Pet Bed With Blanket Attached Is the Perfect Alternative to Your Dog Sleeping in Your Bed

While having a close bond with your pet is a lovely thing, having them physically close to you at night can be less than ideal. But one Amazon product looks set to solve that problem!

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This pet bed is changing the game.


The bed is ideal for all breeds of cat and small dogs up to 25 lbs.

It can be propped up into a cute cave or left down as a blanket for your furry friend.


The fabric is soft and silky and it's filled with supportive stuffing so your pet can rest in ultimate comfort.

It's also totally machine washable - which any pet owner will tell you is a must!


Finally, you can enjoy a good night's sleep without a four-legged friend hogging your bed!

"My dog loves to stay underneath the coach, so I figured she probably likes to sleep with a cover on. Bought this bed thought I would give it a try, and it turns out that it works AMAZINGLY!!! she loves it a lot especially the little cover on the top. Was definitely a great product!" one reviewer wrote.


"Within minutes of unpacking the bed, our small dog climbed in and burrowed her way under the cover. I'd say this is a successful purchase! If you have a pup that loves to hide under blankets, definitely give this a try!
I purchased the smaller size for my little dog, she's approximately 8-10lbs and this seems like a nice size, big enough for her to wrap herself up and yet small enough to feel cozy," another added.

It sounds like a total winner!


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