Accessories really make or break a look, in my opinion. And we're not just talking about earrings and necklaces, though there are some of those on the list. Moreover, the kind of accessorizing you do in the winter is very different from the looks you want to go for in the warmer months. Below we have dedicated pieces for dedicated occasions, as well as simple basics that everyone needs to have in their wardrobe.

We're really excited about some of the pieces, including the rose gold hoops and chic, pleather leggings. Just make sure not to overdo it. Like Coco Chanel said, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." Of course, if all you have on is a crop top and bikini bottoms, you're probably fine to go as you are.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Chic Leather Birkenstocks are Perfect for the Warming Weather

Now that the snow's completely gone (knock on wood), I've been loving these cute Birkenstock sandals. I don't like wearing socks at home, so when I have to let the dogs into the yard or take the recycling out, it can be cumbersome to have to put on sneakers. These slide right on and are super comfy for longer walks, as well.

These Pleather Leggings Upgrade Your Style from Casual to Chic

Since I started owning tights like this pleather pair, I can genuinely say I will never not have them in my wardrobe. And those are the only negatives I'll say in this descriptor. They're stylish, comfy, and add that little bit of an edge to even the softest of looks. Paired with a ruched top and oversized denim jacket, and you'll catch street photographers' lenses everywhere.

These Gemstone Necklaces Let You Match Any Outfit

I love these cute little gemstone necklaces are some of my favourite accessories. I have them hung up on my wall when I'm not wearing them, and then I'll pick one out to suit my mood and outfit. They come in a set of 12, as well as a drawstring pouch to keep them in if you aren't one for putting literally everything you own up on a wall.

This Under Armour Cap is Perfect for Baseball Games and Beach Volleyball

Though I'm not much of a cap-wearer, I do like to have one for those days when it's just a baseball-cap kind off day, you know what I mean? I chose this one for its simple design and great reviews. It comes in a wide range of colours to suit your particular taste.

These Long Mesh Shorts Will Keep You Cool Once Summer's Settled In

You've definitely seen these basketball shorts before, likely from middle school onward. I bought a couple pairs for my cousin, who seems to wear exclusively these, regardless of weather. They're made of a nice and breathable mesh, so great for the upcoming summer where (hopefully) you'll be wearing them while playing actual basketball with real live people.

This Super Cute Bracelet Pairs Great with Dresses and Rompers

I really love this dainty circle bracelet. It feels both cute and sophisticated, and it's really comfortable to wear. I swear it goes with everything, too. Often, I'll forget to take it off when I change out of my day clothes, and I find it doesn't irritate me at all.

This Leather Belt is the Perfect Pairing for Summerwear


Now that summer's around the corner (if we keep saying it, it'll be sure to come true one of these days, right), it's time to swap in our lighter belts to match the airiness inside. A solid, camel or tan belt like this one goes really nicely with lighter blue canvas shorts or even white pants one might dare to wear to a cookout.

These Crocs Will Make an Easier Job of Watering the Lawn

Who said crocs went out of fashion? Jokes on them because these bad boys were never in to begin with. That being said, ladies and gentlemen, there's a reason they're so popular. They are incredibly comfortable and convenient, easy to clean and let you keep the mud off of your favourite pair of converse next time you're out de-weeding the garden.

This Set of Bralettes is Super Cute and Wearable Alone or Under a Cami


Cute camis and bralettes are my summertime bread and butter. I added this set of three to my collection. They look fantastic with overalls or a flowy kimono or duster cardigan. They're also super comfy to lounge in when you're at home, and you don't ever wake up to sharp metal digging into your back should you accidentally fall asleep on the couch again.

This Woven Hat Pairs Beautifully with a Summer Dress

My mother always said I had a great head for a hat. I'm not entirely sure what she meant, but I do look pretty good in them. So, when I came across this woven fedora, I knew I needed to add it to my hat rack. This one is made of 90% paper straw, making it a friend of the environment, and has an adjustable rope on the inside. It's super cute and lightweight, and I'm excited to bring it to the beach or on a chill hike.

This Pair of Polka Dot Jeggings are So Comfy Chic

I love jeggings. That pretty much sums it up. But no, their versatility, comfort, and ease-of-use put them way up on my list. I like this pair, in particular, for its cute polka-dot design and narrow, mid-waist and ankle-length features.

This Lightweight Hoodie is Great for Bonfires and Early Mornings

Even though we're approaching June, you can never be too prepared with Canadian summers. I like to keep a couple hoodies out when I'm done my spring cleaning, as I find the evenings can still be kind of chilly. I like this one as it's relatively lightweight and more breathable than my winter sweaters.

