37 Genius Gadgets on Amazon Under $30 I'd Never Seen Before

You can buy all kinds of things on the Internet these days, but the best purchases are always the ones that you're actually going to use in your everyday life. We've collected 37 super handy items that are basically guaranteed to make your life easier. Hope you find something you like!

We hope you find these products as handy as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Drain Snakes Are Gross, Yet Satisfying

Don't bother calling a plumber next time your drain is clogged — just use one of these things! With a single tug, you'll pull up the nightmarish clog that's been lurking in your pipes since...well, the last time you used something like this.

Take the Best Baths of Your Life with This Overflow Drain Cover

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Finally, you can take a bath in water deep enough to cover your whole body. With this drain cover, your bathwater can be a good several inches deeper, and you can relax in peace.

This Bluetooth Adapter Has Several Handy Features

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First of all, it can transmit your phone calls (and music/podcasts) through your car's radio. It also features 2 USB ports and an app that can help you locate your car in the event that you've forgotten where you parked.

These Wool Dryer Balls Make Doing the Laundry Easier

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You can use them instead of dryer sheets or fabric softener, plus they significantly cut down on dry time which saves you both time and money.

These BedBands Keeps Your Fitted Sheet Exactly Where It's Supposed to Be

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If your fitted sheet tends to wander during the night, you're going to love BedBands. They securely clip onto the corners of your fitted sheet, keeping it firmly in place all night long.

This Silicone Baking Mat Is a Dream Come True for Bakers

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Use them in place of parchment paper or greasing your pan. They're oven-safe up to 480 degrees and can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher.

These Stainless Steel Straws Are a Great Choice

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They're good for the environment and they look very cool, too. They even come with their own tiny brush for easy cleaning.

This Glass Scrubber Makes So Much Sense

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It sticks to the bottom of your sink with strong suction cups and can be used to easily scrub glasses without having to contort yourself to reach all the corners.

This Cookie Dipper Solves an Age-Old Problem

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Oreos and milk. They're a classic combo that tastes delicious, but who wants soggy fingers? No one. This elegantly designed tool gently cradles your cookie for easy and neat dunking.

This Salad Spinner Gets Your Greens Clean

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Harness the power of centrifugal force to get your lettuce in proper salad condition. Place your washed salad in the spinner and give the button on the lid a few presses. As the bowl spins around, the water is flung off the leaves and your greens are ready to eat.

This Taco Holder Is Perfect for Your Next Taco Night

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Trying to balance several hard shell tacos on your plate is quite the challenge. Sure, it's kind of a first-world problem, but it's one you can solve with this nifty taco tray. Spilled tacos? Not on your watch!

These Pizza Scissors Let You Cut the Perfect Slice

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Using a pair of scissors is the best way to cut a pizza, hands down. These scissors have a built-in triangular platform to hold the pizza so you don't have any toppings flop off mid-cut.

The Ice Genie Might Replace All Your Ice Trays

Just fill the space between the cup and the sleeve with water and let it sit in the freezer. You can easily pop the ice cubes out and refill it to make more ice. Handy!

The Zip Blade Is a Light yet Tough Utility Blade

via: Amazon/Slim Jim

This small blade is built to hook onto any standard zipper so it's always within easy reach. Everyone can use a small blade at some point or another. This one costs less than $15!

This Ear Wax Remover Actually Looks Kinda...Fun?

The Smart Swab features a flexible spiral-shaped tip that can be spun inside the ear to "drill" earwax out. Its design prevents it from doing any damage to the ear canal. Also, it's pretty entrancing to watch.

This Staple-Free Stapler Saves You a Trip to the Office Supply Store

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It's not like staples are particularly expensive, but who wants to pay money for tiny pieces of metal that are just going to jam up your stapler? This staple-free "stapler" actually punches a small tab into the paper and threads it through a whole to keep your pages together without any need for pokey bits of metal.

This Sushi Roller Looks Like a Magic Trick

Lay your sushi roll components inside, pull on the tab, and voila! Instant sushi roll! This little gadget is sure to impress your friends and family. And yourself!

This Adjustable Measuring Spoon Means Fewer Dirty Dishes

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It also reduces clutter in your kitchen drawers — you really just need the one measuring spoon no matter what you're making!

This Wine Air Pump Removes Corks in Seconds

Just poke the metal prong into the cork and give a few pumps. The increased air pressure will pop the cork out quickly and easily.

These Wine Stoppers Can Seal Your Wine Back up Again

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And once the cork is removed, you can use these handy stoppers to close the bottle back up. They create an airtight seal, keeping your wine as fresh as it was when you first opened it.

This Butter Cutter Is Better Than a Butter Dish

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Forget using a knife to cut sticks of cold butter. The Butter Cutter does the work for you! Slice it right onto your toast, baked potato, corn, or whatever else you eat with butter.

This Ice Ball Maker Is a Must for Whiskey Lovers

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The silicone ice trays create perfectly spherical ice balls — they melt much slower than standard ice cubes and keep your drink cold without watering it down too much.

This Universal Socket Is a Great Tool for Almost Any Job

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The unique design automatically adjusts to virtually any size or shape, making it ideal for screwing or unscrewing wingnuts, eye bolts, hex nuts, broken nuts...and pretty much anything else that you can screw into wood.

This Chese Grater Comes with Its Own Storage Container

via: Amazon/SES

Grate your cheese (or veggies!) directly into a bowl with this cleverly designed kitchen gadget. It also comes with a snap-on lid to keep leftover food fresh.

This Lint Remover Cleans Itself!

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Lint removers are great, but usually, you have to clean them off yourself. Then you get lint on you and it's a whole vicious cycle of lint and cleaning. This one cleans itself when you place it inside its base. So convenient, right?

