'Australia's Dumbest Criminal' Described as 'Hopeless' by His Own Lawyer

There's a reason that the war on drugs never ends.

As time goes on, people smuggling drugs through airports and across borders are getting more inventive with their ideas. For every person that security catches, there are ten others that have managed to get away with it. Pretty risky business.

But, of course, the rewards make it tempting to some. Stick with us as we expose his mugshot as well as a list of the most inventive ways that people have been caught smuggling drugs - including one man described as "Australia's dumbest criminal."

How stupid do you have to be to smuggle drugs?

Well, based on these guys, very is the answer...

If you're going to take part in the activity, you're going to need to come up with a good plan...

And that's exactly what people have done. Let's count down some of the worst methods that people have used to avoid getting caught with drugs in their possession. Spoiler alert: They all got caught!

10. Candy Eggs.

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I would advise that you keep these away from children and every other human being.

9. Lube.

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Also known as illegal steroids, in this case. I wonder what this guy gets up to in his spare time...

8. Pringles.

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This is a snack that you really don't want to nibble on.

7. Holy water.

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Forty-two bottles of liquid drugs. God can't save you now.

6. Bolts.

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I think that this guy had a screw loose...

5. Chocolate bars.

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Let's hope that the chocolate doesn't melt. Well, it kind of did.

4. Breast Implants.

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This was not the breast way of smuggling drugs into another country...

3. Pallets

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They even went to the trouble of staining the drugs black and still got caught. Sucks to be you.

2. Avocado.

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Too obvious. If you're carrying an avocado, you're probably going to get searched.

1. Champagne bottle.

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We can't forget about this old classic, can we? You could have celebrated if you weren't caught...

One Australian man tried, but also failed.

I think we all know that smuggling drugs is a bad idea. But it's even worse if you're a naturally clumsy person like this guy was.

He's been described as Australia's dumbest criminal.

And honestly, it's not hard to see why.

While carrying 260kg of drugs in his car...

Simon Tu managed to crash into not 1, but 2 NSW police cars.

His excuse?

He fell into a "microsleep" that caused him to veer off into oncoming traffic.

Things went from bad to worse for Tu.

When appearing in court, he refused to speak at all. His lawyer, Raymond Zhai, explained, "My client is exercising his right to silence and I have no comment for him."

His lawyer also offered some other choice words.

via: NSW Police

Like "hopeless, negligent and shambolic."

"His driving is what gave it away, and his role was to drive."

via: NSW Police

"In some senses it was a hopeless execution of the task he was asked to perform."

The judge replied, "I accept that submission. Shambolic is a good word."

via: NSW Police

That's gotta hurt!