This Cardholder Subtracts Some Bulk from Your Summer Look

This cardholder is so sleek and simple, I love it. The hotter it gets, the less bulk I want on me when I'm going out. Now that the pandemic is (hopefully??) on its way out, we can start preparing for patio apps and drinks with the homies. Having only this in your pocket or clutch will be sure to lighten the load and let us enjoy ourselves unweighed down.

These Sultry Fishnets Amp Up Your Wardrobe a Few Notches

There's something intrinsically sexy about fishnet stockings that I can't quite explain. I do know I feel 10x more confident in them than out, so I picked up a 2-pack that had great reviews on Amazon. I don't often wear them with high heels and a leather mini skirt (never say never, but it's not my current everyday look). I prefer them under distressed jeans or with a cute denim short.

These Trendy Glasses are Bluelight Blocking

I spend so much time on the computer that bluelight blockers had to be on this list. I really wanted a pair that was stylish, as well, though; Gunners have never quite been my personal aesthetic. I love the translucent pink frames on this one. They're pretty feminine, which is definitely my thing, but if you prefer something less so, there are other varieties to choose from.

These Shoelaces Will Make Your Morning Runs Even Easier


So, in the quest to becoming more active, I decided that I needed to make literally every step as easy as possible. This included these no-tie lock laces, which have been really useful. I just adjusted them to my fit when they arrived, and now I can slip on the running shoes very easily without stretching or damaging the laces.

This Boho Chic Leather Cuff are a Gorgeous Way to Compliment An Outfit

I think boho cuffs are some of the most fun and gorgeous ways to accessorize a look. They add a bit of aloof energy that grounds a look while keeping it interesting. I liked the design of this one a lot, with the different style bracelets forming one larger cuff. The tree pendant is a nice touch, as well.

This Messenger Bag is Perfect for When Coffee Shops Open Again


COVID is finally, maybe, just maybe making its way out the door. That means commuting will pick up again, as will doing assignments and project proposals at vintage coffee shops. That's why I got myself this messenger bag. It's relatively slim and made of a water resistent material. It also has more pockets than any bag I've ever seen. I'm excited to rummage through four different ones before I find my charger.

These Nike Slippers are Great for Indoors and Outdoors

I like wearing slippers inside my house so that I don't track dirt and other unwanted, little nasties onto my bed and couch. This one from Nike is well-cushioned and has a double sole to keep it from wearing down as fast as cheaper makes. I bought a few pairs for guests and activities such as going to the beach, showering in a dorm or gym, or just walking outside onto the lawn and deciding not to cut it today, either.

These Reuseable Face Masks are Light, Airy, and Great for the Environment


Like it or not, face masks are (at least for now) here to stay. We may as well take the time to invest in some nice ones, right? While not as fancy as some other masks, these ones come as a three-set. I got them to keep in places I would usually want to have a spare mask: my purse, the car, and underneath the flower pot out front. Wait, no that's where the spare key goes. I always get those two mixed up.

These Fake Nose Rings are the Perfect Non-Committal Accessory

Has anyone else always wanted to know what they would look like with a nose ring, but been way too chicken to actually go and find out? Well, I have. After a crude photoshop job that told me nothing, I decided to purchase a couple of these fake nose rings. You simply insert one end into your nostril and rest the other on the outside of your nose. So far, it looks decent, though I'm not convinced I want to make it permanent.

These Contemporary Pumps Go With So Many Different Looks


These red pumps are actually my life. They're so voguish and make me feel like I'm about to go and do a catalogue shoot. They have a double strap, which I love because I hate when heels slip off my feet as I'm walking, and raised platform front. This will make them easier to walk in.

This Summer Maxi Dress is Just What You Need for BBQ Season

This maxi dress is so versatile as it carries you through the seasons. It's great in the cooler months with a cute jacket and then in the summer it is absolutely perfect without a jacket. Dress your look up with the right accessories and this is style and comfort at it's best.

This Set of Handbags is Cute and Works for Any Occasion

Having a cute set of bags was never really on any list of mine. But now that I do, I totally appreciate why you would want them. It's nice to look at for yourself, when they're all hanging up at home. And then if you need, you can put the clutch into the tote. I think I just love when things match and mesh together. This particular set takes its design inspiration from a popular handbag maker, and they're quite decent quality. I would definitely recommend.

These Top-Rated Running Shoes Will Kickstart Your Jogging Habit

Like I mentioned before, anything that will get my body into motion is a welcome addition to my life. Poor-quality running shoes are honestly such a miserable experience. I've been trying this pair that boasts flexibility and cushioning while remaining lightweight. It also comes with sock liners for the ultimate comfort.