These Leaf Scoops Make Yardwork a Little More Fun

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Slip these things on your hands and transform into an efficient leaf-grabbing machine! They make it easy to move huge piles of leaves in a fraction of the time it'd take with your standard rake-and-tarp strategy.

This Bluetooth Speaker Is also a Remote Camera Shutter

via: Amazon/Louwho

First of all, this little guy pumps out some serious volume. But that's not all it does! It also has a small button on the top which you can hook up to your phone in order to use it as a remote shutter for selfies and group pics.

This Shower Curtain Lets You Use Your Devices While You Scrub

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Just place your devices in the clear pockets on the outside of the shower curtain. The thin, clear material allows you to operate your devices from inside the shower without risking any water damage.

This Toilet Plunger Is Actually a Huge Sticker

Next time your toilet is clogged, use one of these stickers instead of a traditional plunger. The sticker creates an airtight seal around the toilet bowl, allowing you to plunge with more pressure and easily unclog your toilet.

This Watermelon Slicer Works Like a Charm

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The best part is that if you're the one doing the slicing, you get dibs on the center piece. (It's the best one!)

This Handheld Bag Sealer Keeps Your Snacks Fresh

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Use it to reseal opened snack bags and keep your chips and Cheetos fresh and crisp between snack sessions.

This Dough Whisk Has a Devoted Following

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With a 5-star overall rating and more than 1,600 reviews on Amazon, we couldn't help but be impressed by this dough whisk. Its design has remained the same for several generations, making it the quintessential tool for breadmakers around the world.

The Scoopie Makes it Easy to Scoop Protein Powder

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Protein powders typically come with their own scoop in the jar, but good luck getting it into a water bottle without making a huge mess. This clever gadget acts as both a scoop and a funnel, making it easier than ever to make a smoothie.

These Stackable T-Shirt Holders Will Bring Order to Your Wardrobe

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Each sleeve holds a single T-shirt and can be stacked in orderly rows. Easily remove a shirt from anywhere in the stack without messing up the whole tower.

These Eyeglass Cleaners Clean Both Sides of Your Lenses at Once

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Just pinch them like a pair of tweezers and go to town. The microfiber cover won't do any damage to your lenses.

This Sheet Folder Offers a Much-Needed Extra Hand

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When folding bedsheets, blankets, and bedspreads, don't you wish you had an extra hand? This wall-mounted gadget holds the sheet for you!

The Bed MadeEZ Makes it Easier to Make Your Bed

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Making the bed is another thing that's easier when you have an extra hand. Just shove this handy wedge under your mattress to prop it up and easily slip your fitted sheet onto the bed. Genius!

Using These Dirt Cheap Drain Snakes Will Both Disgust And Fascinate You

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When you first snake your drain, you might gag. Then you're gonna wonder where all that hair came from. Then you're gonna be so happy you spent $5 instead of calling in a plumber. Then you still might gag. Then you'll move right on to the next drain.

These Harperton Nail Clippers Will Be The Last Ones You Ever Buy

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If you haven't tried a REAL pair of nail clippers, trust me, you need to. It's a completely different (and far superior) experience from those $2 clippers.

This ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf That You'll Want In Every Room

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Why don't all outlets have shelves?

This Compact Plug-in Air Sanitizer Cleans Your Air With Zero Footprint

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It kills germs, mold, freshens air and wipes out odors, all while staying nie and small on your wall.

These Big Wool Spheres Will Replace Dryer Sheets

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Throw out those dryer sheets and fabric softener. These solid wool balls are a wildly popular solution to soft and static-free clothes.

This Tiny Gadget Not Only Charges Your Devices, But Also Adds Bluetooth Functionality To Your Car

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Feel like taking that 20th century car into the 21st? Bluetooth amazingness is a ROAV adapter away.

These Moso Purifying Bags Apparently Have Odor-Killing Superpowers

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Thousands of reviewers tout the powers of these bags of activated charcoal, specifically highlighting their abilities to freshen truly nasty old shoes, or even drink up the odorrific remnants of spoiled milk inside a minivan.

This Bed Band That Prevent The Dreaded Sheet Slip

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Who can get any sleep when your sheets are constantly slipping off? These brilliant "bed bands" eliminate that problem so you can finally catch some Z's.

This $8 Invention Adds An Invaluable Footrest To Your Shower

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Much like cupholders, I don't understand why more everyday things don't have built-in footrests.  

These Wildly Popular Baking Mats Will Keep You From Scrubbing Stuck-On Messes

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Use these handy silicone liners to create a nonstick layer on your baking sheets. They're great for cookies, candies, cakes, biscuits — anything you want to bake in the oven. And they're dishwasher-safe!

With This Gap Cleaning Brush You'll Have The Cleanest Window Tracks On The Block

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There is literally decades of dust living in the crevices of my windows right now, awaiting attack by the Trycooling Brush.

The Magnogrip Keeps Screws And Nails Right Where You Need Them

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Magnets are a wonderful thing.

These Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Straws That Will Help You Save the Environment

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The sad truth is that plastic straws are terrible for the environment. But if you love drinking out of straws (like we do), all hope is not lost! These stainless steel straws are perfect replacements. And they come with their very own cleaner brush!

People Swear By This Wildly Popular Acupressure Mat

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According to reviewers, it hurts at first, but after a day or two, it starts to work its magic.

Stop Resenting Your Pets: Clean Up Their Hair From Anywhere For Under $20

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The all-rubber construction of the FURremover Broom not only lends to its long-term durability, but also its multi-use utility as a fur-gathering sweeper, and a pee-pushing squeegee. It'll keep your carpets fur-free and your hardwood unstained, so you can love your pets in all their messy glory without (too much) resentment.