Amazon Products We Totally Wish We Bought Sooner

I try not to live my life with any regret...but I have to admit, when it comes to buying products online, there are a few hidden gems I wish I knew about sooner. Take this ventilated laptop stand, for an example. When I first started working from home, I had no idea such a thing existed. And even once I heard of it, it took me a month or so to actually get around to buying one. But, you know what? It's truly one of my favorite purchases I've ever made, and I use it every single day without thought. Sometimes you just need to listen to your gut and pull the trigger on your online shopping cart.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This list contains the 37 items we totally wish we bought sooner, and trust me on this, they do not disappoint. From nifty gadgets that make your life easier to beauty product with over 10,000 positive reviews, these are the holy grail products that we all needto know about.

This Epsom Salt Comes at an Amazing Price: Less Than $6 for an 8-Pound Bag

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I love soaking in a hot bath with Epsom salt. My workouts tend to be a bit more aggressive than they need to be, so having a serious soak afterwards is a must. So I was excited to discover this super affordable 8-pound bag of Epsom salt from Amazon brand Solimo. The bag is resealable, but I always store it in an airtight container as well, just to make sure it doesn't get wet and clumpy.

This Ventilated Laptop Stand Has Over 2,000 Reviews

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With more than 10,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, you really can't go wrong with this laptop stand. The ventilated mesh design allows hot air to circulate away so that your laptop doesn't overheat, and the height is adjustable for added convenience. But the best part? There's even a cord organizer in the back with space for up to six cables.

Your Kitty Is Never Going To Want To Leave This Cat Condo

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Cat condos are super useful for multiple reasons. They're great places for your cat to relax, release energy, and satisfy the urge to scratch and climb. This cat condo, in particular, includes an elevated kitty hammock and dual scratching post pillars. They'll love spending time in it, and you'll love saving your furniture from destruction.

Organize Your Makeup Without Organizing It

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I like this one for a number of reasons. For starters, you can easily lay out this drawstring makeup bag to see everything you need all at one time. When it's time to leave, simply pull the bag closed, and you can transport all your brushes, compacts, and bottles with you. Plus it's compact enough that you'll barely take up any room in your suitcase.

This Naked Basics Eye Pallet Suits Every Skin Tone and Eye Color

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Nobody needs an eyeshadow palette with 25+ shades, do they? Whether you're an eyeshadow hoarder or a minimalist, you'll be drawn to this chic set of neutrals from the eyeshadow palette gods known as Urban Decay. The Naked palettes in all their various forms have taken makeup lovers by storm for years; this set gives you just the basics in a highly portable package. It's a must have for any makeup collection.

This Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation Is the Solution to Oily or Shiny Skin

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Choose from 40 shades in this medium-coverage liquid foundation that offers a smooth, poreless look with a matte finish. One Amazon reviewer calls it the "Holy Grail" of foundation. Another says, "it doesn't settle in wrinkles, and it has great coverage... not too heavy and not too light." I'm certainly sold.

This Keratin Nail Strengthener to Create Long Healthy Nails That Don't Chip

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If I'm run down and not getting enough sleep, often my nails start chipping and becoming weak. I found this Nail-Aid Keratin formula on Amazon that fixed that problem. It contains amino acids that stop peeling, chipping nails and actually make them grow faster within three days. Plus, it gives your nails a glossy finish that complements your summer looks.

Unclog Your Drains Using This Five-Pack of Easy-to-Use Drain Snakes

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I just ordered another set of these babies for myself! These drain snakes come in so handy for removing hair that's collected in the shower or sink drain. Just slide one into the drain and the little spikes on it will grab onto the hair and other debris, allowing you to pull it out. Warning: Be prepared to see some truly repulsive gunk!

This Self Tanner is So Natural-Looking

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You know how you usually have to put on self-tanner then wait around for half an hour while it dries before you can get dressed or touch anything? No more with this b.tan pre-shower self-tanner! Just apply nine minutes before a shower, then rinse off the excess and you're left with a believable, long-lasting tan.

These Stylish Blue Light Glasses Stop Eye Strain, No More Headaches

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Our eyes are constantly suffering strain when we spend extended periods of time on the computer, in front of the TV or under fluorescent lights. This two-pack of blue light glasses decreases eye strain using an amber tint lens that has UV400 protection and glare reduction. These unisex lightweight frames suit everyone and come in a variety patterns and shades.

This Multi-Purpose Expandable Colander for Your Sink

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I use a colander daily to wash produce or strain pasta (big macaroni and cheese fans over here), but the big ones can be so unwieldy and take up so much storage space. This expandable colander has neither of those problems, in fact, it actually works over your sink so you won't have to worry about your food actually touching the probably dirty sink. My favorite part is how it collapses so I don't have to find space for a large, bulky item.

