Amazon Products You Might Have Put Off Buying But Should Really Get

We all know the feeling, you see the cutest product, but it's a little too expensive, or you're not sure if you'd really use it, so you remove it from your cart for the sake of your wallet. Don't worry, I'm here to change the game and tell you that they're worth it. Those little products are revolutionary and will take your game from basic to legendary with just a couple of clicks.

You are totally worth it and deserve to live your best life with easy organizing, eternally warm Starbucks, and beauty routines that make you radiant. I def put off buying some of these products, but the second I had them in my life, I realized I couldn't live without them. So, here they are, compiled for ease, so everyone can learn the secrets to my effortless beauty and relaxation #ImBasicallyAPhilanthropist.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

It's Time To Treat Yourself

There's nothing I love more than taking a long, warm shower at the end of a hectic day. These little steamers make my shower feel like a mini oasis. After a long day of work, the lavender scent is all I need to help me wind down and sleep like a baby.

Keep Your Most Important Bag Organized

My purse is always by my side, so I thought it was time I gave it a serious clean-up. The number of loose pens, hair ties, clips, and receipts I found was a little embarrassing, ngl. Cue this purse organizer: now everything has its own little space in my bag.

Take Your Water Up a Notch


I'm obsessed with putting whatever fruit I can in my water, but normal bottles suck for making infused water. Trying to get soggy fruit out from the bottom of the bottle at the end? No thanks. These infusion bottles make it so easy to enjoy infused water — just check out all the great reviews.

Become A Packing Pro


How often have you gotten to your hotel after a long day of travelling, only to realize you forgot your phone charger, toothbrush, or deodorant at home? It's happened to me waaay too many times. After buying this, all I've had to worry about on my vacations is getting to the airport on time.

The One Piece Of Home Decor You Need ASAP

In my opinion, nothing ties a room together like a gorgeous throw blanket. Finding a nice one at a good price can be a little tough, but this one is definitely the best of both worlds. It's so soft and the pattern is such a nice accent in any room.

Keep Your Coffee Warm Until The Last Sip

I'm so guilty of buying a 5$ coffee at Starbs, drinking a few sips of it, getting distracted, and coming back to a cold cup that ultimately gets poured down the drain. This insulated mug keeps my coffee hot until the end of the day. Seriously the best invention ever and they are made in Texas.

Make the Perfect Cup Every Time

Nothing is better than a perfect cup of coffee every morning, and this French press makes the perfect cup in no time, every single time. Unlike other coffee makers, this one is dishwasher safe. Stop reading and click 'Add to Cart,' ASAP.

The Organization Tool You Didn't Know You Needed

I used to just throw everything in my drawers and carry on with my day, which worked fine until I actually needed to find something. These organizers make it easy for me to find whatever I need without the effort of keeping it tidy. Buying this was a game-changer.

Give Your Bathroom a Serious Glow-Up


If you share your bathroom with room mates, a boyfriend, or a family, your counter is probably less organized than you'd like to admit. This two-tier shelf has definitely upgraded my bathroom counter and it looks super elegant. Who knew organization could be this cute?

It's Time To Get Some Stylish Sleepwear


I don't know why, but sleeping in cute pyjamas is always such a confidence-booster (even if I'm sleeping alone!). But, cute pyjamas usually come at a not-so-cute price. In comes this set, at a great price and even greater quality, there's a reason why this set is Amazon's Choice - find out why for yourself!

Instantly Refresh Your Hair with This


I know I can't be alone struggling with limp and oily hair that demands to be washed every day and who has the time for that? Thank god for this dry shampoo! It gives me some reprieve and makes my hair look sleek and shiny even if it's been far too long since my last wash - don't judge, I know you get the struggle.

This Will Make Anywhere Feel Like a Spa Getaway


Nothing beats the relaxation of a long day at the spa — lounging in the sauna, getting a facial, and unwinding with a massage. Though I may not be able to be at a spa 24/7, I sure can pretend. This robe makes me feel like the spa came to me. Seriously. So. Soft.

Always Look Your 24K Best

Between work, seeing friends and family, and everything else I'm up to, I haven't been getting tons of sleep, and admittedly it shows. My under-eye circles were starting to look more like black eyes… yikes. These eye masks do it all — de-puff, lighten, smoothen, you name it.

This Clothing Item is Having a Major Moment

Tennis skirts are so in right now, and honestly, I had a hard time finding one that looked amazing. That was until I found this one. It's super functional with pockets and shorts underneath, super flattering, and super comfortable. Clearly, this one is the #1 bestseller for a reason.

Keep Your Ladies In Place

Honestly, my least favourite part of working out is having to wear a sports bra. They're always either too tight or they don't do their job. This one on the other hand… PERFECT. It's supportive enough for my HIIT training but comfy enough to lounge in too. Truly the best of both worlds.

Beat The Heat With This


Picture this: It's a hot summer day, you're relaxing at home when suddenly, your AC stops working. Yikes. I've been there, and the one thing I wish I had at the time was a reliable fan to use. If you're still putting off getting one, it's time to add this to your cart.

These are a Wardrobe Must-Have

Trendy shades are an absolute must for me, but keeping up with all the new trends can definitely make my wallet hurt. These sunnies give some serious bang for your buck: they're stylish, great quality, and even have UV protection. I'm impressed, and you will be too.

You're a Shower Superstar


Or at least, you'll feel like a shower superstar when you're singing along to your fav tracks with this speaker. It's super easy to connect to your phone, so all you need to do is pick a playlist full of bops. I'm currently jamming out to the classics, Gaga, Britney, and Beyonce, yes please!