This Elegant Satin Scarf Adds a Touch of Je Ne Sais Quoi to Your Look

I really love a nice satin scarf or handkerchief. It makes me feel like I belong in a more elegant (albeit also more sexist) era. That said, there's no saying you can't enjoy a piece of silk cloth and also be a feminist, am I right, ladies?

Anyway, I liked the design of this one. It reminds me of the naked maple trees during the wintertime. It looks great around my neck or in my hair as a makeshift bandana.

This Cute Plaid Skirt is Perfect for Welcoming Spring

An aesthetic I enjoy is the short, plaid skirt and oversized rugby shirt/cardigan/t-shirt combination. It has a certain cuteness while also not being too loose with the skin reveal. These skirts caught my eye, for how popular they seemed to be, and that they come with built-in safety shorts.

This Racerback Sports Bra is Super Comfy to Exercise In

A well-fitting sports bra is about as important as ... well, a well-fitting regular bra. The difference is, your sports bra will need to handle a lot more moving around. I like racerbacks for that reason. The criss-crossing of the back straps lend the bra some more support, so that it doesn't need to work as hard to achieve the same result.

This Workwear Crewneck is Modern Simplicity at Its Finest

I really like the bright colour of this t-shirt. The material is a cotton-poly blend, which will help it last longer and not get as damaged in the washer, as well as side-seam construction on the sides that prevents twisting. I bought a few for my dad, and so far he seems to have enjoyed it.

This Set of Two Sunglasses is Just What You Need to Round Out Your Collection

Once you own one pair of fashion sunglasses, I swear, it just isn't enough. You'll find that, eventually, that single pair won't go with the outfit you really want to wear that day. To put that problem behind me, I picked up this set of two pairs of sunglasses. I keep one in my car, because I am notoriously forgetful that way, and the other I'll wear around the house in the middle of the day like I'm some kind of vampire.

This Tommy Hilfiger Wallet is the Perfect Upgrade

I've gifted my share of wallets in my time. The recipients were very pleased. Tommy, as usual, has designed a beautiful piece. It boasts a decent number of card slots and is made of genuine leather. It also comes in various colours. I went with the light brown because, of course, it's summertime soon. This would make a lovely gift for someone or for yourself as a personal upgrade.

These Yoga Shorts are Both Sassy and Relaxed

These yoga shorts are actually so comfortable, I've taken to just sleeping in them. I know that you're not technically supposed to fall asleep in child's pose, but if you had these on and were on a cushy mat, you'd have a hard time resisting the urge too. Also, I find that they wick away sweat very effectively, and I love the different colours it comes in.

These Ultramodern Sunglasses are a Must-Have Accessory

Again, every girl needs to up your sunglasses game by slowly building up a collection until you start finding them in your kitchen cupboards and behind the eggs in the fridge. Or that could just be my ADD. I couldn't resist these ones for their gradient, earthy toned design and slightly oversized design.

This Cool Pleather Watch Strap Comes in Any Colour You Might Want

I like watches but I get rather bored of their look after a while. Rather than buy a bunch of different ones, I decided to try out these bands first. I really like the ease of switching between bands via their quick release switches. And the better news is, whether you're the futuristic user of a smartwatch or a lover of the timeless, wise analog, these bands fit both.

This Wearable Sherpa Hoodie is Great for Camping and Watching Your Fave TV

Canada Day is coming up, which means fireworks and bonfires and little, quaint candle fires. It's also rainy, camping season (a truly horrendous thought), so blankets are a must. If you're like me, though, you like being one big blanket burrito, rather than have it laying flat over you. I found this blanket hoodie and was hooked before it'd even arrived on my front step. It's lined with fake sherpa and the outside is a very soft minky. I also recommend for a lazy day on the sofa.

These Basic Tees Will Get You Through the Whole Week

My wardrobe basics all sort of came to me as rescues or strays. I never sought them out in any way, but I would desperately amiss without them should that day ever make its way to me. Chances are you or someone you know is like that, and could use something like this set of six basic t-shirts. They're 100% cotton, so breathable and gentle on the skin. I gifted some to various family members and all were fans.

These Chunky Hoops Make You Look and Feel Your Fanciest

Last but certainly not least, not even a little bit, are my favourite of the list: gold, thick hoop earrings. These trendy, summery earrings are made with stainless steel to prevent allergies (which I have and haven't had a reaction to them so far) and then coated with the gold. They're also hollow which makes them way lighter and easier to wear than if they were solid steel pieces. I love them for more elegant affairs such as cocktail parties (over Zoom) and dinner dates (via DoorDash). They also come in rose gold and silver if you are not a fan of gold.