This candy-colored camera takes great instant pics

via AmazonThis adorable little camera in flamingo pink prints out instant photos about the size of a credit card. Though it looks like a toy, it's a full-service camera with lots of features. There's a selfie mirror near the lens to help you pose just right for your pic. It's got automatic light detection and will tell you (via a flashing light) which setting will work best in any given condition. It's got a close-up lens adapter for zoomed-in accuracy, and a high-key mode that gives you brighter, softer portraits.

The Type Of Calendar You Use Can Say A Lot About You

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Now, I'm not gonna say that I actively judge people's choice of calendar, but if I see a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition hanging in your home office? Yeah — I'm gonna judge that. Luckily, this calendar is not only appropriate for a professional setting, but the large date blocks are also easy to read from across the room.

This Rug Is One Of The Easiest Ways To Add A Little Pizazz To Your Bathroom

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I'm under the belief that if there's room for a rug, add one. I don't know what it is about a piece of fabric that makes a house feel like a home, but they instantly pull a room together. This boho rug is ideal as a kitchen runner, a bathroom mat, or a welcome mat.

This Twice-a-Day Pill Organizer Has a Cover to Block Out Moisture

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I love that this pill organizer has a cover to block out moisture. I put my prescription meds in the AM slot and my vitamins in the PM slot. (Even though I take everything in the morning.) Everything stays fresh thanks to the airtight seal. And each day's container can be removed and carried separately if you want to take it with you. It keeps me from forgetting if I've taken my meds, and is so easy to set up.

This Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Keeps Away Bugs and Rodents

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Humane and effective, this Ultrasonic Pest Repeller plugs into any outlet and emits a high-pitched tone that repels a huge range of pests including insects, spiders, rats, mice, flies, mosquitos, and more. It has three levels of intensity; humans can't hear the first two settings but can hear the strongest.

No Time To Wash? No Problem.

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When I'm running too late to take a shower, my morning BFF is dry shampoo, like this fan-favorite from OGX. It has 10,500 reviews and growing, with one reviewer saying: "It is grade-A smack/your/grandmother quality that I can get behind." I don't know what that means exactly, but it sounds interesting.

These Cheerful Notecards For Staying In Touch

via AmazonI'm a big fan of snail mail (and supporting the post office!) and these cheerful notecards are an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and fam near and far. They're also great for kids to write thank you notes on, it's never too early to get them in the habit! Seriously, how excited would you be to receive one of these little rays of sunshine in your mailbox?

This Knife Sharpener Restores Dull, Crappy Blades to New Again

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Ever try to cut a tomato with a dull knife? It's not fun — but neither is cutting anything else when your knives are crappy. Luckily, this knife sharpener can help restore old blades to their previous ultra-sharp state. It's way cheaper than getting your knives professionally sharpened, and it'll even work with ceramic blades, as well as scissors.

This Walking Shoe That Is Supportive And Sporty

via AmazonI love a shoe that does both –– a shoe that's strong and supportive enough for a workout while also being cute enough to wear on a normal day. This pair from New Balance comes in all kinds of colors and are sleek and fashionable enough to be a great, regular street shoe. Plus, the midsole support make them very comfortable for wearing and walking all day long.

This Owl Planter Set That Customers Call "Adorable"

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It's hard to find good-looking home decor on a budget, so I am really excited about this Owl Planter Set. It includes a bamboo stand and three porcelain planter pots with subtle owl designs. Each pot is about 2.3 inches tall, making it the perfect size for small succulents.

This Two-Piece Set is Perfect for Yoga Class and Chillaxing

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If you think that shades of purple and grey are gorgeous, just wait until you see the other colors this two-piece workout set comes in. It's also seamless — so there's no need to worry about any uncomfortable chafing as you stretch and sweat. The best part? It's even squatproof.

This Air Cork Wine Saver Means You Won't Waste a Drop

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Not only is this wine saver incredibly cute (check out that adorable little bunch of grapes!) but it also keeps your wine fresh for twice as long as it would without it. Having an infant makes it difficult to find time to enjoy a glass of wine, so often my husband and I will buy a bottle and half of it will go to waste. This handy gadget allows us to drop 20 bucks on a bottle and not feel like we're wasting our money.

This Insulated Water Bottle Stays Ice-Cold All Day Long

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If you prefer your water really, really cold, you need this Takeya Bottle! The double-wall design with vacuum insulation means the liquid inside stays at a steady temperature, with no condensation on the exterior. The lid is easy to open and leak-proof.

