37 Workout Items That Will Inspire You to Get Moving

I am the first to admit that working out doesn't come easy to me. In fact, aside from spin class, it's the bane of my existence. I tried to hop on the workout-from-home trend and I failed after just a couple of days. But I'm ready to get back into it, which is why I'm making sure I have the perfect equipment and clothes to help me get moving.

If you want to take your workouts to the next level with me, then you need these 37 products that will have you dying to work up a sweat. From weights to workout sets to fitness trackers to buttery soft leggings to yoga gear, there's something for every fitness lover.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Stay Hands-Free With This Running Belt


Love running but don't know what to do with all of your stuff? I know how frustrating it can be. Between your phone, your keys, and your headphones, there's a lot of stuff that comes with you while you exercise. This running belt is here to make things easier. It attaches securely to your waist with an adjustable clasp and is spacious enough for your essentials without weighing you down.

You're Never Going To Want To Take This Sports Bra Off

Amazon.com / A. Guzalak

This sports bra has been in my cart for months now. I've seen multiple people rant and rave about it, and I am easily peer pressured. When I am cycling, I typically work out in just a sports bra, but I prefer a little more coverage when I am at the gym. This tank is perfect because it still shows off a little skin while making you feel comfy.

Track Your Hard Work With This Smart Watch


Ever since I got a smartwatch from a certain very well-known brand, I can't exercise without it. I love seeing how many calories I burn during a hard spin sesh. However, I'm a firm believer that you don't have to spend hundreds to enjoy a fitness tracker. This smartwatch looks exactly like the one I own for a quarter of the price. And it still receives texts, calls, emails and tracks your sleep and breathing.

Keep Your Sweaty Hair Out Of Your Face With These Headbands


Keep the sweat out of your eyes and keep your gym 'do looking fresh with these headbands. The wider design gives you more coverage and the different colors allow you to mix and match with your different ensembles. Plus, the moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry no matter how intense your workout is.

This Workout Set Will Get You So Many Compliments


I don't own too many matching workout sets, but when I do wear them, I feel like I have my act together. So whether or not you're looking for your first matching set or you just want a new one for your collection, this workout set is the perfect addition to your closet. The minute you walk into the gym or head out the door for a run, you're going to end up with so many compliments.

Get The Booty Of Your Dreams With These Resistance Bands


I'm always all about working on the booty. Resistance bands are one of the easiest ways to work the glutes while still doing basic workouts. This pack comes with three different resistance levels and is made of a thick, comfortable fabric that you won't have to worry about snapping while using it. Use them while doing squats, lunges, crab walks, and more.

This Ab Roller Seriously Works Your Core


When I tell you that this ab roller is killer, I mean it. While it may not look like much, it helps build and tone your arms, abs, and back. Use it for a couple of minutes a day and watch your stomach tone up immediately.

These Leggings Are The Perfect Gym Shark Dupe


Gymshark has made a name for itself in the workout world–and for a good reason. Their stuff is high quality, reasonably priced, and crazy cute. However, I don't always feel like spending $50 on leggings. These leggings are such a good dupe for Gymshark's, and they're half the price.

I Can't Get Enough Of This Sports Bra


​If you buy one workout clothing item from this list, make it this sports bra. Ever since purchasing it, it has become my go-to every time I workout. For less than $25, you get a bra that's thick, high-quality, and makes the girls look good while supporting them in even the toughest workouts. With over 18,000 reviews, it has earned its 4.5-star rating.

This Yoga Mat Is Nice And Cushioned So You Won't Hurt Your Hands And Knees


Having a good yoga mat can make or break a yoga sesh. If you're on a slippery surface, it's easy for a mat to move around, which makes relaxing tricky. This yoga mat is not only affordable, but it also has additional cushioning, is anti-tear, and absorbs moisture, so you don't have to worry about slipping on your sweat.

Russian Twists With This Medicine Ball Is One Of My Favorite Workouts


Russian twists are one of my favorite abs workouts. They're low impact while still giving you serious results. To maximize the workout, using a medicine ball is a must. It burns more calories and adds some resistance to what would be an otherwise simple move.

This Water Bottle Helps Remind You To Stay Hydrated


There's a very good chance that you don't drink enough water. I don't either. I've seen time-marked water bottles all over Instagram and knew I had to have one. This water bottle helps keep you on track with your water intake goals with time markers and motivational quotes, plus it's cute to look at.