The Beauty Tool That is Having A Major Moment Right Now


At the end of a stressful day, there's nothing I love more than to unwind with a massage. Give your face, neck, and even shoulder the love and care they deserve with this jade roller. My secret tip? Put it in your freezer for a relaxing, cooling sensation that decreases puffiness and redness. So calming.

Say Goodbye to Stiffness and Tension

I think we can all agree: Massages are oh-so-good but they can get expensive fast. Relieve your muscle tension at home with this Amazon classic. Pop it into the microwave for 2 min, put it around your neck and enjoy the relief it brings. Literally so good.

Kiss Your Dark Circles Goodbye


If the bags under your eyes aren't Chanel, you need this product. Trust me, this is the best addition you can make to your beauty routine. Revitalize and erase the dark circles under your eyes so you always look rested and refreshed; a true win.

Keep Your Lunch Warm and Fresh


There's nothing more disappointing than when you've been dreaming of your lunch break, only to realize your sandwich has gone cold. The solution? his portable heated lunch box - a genius invention that actually works. Three words: Love, love, love!

Achieve Insta-Ready Hair


If you're anything like me, you love playing around with new hairstyles. Every day calls for something new - whether it be curls, waves, or a cute updo. This curling set gives me all the flexibility and I cannot recommend it enough. Named Amazon's Choice, this is a purchase I swear by.

Get The Glossy Hair You've Always Dreamed Of


I've always struggled with dry, brittle ends that are prone to breaking and splitting. But since discovering Moroccan oil, my hair hasn't been the same; it looks and feels so much healthier and stronger. Bonus? The product also smells like heaven. The perfect hair perfume and hydrator in one - safe to say I'm obsessed.

The Decorative Pillows We Can't Recommend Enough


When I saw these pillows, I couldn't resist adding them to cart. They add the perfect touch of color and texture to my room decor, elevating the aesthetic to a straight 10. If you need a room refresh, grab these pillows before they sell out! Guaranteed these will go fast.

The Affordable and Cute Bikini for your Next Beach Adventure

Nothing screams vacation like ordering new bikinis. But don't worry, you don't have to scour the Internet for the cutest finds; I did it for you! This emerald green bikini is all you could want and more. Affordable and cute, I honestly can't think of anything better. Sign me up!

Enhance Your Beauty Routine


There's nothing I love more than me-time at the end of a long, seemingly never-ending workday. Treat yourself with this Korean face mask set. Now all that's missing is a warm, bubble bath, a glass of wine, and your favorite book. You deserve all the self-care - indulge, indulge, indulge.

Calling All Yoga Lovers


If you love a good yoga sesh, you need this mat. It's anti-sweat and slip-proof so you can practice yoga without worry. Plus, the cushioning is so thick and soft that we know your knees will thank you. Protect your body while staying in shape - what more could you want?

Hop-On the DIY At-Home Nail Trend


There's no better feeling than a fresh, glossy manicure. But beauty requires maintenance, and maintenance gets pricey fast when it means trips to the salon every two weeks. Enter this gel nail set that you can use at home. Trust me, I'm no nail expert but this set is so easy to use and has me smiling at my salon-ready nails. An amazing purchase you won't look back on!

The Cutest Tote Bag to Add to Your Collection


Okay, I have a confession: Tote bags may or may not be my new favorite trend. Whether I'm running errands or heading to a coffee study date, this tote bag is always over my shoulder. It's cute and practical, I know you'll love this as much as I (and the other 5-star reviewers) do.

The Photo Trend You Won't Want to Miss Out On


If you've been on Instagram lately, you know disposable cameras are back and (we hope) they're here to stay. Get on that retro photo trend and carry this with you on your next road trip for the cutest pics. Best of all, you can hand them out to your friends later and enjoy the fun memories together.

Re-Energize with Homemade Refreshing Smoothies


If you're anything like me, you love a refreshing green juice or smoothie to start your day. Revitalize your body and restore your energy levels by whipping up the most amazing homemade smoothies. Hands down the best addition to my morning routine, I cannot recommend this enough.

Make the Richest Barista-Style Espresso


As an espresso lover, I knew I wanted my own machine to save on bills. This one is super affordable and creates the perfect, frothy espresso. The best part? It also makes cappuccinos and lattes on par with your favorite coffee shop. A triple win if I can say so myself.

Embrace In-Bed Productivity


Sometimes it's inevitable: work just carries itself into the bedroom. For those moments, this work tray is your new BFF. It also doubles as a breakfast tray so you can treat yourself to a glorious brunch in bed! Get this in your cart this ASAP before it sells out; a true gem of a find.

Drift into Dreamland with Calming Sounds


If you struggle with insomnia, this gadget is for you. The white noise is so calming and soothing, and there are so many sound options to choose from. Honestly, my sleep has never been this consistent and great and this Amazon find deserves all the credit for that.

Elevate Your Room Decor


If you're tired of your white walls, it may be time to spruce things up a little. These black picture frames offer the perfect mix of elegance and minimalism that will definitely elevate your home space. They're also so affordable, but you would never know that just by looking at them. We won't tell if you don't.

These are My New Kitchen Staple


Plastic bags are convenient, but we all know that Mother Nature is not a fan. Tupperware takes up tons of space in the fridge and is hard to take to-go sometimes. So, what option do you have? This one right here. It's convenient, good for the environment, and soo easy to clean.