This Rebecca Minkoff Backpack Is Amazing

via AmazonI'm a big fan of Rebecca Minkoff's bags, so when I saw this backpack it immediately went on my wishlist. It's made of nylon so it's lightweight but still sturdy and the muted camo print goes with everything. If you can manage to look badass but still have room to tote all the things you need as a mom, you're winning at life.

This Cutting Board Has Three Built-In Compartments

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There's a lot of cutting boards out there, but this cutting board stands out for its high ratings, sturdy bamboo structure, and three built-in compartments. They're handy for storing chopped garlic or onion as you do food prep.

Immediately Dress Up Your Room With This Rug

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Rugs are arguably one of the most expensive home decor pieces (although I'm not sure why seeing as they're just a giant piece of fabric on the floor). So anytime I can find a well-made rug for under $150, I'm a little shook. This Moroccan shag area rug is neutral enough for any room and adds a hint of boho aesthetic.

This Outdoor Blanket is a Must-Have

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I have a love-hate relationship with the beach. It's beautiful and all but when I get home I always find sand everywhere. I swear, it takes a few weeks to get all the sand out of my shoes, towels, and bags. argh! It makes me not want to go but how can I resist? This sand-proof blanket has been the solution to all my beach woes. Keeping the sand where it's supposed to be, at the beach.

This Anti-Fungal Tee Tree Oil Scrub Will Rejuvenate Your Feet

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It's easy to ignore our feet sometimes, but they're an important part of the body to keep in good health. My go-to treatment is this Anti-Fungal Tea Tree Oil Scrub because it not only helps with corns, calluses, and athletes' foot, but it also soothes insect bites and acne.

It's made from all-natural products and smells divine.

Your Dog Won't Be Able To Get Enough Of These Training Treats

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My doggos are most definitely food-motivated when it comes to training. No matter how hard I try to shake them off the habit, they just enjoy food too much. That's why having good training treats like these is so important. Made in the US, they include the finest ingredients around, so I can rest knowing that I am giving them only the best.

This Artificial Bird Of Paradise Will Make Your Room Feel Super Tropical

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If fiddle leaf figs aren't your style, you might like this artificial bird of paradise instead. Birds of paradise remind me of tropical getaways like Hawaii, and what better way to decorate a space than to bring a little bit of paradise into your home? Artificial plants like this typically run over $150, yet this one is half that price!

These Soap Rocks Are So Pretty

via AmazonI like things to look nice around here, but with two active kids it's hard. One area I can control is the guest bathroom, where I'd place these pretty little soap rocks for visitors to use. The jewel-like soaps are so unique and would add a cute pop of color to your countertop.

This Salad Dressing Shaker for Healthier, Tastier Dressings

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For the same price as a couple bottles of store-bought dressing, you can purchase this handy salad dressing shaker! Once you realize how easy it is to make dressings from scratch, you'll never want bottled dressing again. This shaker by OXO holds 1 1/2 cups and has a leak-proof lid for easy shaking, storing, and serving.

A Lip Balm With SPF36 Protection

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Nothing ruins a kiss more than dry, chapped, or sunburnt lips (you know what I'm talkin' about) — so use this lip balm to keep your pout feeling soft and kissable. SPF36 protects you from the sun's damaging rays, while 5% hydromanil delivers moisture deep into your lips. Plus, it's even water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

This Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Is the Only Approved Cleaner in Apple Stores

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You spend a lot of your day looking at screens, right? Keep them clean and streak-free with the award-winning Whoosh! Screen Cleaner, the only cleaner approved for use in all Apple Stores around the world! The formula is alcohol-free, ammonia-free, odorless, and specifically designed to clean electronics screens with no smudges or smears. Amazon customers report that it's amazing on eyeglasses, too!

Stay Charged Everywhere You Go With This Portable Charger

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When traveling you're on your phone a lot, which means that it dies real fast. That's why having this portable charger is a must-have for me. With a full charge, it fully charges my phone 2-3 times. I've got multiple upcoming trips, and this is going to be the first thing that I pack. Even when you're at home, it's a great failsafe to keep in your bag.

These Handy Clips are Designed for Use Outdoors No Matter the Temperature

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I installed some lights recently in my garden which I wanted to hang with that 'effortlessly hung' look you see in catalogues. I did it successfully with the help of these outdoor clips. I did such a fantastic job; even my husband was impressed. Now the lights are held up in a sturdy position and there is no risk of them falling down. And they have survived both the summer heat and the extreme winter.