This Workout Set Is Hella Flattering


​If you prefer two-piece sets that are a bit more subtle but you still want to get in on the trend, try out this workout set instead. This orange color is totally calling my name! I can just picture how tan it'll make me look. Oh, and the material is incredibly soft and super stretchy–great for anyone that has a hard time finding pieces that fit. There's also a leggings option if you prefer more coverage.

A Good Workout Starts With Good Running Shoes Like These Adidas


A workout list wouldn't be complete without a high-quality pair of running shoes. Trade out your everyday boring sneakers for these Adidas. The cushioning will have you feeling like you're walking on a cloud everywhere you go, and because they're so lightweight, it'll feel like you're barefoot.

The Back Detail Of This Tank Top Is To Die For

Amazon / Amazon Customer

I love love ​love ​tanks that have intricate details–it makes them a little more unique! That's why I love this tank top. Made of lightweight cotton, it dries easily, is formfitting without being too clingy, comes in a wide variety of colors, so there are options for everyone., and the mesh back is super breathable.

Boost The Intensity Of Your Workout With This Exercise Step


Exercise steps can be used for a wide variety of things. From improving cardiovascular health to increasing your endurance to toning muscles, this step does it all. Use it for planks, step-ups, calf stretches, and more, and watch how it completely transforms your workouts.

Keep Your Workouts Interesting With These Exercise Dice


One of the hardest parts of working out is figuring out what to do. There are so many workouts, and if you don't have the motivation, it can be tricky to figure out where to start. When I started doing at-home exercises, I quickly ran out of ideas or gave up after 5-minutes because I had no guide. These exercise dice make that decision-making so much easier.

These Running Shorts Are Good For Working Out And Running Errands


​​If you couldn't tell by now, I love finding cheap options similar to expensive workout clothes. I can't justify big price tags when things like these running shorts exist on Amazon. These gained popularity thanks to a few bloggers, and now they're some of the most popular running shorts on the site. They're ideal for workouts or days when you have to run errands.

Every Home Gym Needs This Dumbbell Set


Why spend the money on a gym membership when you can make yourself an at-home gym? To get yours started, get this dumbbell set. It comes with three different sets of weights along with a stand to hold them when they're not in use. They also have multiple different weight sets depending on how heavy you want to go.

Asymmetrical Tops Are So Trendy And This Sports Bra Brings The Trend To The Gym

Amazon / Becca M

I'll be the first to admit that I was not a fan of the asymmetrical trend when it came back. I've personally never been a one-shoulder top kind of gal. But it grew on me, and I think this sports bra is such a fun way to bring it to your workouts. No matter what size chest you have, it's extremely supportive and super feminine.

I'm Not Lying When I Say These Leggings Are Buttery Soft


For the longest time, I was wary of buying leggings on Amazon. But I decided to pull the trigger on these leggings a little, and I've never been happier with a purchase. They're insanely buttery soft. The minute I put them on, I fell in love. I wear them weekly, and they stay put through even the hardest workouts. Plus, after countless washes, they're still in pristine condition. I can't wait to get them in every color possible.

Burn Some Serious Calories With This Jump Rope


Jump roping is said to be one of the best forms of cardio for multiple reasons. It helps build cardiovascular endurance and stamina while remaining easy on the joints. This jump rope tracks your weight, calories burnt, circles, and displays a timer, so you know exactly how much work you're putting in. Because it's so small and can be easily transported, this is one of the best pieces of workout gear that you can have.

Work On Your Flexibility With These Yoga Blocks


If you are just starting in the yoga world, or it's been a hot minute since you've done it, you might find yourself feeling very stiff. These yoga blocks help provide the stability and balance needed for deeper poses and increased strength. This way, you can work your way up to being a yoga pro without risking injury! Pair it with the yoga mat I mentioned earlier, and your yoga sessions will be the highlight of your day.

Turn Any Space Into A Gym With This Exercise Mat


​One of the hardest parts of working out at home is finding a stable surface to exercise on. Concrete can be very rough on the body, rugs can give you a rash, and grass can be very uneven. This exercise mat gives you a stable, comfortable surface to work out on, so you can focus on your squats, push-ups, and planks without worrying about what surface you're on.

