37 Work-From-Home Products I Bought Because of TikTok

Working from home, aka WFH, has become the new normal for most of us over the past year. For me, this has meant splurging on a full at-home office set up, with all the accessories that requires. I have to be honest, my main inspiration for my home office has been via TikTok, such as this laptop stand, these blue light filter glasses, and even this fun gadget to warm my coffee - all of which I found on Amazon.

It's been a learning curve to switch my usual office for home, but now that I'm used to it, I wanted to share my favorite necessities and accessories that I found on Amazon to make my work life a little easier and more fun. Check out my full list of 37 Amazon work-from-home products that TikTok made me buy.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Laptop Stand Makes Your Work-From-Home Desk Ergonomically-Friendly


Whether your laptop is a Lenovo, Dell, MacBook, or any other popular brand between 10 – 15.6 inches, this stand will not only elevate your screen for comfort but also stops your device from overheating. I discovered this stand on @amour.png's TikTok and it's also an Amazon's Choice product because of its premium aluminum structure and design. It's been awesome to stop my neck pain while I WFH.

This Purifying Water Bottle to Stay Hydrated While Working


Let's face it, we're probably all a little paranoid of microbes since living through a global pandemic, which is what inspired me to look for purifying water bottles. I discovered this one on @amour.png 's TikTok, which is available on Amazon and reduces microbes by up to 99.9%! I now keep it on my desk while I work, so I remember to stay hydrated through the day.

This Ergonomic Green Keyboard Matches My Morning Matcha


I find working from home enjoyable, so long as I have the right desk set-up and products to brighten up my day. I found this fun green ergonomic keyboard on @amour.png 's TikTok and then bought it through Amazon. It's compatible with PCs and laptops, and the color even matches my morning cup of matcha tea.

These Desk Drawer Organizer Trays to Make Life Easy


I didn't know how handy drawer tray dividers were until I discovered them on @smallstuffemily 's TikTok and decided to try them out. These trays are an Amazon's Choice product and fit perfectly into my desk drawers to organize my office supplies.

This Indoor Ceiling Fan With LED Light to Keep You Cool and Well Lit


I've noticed that my productivity while working from home is dramatically influenced by the temperature and lighting in my apartment. I found this indoor ceiling fan through @smallstuffemily 's TikTok, and it was exactly what I needed to renovate my home office environment. It was a bit of a splurge but has been totally worth it, and it comes in different colors on Amazon.

This Office Desk Organizer to Compartmentalize Office Accessories


When you have a desk full of notepads, pens, and other accessories, it all piles up quickly. So, to help me compartmentalize all my office stationery, I tried out this desk organizer that I found on @smallstuffemily 's TikTok. It's super affordable on Amazon and will give you a lot of extra desk space.

This Height Adjustable Standing Desk Gives You Flexibility While Working


Sitting in my home office all day was starting to get pretty frustrating, so I bought this adjustable standing desk from Amazon, that I found through @smallstuffemily 's TikTok. It has changed my whole WFH experience, by allowing me to stand part of the day… which has been great for my posture and back. The adjustable button means switching between sitting and standing is super easy.

These Dry-Erase Sticky Notes for Work Reminders


I'm not the best at remembering all the little things I have to get done during the workweek, so I tried out these dry-erase sticky notes that I saw on @taponlinefinds 's TikTok.They were very affordable on Amazon and have been a life-saver. They're washable and reusable too, so keeping notes up on the wall is now more sustainable because you don't have to throw them out.

This Posture Corrector to Keep Your Back Straight at Your Home Desk


I'm definitely guilty of slouching in my chair while I work, so I decided to try this posture corrector, which I found through @toponlinefinds 's TikTok.There are loads to choose from on Amazon, but this Amazon's Choice product was the one I went for. Now my boyfriend also bought one for himself after trying mine out – as it fits men and women.

This Foldable Adhesive Laptop Stand Will Help Your Posture


If you're looking for something very cost-effective that will help your posture while on your laptop, this foldable adhesive stand is a great option. I found it through @toponlinefinds 's TikTok and it's a great alternative to larger bulkier laptop stands. And the best part is the cheap price on Amazon.

This Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard That's Compatible With Ipads, Tablets, Ios and Android


Sometimes I end up working through my phone or tablet, rather than my laptop, but I still need a keyboard to type on. So, I found this wireless Bluetooth keyboard through @toponlinefinds 's TikTok and it's been a life-saver. It's an Amazon's Choice product because it's compatible with so many different devices and you can connect two devices at once to switch between them easily.

This Portable Shiatsu Massage Pillow for Some at-Work Pampering


Who doesn't love a massage while they work? I found this shiatsu pillow via @toponlinefinds 's TikTok and haven't looked back. I bought it on Amazon and just slipped it over my office chair to pamper myself while I work from home. The massage rotation changes every 60 seconds, so I never get bored of it.

These Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Reducing Computer Eyestrain


After the first few months of working from home, I was getting a lot of eyestrain and thought I needed prescription glasses. But actually, all I needed were these blue light blocking glasses that I saw on @toponlinefinds 's TikTok. The Amazon's Choice product takes away that discomfort because of its UV400 protection and glare reduction on the eyes. Blue light is something that comes out of phones, computers, and gaming devices, which cause headaches, blurred vision, and eye aches.

This Mini Desk Organizer With Essential Phone Charger Plug


I'm a big fan of desk organizers, but this one goes one step further by also including a multi-device charging station dock stand. I found it on @toponlinefinds 's TikTok and noticed that it was also an Amazon's Choice product. It's made charging my devices even easier when I'm at my desk.

This Glass Computer Stand That Doubles as a Palette Table


Having your computer monitor or laptop higher than your keyboard can make the world of difference for your WFH comfort level. I fell in love with this sophisticated glass desktop stand on @amacthings 's TikTok and haven't looked back. This one on Amazon is also height adjustable for extra comfort.

This Webcam Cover to Protect Your Privacy in-Between Zoom Meetings


When you're in and out of Zoom meetings all day, making sure your camera is switched off in-between is vital for privacy. I found this webcam cover on @teresalauracaruso 's TikTok and decided to invest in my own privacy. They're super cheap on Amazon, so it was a no-brainer.

This Office Chair Gel Seat Cushion Makes Work a Luxurious Experience


Sitting in an office chair all day can get pretty uncomfortable unless you have a super soft cushion to sit on. I found this gel enhanced seat cushion through @teresalauracaruso 's TikTok and have been telling all my friends about it ever since. It's a number one bestseller on Amazon and completely takes away tailbone discomfort.

This Mini Pocket Printer With Wireless Bluetooth


I saw this mini pocket printer on @teresalauracaruso 's TikTok and thought it was super cute. OK, so it's not an essential WFH product, but it's both fun and useful when you need to print anything from your smartphone. I bought the same one from Amazon, and now all my friends want one to print their work notes and grocery lists.

This Metal Wire Storage Basket Will Help Tidy Away Computer Cables


I discovered a very convenient way to hide all my computer cables through @katvpt 's TikTok. This was perfect for cleaning up my home office space, and these metal wire baskets are very affordable on Amazon. Now all you need is a little DIY renovation under your desk.

This Flexispot Stand up Desk Converter to Transform Your Home Desk


If you're already happy with your home desk but want to turn it into a stand-up option – this converter is the perfect way to do it. I first discovered this product on @imtiffanyyu 's TikTok and then saw it was also an Amazon's Choice desk converter, so I hit "add to cart" immediately. It offers personalized height adjustments and raises your laptop up to 17 inches off your original desk.

This Hidden Drawer Storage Box for Your Desk


When you've been working from home for a while, all of a sudden, you've accumulated masses of stationery. I found this hidden drawer storage box on @meantobemarmar 's TikTok and bought this cheap version on Amazon to do the same thing. It has cleared up my desk space and made life a lot easier to find the stationery I need each day.

These Boho Woven Coasters for Your WFH Coffee


When you're working from home, regular coffee breaks are essential. I usually keep my mug right next to my laptop while I'm working, and I found these super cute boho woven coasters on @meantobemarmar 's TikTok.You can find a set of two coasters on Amazon, which protects your desk from heat and coffee stains while you're busy working.

It's Not Too Late to Get a 2021 Planner for Your WFH Schedule

We're still in the first quarter of a new year, so it's not too late to get a weekly and monthly planner for 2021. I was inspired by this on @meantobemarmar 's TikTok and found a bunch of planners that are still available on Amazon for this year.

