly festive way to do so. The rainbow sprinkles on a creamy white base go with everything and reviewers love how easy it glides on. Sometimes polish with glitter or other adornments can be a pain to take off, but not this one!

I love the idea of a runner rug in the kitchen, but they end up covered in spilled food and god knows what else. This antibacterial kitchen rug is made from easy-to-clean 100% nylon, so it resists bacteria from raw meat juice spills and stains of all kinds. It comes in a bunch of sizes and pretty colors, my favorite is the geometric gray runner pictured above.

This Set of Four Acrylic Nail Brush Pens

When I was a kid, I would try to paint patterns on my nails using a regular nail polish brush. Needless to say, the results were not impressive. It's hard to get any precision with a regular nail brush, but that's not the case with these sleek acrylic nail brush pens. These bad boys let you create patterns and pops of color in pink, gold, cyan, dark blue and black. They're rated 4.7 stars and come in at just $9.29.

Sometimes I get over-zealous with the heat styling tools and end up with damaged hair. It doesn't help that I'm months overdue for a trim. Enter Biolage Keratin Renewal Spray, a miracle of a product that gives instant silkiness and shine when sprayed onto damp or dry hair. Learn from me: It only takes a couple of spritzes to work its magic; too much, and hair can get weighed down.

These Cozy SlippersThat Will Keep Your Toes Toasty On The Coldest Days

We all know someone who takes the hygge lifestyle to the extreme. But hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be warm and cozy. Whether they live in a frozen winter wonderland or their feet are just always cold, a nice pair of slippers is a gift that never gets old. Plus, this pair of slippers are sturdy enough that they can wear them indoors and out (as long as they can stand the cold).