Make Exercising Fun With This Trampoline


I know what you're probably thinking–what does a trampoline have to do with fitness? But they are one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to burn calories. Once you jump on, you're not going to want to get off!

There's A Reason This Workout Set Went Viral On Instagram And Tik Tok


As a smaller chested girl, I love anything that makes it look like I have cleavage. So it's no surprise that I love this workout set. It shows off just the right amount of chest without being too much, and the fabric is thick, so it'll hold you in without being see-through. There's a reason it went viral online, that's all I'm saying.

No Workout Is Complete Without A Good Pair Of Bluetooth Headphones


​I legitimately cannot work out without music. There have been times where I have shown up to the gym, realized I had forgotten my headphones, and turned right back around and went home–no joke. That's why having a good pair of Bluetooth headphones is important to me. These headphones are very similar to Airpods, but they're also waterproof and nearly soundproof. Use them for your next workout, and watch how much more amped you get.

This Workout Tank Is Fun And Flirty


I don't know if I've ever added something to my cart as fast as I did when I saw this workout tank. With over 5,000 reviews and a price tag under $20, this tank has just the right amount of detail with the cross front. It's not only suitable for working out, but it also doubles as an everyday tank. Don't take my word for it. Just look at the review photos!

You Can Use This Kettlebell For So Many Different Workouts


Kettlebells are such a classic piece of workout equipment and a must-have for every at-home gym. This kettlebell is one of the most affordable that I have ever come across while still remaining high-quality. It's ideal for pistol squats, goblet squats, push-ups, swings, and more.

Add A Pop Of Color To Your Wardrobe With These Biker Shorts


I have such a thing for tie-dye, even if it is a trend that is slowly fading. These biker shorts are just too cute. Pair with a white oversized sweater and white sneaks for a casual everyday outfit, or rock them at the gym when you're feeling colorful.

This Pilates Set Will Get You Incredibly Toned


I have multiple friends who have gushed over pilates. And rightfully so–it's said to be an incredible workout that really tones you up. If you don't feel like heading to a studio but still want to try it out, you're in luck. This pilates set comes with all of the essentials you need–from the pilates ring to the pilates ball to the resistance loop band. And the best part? These exercises can be done literally anywhere.

Add Some Heat To Your Walks With These Ankle Weights


I've seen ankle weights all over my Instagram feed for quite some time now. People wear them while doing booty workouts or going on long walks. But every pair that people were recommending were $50+. For tiny weights! You can bet I was not about to throw that money down on something so small. That's when I came across these ankle weights on Amazon. While 1.5 lbs may not sound like a lot, when you're walking or doing donkey kicks, they really kick your ass. Your thighs and butt will thank you later.

This Weighted Hula Hoop Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again


Just like the trampoline, this is another piece of gear that reminds me of my childhood. This weighted hula hoop is a great way to trim your waist. Throw on your favorite 90s hits, hula hoop for five minutes a day, and watch your waist transform.

Focus On Meditating Instead Of Being Uncomfortable With This Meditation Pillow


Exercising isn't always just about physical workouts. It's extremely important to practice mental exercises as well. In order to truly focus and unwind, having a space where you can meditate uninterrupted is extremely important. I like being as comfy as possible when meditating, so items like this meditation pillow are a must for me. Sit back, relax, and focus on your breathing to reduce anxiety and have a productive day.

Sweat Like You Mean It With This Waist Trimmer


We've all seen the Kardashians swear up and down about their waist trainers. I won't even lie and say that I haven't contemplated getting one multiple times. If you're ready to get one for yourself, this waist trainer is a great affordable option. Wear it when weight training, running, or doing other outside workouts for a sweat unlike you've ever experienced. With long-term use, you'll notice you start shredding some serious pounds.

These Shoes Will Help Keep You Stable While You Lift Weights


Most people don't know that there is a big difference between running shoes and training shoes. When weightlifting, you want flat, barefoot-like shoes that give you stability. These training shoes offer that and then some. The pink detailing is super cute, they're very supportive without binding, and they won't make your feet numb.

Take Your Push-Ups To The Next Level With The Perfect Push Up


Push-ups are the bane of my existence. As someone with little to no upper body strength, I tend to avoid them as much as possible. However, the only way to get better is to keep trying. That's why I use the Perfect Pushup to engage more muscles in my arm so that I can become a pro in a shorter amount of time. But if you see me using it on my knees, keep that to yourself.