This Coffee Mug Warmer So Your Latte Stays Warm While You Work


If you're anything like me, you make a cup of coffee and sit back down at your desk while it cools down before you finish it. I found the solution through @meantobemarmar 's TikTokthis electric coffee mug warmer.It's an affordable gadget on Amazon and means you can sip your drink slowly while you work without having to keep putting it in the microwave to warm up.

These Colorful Keyboard Covers to Add a Bit of Sparkle to Your Home Office


When working from home is getting a bit dull, you can brighten up your day with these colorful keyboard covers. I discovered them on @meantobemarmar 's TikTok and have found my rainbow-colored version a fun way to add a bit of sparkle to my home office.

This Stand to Angle Your Keyboard Ergonomically


It's not just your laptop that can be angled, but also your keyboard for an ergonomically friendly set-up. I was inspired to angle my keyboard after seeing @meantobemarmar 's TikTok and bought this one on Amazon to try it out. It's definitely made typing all day more comfortable.

This Ceramic Pen Holder to Add Sophistication to Your Desk


We've all got a bunch of pens lying around our desks, so this pen holder will be a much-loved addition to tidy it all up. I was inspired by @bymichellelei 's TikTok and found this ceramic version on Amazon for a sophisticated desk organizer.

This Scented Wax Candle to Bring Ambiance to Your Home Office


Adding a scented candle to your home office can create a warm ambiance to the whole environment. I was watching @bymichellelei 's TikTok video and decided to get my own scented candle on Amazon to recreate her home décor look.

This Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse for Ultimate Comfort


Nobody likes mouse cables getting in the way of their desk space, and the angle of your mouse also makes a big difference to your comfort level. I was watching @bymichellelei 's TikTok videos and found this ergonomic vertical wireless mouse on Amazon that has changed my life. It's so much more comfortable to hold, and I love that it's wireless.

These Cable Wire Clips to Hold Your Phone Charger Cord

When you've got multiple devices to charge while you work, all the cables can get tangled up – unless you have these wire clips. I discovered them on @bymichellelei 's TikTok and then found these Amazon's Choice versions to buy online.

This Wireless Bluetooth Conference Speaker for Meetings


When you're working from home, you're not completely alone – if you're constantly on Zoom meetings, that is. Sound quality is essential for important conference calls, so I was inspired to invest in a wireless Bluetooth speaker that I saw on @bymichellelei 's TikTok. I bought it on Amazon, and it's made my Zoom meetings much easier because of the high-quality sound system.

This Acrylic Pen Holder With 26 Slots


OK, so this organizer says it's for eyeliner, but I bought it as a pen holder for my desk, and it's been the perfect accessory. I was looking for a pen holder with 26 slots after seeing @bymichellelei 's TikTok, and this one was a super affordable price on Amazon.

This Shelf Unit to Create a Cozy Home Office Feel


Creating the perfect home office isn't just about desks and laptops – the whole ambiance is important to create a nice vibe. I was inspired by @bymichellelei 's TikTok and bought this shelf display rack off Amazon to create a cozy feel for my WFH space. I then filled it with books and artificial plants.

This Artificial Office Décor Plant


When you have the shelf space to create your home office ambiance, these artificial office décor plants will create that cozy feel. I got the idea from @bymichellelei 's TikTok and then found this affordable yet realistic-looking artificial snake plant succulent on Amazon.

This Power Strip Tower With 10 Outlets for Charging Your Devices

Most of us have multiple devices to charge, from desktop monitors to laptops and smartphones, which is why this power strip tower with 10 outlets is so convenient. I first spotted it on @bymichellelei 's TikTok and then bought this version online, ranked as an Amazon's Choice product. It's made my life a lot easier because I can charge everything at once.

This Curved Monitor With Super-Fast Response Time


This curved monitor is actually for gaming, but it can be used as a desktop monitor too, which I first saw on @bymichellelei 's TikTok. It's a high-quality Acer monitor with a super-fast refresh rate so that you can work faster than ever before. The full HD version is online, which has been ranked an Amazon's Choice product.

This Water Bottle With Time Markers to Remind You When to Hydrate

When you're consumed by work, it can be hard to remember to drink enough water, which is what interested me about @bymichellelei 's TikTok video. This awesome water bottle actually has time markers on it to remind you to stay hydrated all day. There are a variety of colors to choose from on Amazon, and the price is super affordable.